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traders joes fakemeats can be pretty good
they have soy based fake ground beef
i made chili with it, came out really good
the vegan girl didnt believe it was meatless
i try and buy 10% fat ground beef or better
and i cook the shit out of it and drain and rinse it and cook it some more
they just leave it out?
i hope you get that shit well done
wtf do they do with all the bad meat?
hamburgers i guess

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i think they always did
bunch of diff service charges
just get will call? wtf
do you need to scalp them or something?
o, maybe

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talk about electronics or bant
linux trolling doesnt count
anyway, morning
hes telling me that suki is a religion
i guess i swap the tonearm on the turntable i didnt do that too
and go buy a cartridge
hmmm then make room for the cnc i guess
tinkerbelle is coming home (!)

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put motion tracking machine guns on it
yeah thats maybe a bit more practical
prob not as effective

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