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00:39 <SUKI^[tm]> !unban #electronics
thats what he msged me
oh you mean flyback?
yeah flyback is just all messed up hes not a troll on purpose
hes just trollish

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stfu pitz
heh netflix has richard prior live on instant watch
stop talking about religion no religion talk allowed
yeah so stfu about it or bant
rooted irc ftw
flyback isnt really a troll

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urmom is:

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focal makes tweeters
not that focal
not since like 15 years ago
those things are expensive yo
well you should make money off that

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that would hurt kinda =\
fuck you

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2K output impedance is pretty low
yeah totally
macegr: yeah
danielson: if you are still freaking out about this later i will draw you a pic
k bye
no its not that hard

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omg everything becomes so complicated!
hey hopw well does that work?
wonder if you could pull off a mosfet limiter
instead of jfet or bjt
danielson: yeah thats the filter im talking about then
macegr: yeah thats what limiter/compressor is
except the release times are shorter
kill the dc before the amp
well that spiky HF dc
but yeah that balanced filter for the diff input
i would tune that shit to like ~1Hz
and bypass the big cap with smaller caps
because it could drive the amp nuts then all is for nothing

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danielson: do 5mm pitch electrolytic, and then do 1uF with 100K resistor and 100K trim pot, also buy 4.7uF and 22uF, compare electrolytics buy the lowest leakage ones, buy some .01uF and some 100pF to put in parallel with it
this what i would do
then when you are driving the bot trim the resistor until lag/filtering are at a happy point
those are so expensive!
but yeah add either fuckit its a LPF party
macegr: the sensor is $600 so memristor is prob okay to consider
thats what i would do
whatever the input R is, cut it in half and throw some 1000pF in or whatever
omg blackmoon is like replace the resistor completely
yeah im pretty sure the cap leage is gonna be more an issue than the teraohm input impedance of the amp

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dc accuracy is prob mostly about low leakage
and youre sampling at no frequency
the only thing phase wise that comes into play that you care about is filter latency
like, cap leakage current and your amps input bias current dropping voltage across the resistor in the RC determine your DC voltage error

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fuck this is long when does it chug into the sky
yo someone has to tell the guy wrote this shit its quiet because they didnt record the sound
hey wow that thing has go power

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the whole cake

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stfu stop crying
are you gonna post a pic of these impossible to obtain connectors or what
this is making me watch fedex commercial
i dunno i guess i did it wrong
stupid dust cloud
yeah the last part is pretty clear
the pics are pretty clear too

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danielson where the fuck is your bot going
hahaha wtf
use $20 sensors?
okay fine well it better be squid piss hardened
maybe they had them lying around

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what you think porn technology is sleeping for the last 5 years?
danielson: its just one sensor?
your employer seems to be ric h he cant afford 3?
neat, make her buy at least 2
tell her because fish piss will flip the bots
if you just do one
tell her fish are pissing on these sensors all the time
i dunno why
they are $20?
well then its prob fish pish and squid pump hardened

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because you want it to be useful, so it cant be too slow but it cant go nuts everytime fish pisses on the sensor or it passes otherbot
its prob old already

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so your output lags your input
its the same in the uC
the more you oversample the more you are waiting
you can oversample 1024 times, depending how you wannt look at it you are at least like 512 samples late
so you get more filtering at the cost of latency
so you put 5mm pitch electrolytic and give it room to make it whatever value you want and make the resistor trimmable and now you can adjust latency in software and hardware
well he has an input RC
and then im kinda assuming a fixed size non rolling buffer in the uC
so you have two sources of lag
yeah that is
but i dont know if hes carrying over data in the uC
yeah it averages
so a large DC change gonna take a bit to show up on the output close to actual value
but like you wont really know how much latency is acceptable till your driving this thing around

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its like adding another filter pole, shrug
like is your uC doing something better with its time it cant add some shit and ignore some low bits?
its the same thing as with your input filter, its like how much immunity to transients do you want vs how much latency can the system handle before the depth tracking is useless
like, do you want tachometer response or gas guage response or wat
yeah so make the layout accept a 5mm pitch electrolytic cap, i think biggest diameter is 12.5mm or something
put space for smaller caps in parallel
put a resistor in series with a trim pot for the RC
make the trim pot easily jumpered
i dunno man latency is defined by its gonna take some time to fill up that cap through that fuckin resistor

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you you put them in the riot shields and the beat sticks and those evil college kids wont see what hit them because they will be like blinking
seriously they learn from the books
books teach about evolution did you know

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youre saying this place needs a new level designer, basically
well if their are stairs going down
and you get to this place and there are more stairs going down
i asked you to and youre failing us
we were just talking about manufacturing mechs do you know how complicated wiring mechs up will be?
in the last 3 hours: LED strobes for civil defence, some uC n00b thing or i dunno, more talk about filtering for low rate of change sensors

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elevator button?
maybe thats the button to open a fire door?
maybe the button explodes the wall outwards
are you sure this isnt for an elevator?
yes this would be a convienient place to mount the exploder assembly
okay i bet that is a stair landing
see the rail is on the bottom left edge
and then there is stairs going lower to the left of the frame
and that sign is like KEEP GOING WTF
well not really it pints to the button and the radiator

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well yeah who wouldnt
mech factory
do it naow while its affordable!
nooo fuck gundams
i never liked them they were too spiky
like statue of liberty and shit
put speakers on it
sell it as a home model
omg they got danielson
that thing is okay i guess
its got predator forehead

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so try something like 1Hz see if thats too laggy
if not tune it even lower
also if something in the water passes it, fins or propellers or deflected stuff from its own propulsion
that might mess with the pressure readings, the lower you filter the less that stuff will matter
like since you want to use it for measuring depth stuff like that is noise

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its not 60/1220hz crap youre dealing with so maybe thats fine
remember its just 6dB per octave past roloff so if your noise issue is huge, cutting it in half or even in eighths might not be enough
so you need to filter waaaay low, as low as latency performance will allow, or do multiple poles
what are you monitoring?
thats pretty slow
can this thing like, dive and go fast or something?

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hey i have some 40dip maxim butterworth thing
is that the natsemi one?
most their shit i get half way through im like like RARARAFUUUU and i find the datasheet and app notes

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i dont know what that means
filterpro is a really good app
other hacker all dicking around with his calc and some spreadsheet im like clicktypetype HEY LOOK DONE
ha i used it to get pole values to hijack non inverting Rin and coupling capacitors to do EQ circuits in subwoofers that didnt have EQ circuits
for $1 danielson
or for $4
do it with opamps and some caps for like $.60, qty=1
okay maybe like $.75

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17:16 <+nihilanth> http://firstpersontetris.com/

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rab: smrt
17:00 < macegr> you can look directly at them from like 15 feet
put some 3 degree optics on them
its a grower not a shower, yo

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actually some 5W white led strobes on a riot shield would be pretty fucked up effective

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wtf pitz
suki^[tm]: talk about electronics, you have 60 seconds to comply

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did you do slide show?!

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guys its windy
this is bad will buildings flip over or what

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if srams is fast why dont the pc use it?
haha @ turning it off for 6 weeks
haha awesome

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wtf is GHs
where did the H come from

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haha @ openocd
terminal debug with no register aliases =(
i dunno im not codermonkey
i tried to get it working in eclipse but it just seemed broken

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