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guys should i do a mixer
with $2 opamps and plastic pots!

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w00t, blue leds integrated into one bar array
nothing on fire
bedroom glow now weird purple from vader red

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no my hair is like every lengths all sorts of everything all my life
when i was in highschool i got pissed at it and shaved my head
this was before all the white people decided to go baldie
no theyre like tied up sitting in a drawer in my bathroom
they made him a brown person some point in the last decade

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yeah i dont fuck around on that shit
thats why im not surprised its hard to get investors
luxdrive buckpuck is cute
dioxide: dreads are gone, im getting haircut today or tomorrow
not much shorter but at least trimmed even and shit
want to play with LEDs =\
oh wait
i will bring buckpuck and an led and im sure we can find something to plug it into
i look the same like 15 years now
i dont get messed with, i think maybe because they dunno what i am but they pretty sure im not white
so i cant suck that bad

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okay i have to go other hacker is 1000 years old, early bedtime
macegr: on monday im prob firing off like few dozen resumes so tell me who to send to and what to say
and if someone actually wanted to pay me to run around and try to sell it to people, thatd prob be ok

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if there is consistentl;y shit lying around with no one there it will be gone
its worth a lot more to a poor kid than to a big company
yeah you can just not lock it out when its turned on but shit happens ok
anyway id be fine with the job but the shit has to exist =)
and im not really shocked they cant find willing investors here
like, there will be blood and prob broken bones and cops
like it depends a lot on the area but some people are pretty dumb here

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and its like, hey letting random people in LA use machines isnt cheap
theres only 3 i thought there was like 2x as many
i guess almost techshops like LA
anyway i have no problem with any of that someone just has to make it exist
yeah itd be stressful
lots of fun but kinda nuts, edgy
well it aint gonna be like that here
unless you have a large staff
youd basically need club bouncers
well yeah at least but you cant watch the tools in the crib and on the floor at once
like you can but youll do both jobs pretty shitty
like rfid access to the machines?
hey yeah like even just power lockouts for everything
yeah thats sounds right
like you just need a person to be standing there

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so if i dont fail at getting job i actually end up coming up because of the severance and vacation pay
like 3 months ahead of schedule on my savings
hey seriously they can find any investors?
its because people are crazier here
fuck leno
me and him are not cool right now
but yeah if i get decent unemployment im willing to run around trying to get techshop money
id need a nicer shirt =\
yeah thats fine what about $1M
yeah thats kinda why i dont want to work in a production metal shop =\
not safe
i know at some point ill be doing shit way too quick or bypassing some estop or something
yeah thats fine job and money is job and money
but seriously its been like years and years theyve found no one?
i bet its because the investor goes to find info on insurance and liability

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neat i got my blue leds from work no issue
no boards nailed over the doors yet!
okay ima go get stoned at the beach
oh shit i still need to buy a cartridge
fuck i should have stolen my perfboard
k laters
getting to the beach?
im not driving!
oh, ty
yeah mostly
if they keep going its prob going to be 100% china turnkey
like all thats left are personal friends of engineering vp
naw its ok if teyre not doing engineering i dont want to be tere
and it looks like theres still alot of local CNC shit

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guys where am i gonna put the cnc =\
i gotta like redo the shelves and move bench over i guess
dining area CNC ftw
i <3 that dork

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no about the little side images that load
theyre not the same on reload
so if you try and go back theyre gone
k thanks

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no i think the sides were always dynamic?
thats always pissed me off =(
yeah and you go back and its not there
and its like NICO WAI

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like the effort to stage that
i think its the mouth
see its red the weak spot is always red

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its a mil contractor theyd just be like yo cut your hair or youre gone
naw its cool i got months pay severance so i find job quick and end up months ahead on my savings
and they were pissing me off anyway
and i maybe get decent unemployment so even if i fail at job im prob okay for awhile
if i dont get something at same pay same hours within like 3 weeks i just start looking for anything
ha that pic is somewhat awesome

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yeah they laid off 2/3 the engineering department
only people left are peprsonal friends of the vp of engineering and couple deep brown nosers, but they got almost no capabilities now

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i found like 6 local CNC job listings, pretty recent
like right after i applied for unemploymenty
also there is some tech work but like half of it looks like defence contractor
and im pretty sure they wont be cool with dreadlocks no matter how awesome i am at my job
then yeah apply to anything local thats pro audio
theres always CNC stuff in chatsworth and sun valley
the biggest limitation before was I didnt want to work in a production metal machine shop

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he prob just didnt know he was talking to you in here when he was =\

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ha its like everything originally came from Molex or AMP/Tyco

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ha wat
urmom is laser stimulated
pew pew pew
screw clamp terminal headers?
wire to board connectors?
screw terminal blocks?
usually you buy them in 2 and 3 lengths and slide them together thats what he did
its generic i dont know the real manufacturer but prob no one else does either

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