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raw casting for a machined heatsink chassis
dont loiter

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when you get that one little whisp of smoke from the oil you know youre doing perfect
like, chips will trail tiny spirals after them

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what like pics of me or what
i want my dreads back
k thx
hey society made a fuckton of money off me once
i justified all sorts of useless peoples paychecks

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heh i made room for the CNC
basically when you walk in the from door, the kitchen is immediately to the right, kitty litter is like 5 steps ahead and CNC is sticking out into the middle of the room from the left
arent you unit41
i dont know what lordi is
this sounds like north euro metal + early 80s hair rock

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steel cut oats dont seem to be gooie enough or have enough surface area to stick together right
its almost like im baking couscous balls
with dried mfkn cranberries aaaaaaaaaaaaw jeeeeeeeah DIP YO ASS IN THAT PUDDIN
i do if i drink a ton on an empty stomach
its not like, painful, but its def not a happy thing

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(they were also on cookies)
i dunno there is alot of things better than fig newtons
triscuits + stuff is awesome
tho yeah orange juice us really awesome all of the times
i will drink that shit until my stomach is like WTF YOU ASSHOLE
and then i will drink two more glasses
i dont see any of those guypod things
thats why im like fuck seeds

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dude for 3 sec of ringing?
fuck that
i make my own damn shit
no i probably could i just woudnt
fucked it up
anyway timer is pointless
i dont have toothpics =(
i wonder if they will be potent i should wait until morning and try one first thing
haha there is a day in one of my NYC vacations where i ate kush cookies and mostly slept in the hotel room
and i guess my friends drive the xbox around and ate at like 6 diff resteraunts

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also cube bread makes me smile because its fucking silly
i dunno why they all do it like that
anyway what im baking now youre not really cooking as much as evaporating
if it gets hot enough to brown shit its all for nothing
(no eggs)
hey so i bought this wind up timer
and i felt all stupid right because i have quad 7seg, piezo buzzer, fuck i dunno prob few dozen uC hiding
like i can make a timer and have it do whatever i want
prob be within 2%
anyway the fucking thing sucks
you have to turn it past 30 before setting the time or it doesnt buzz
my fucking toaster oven is like that too like wtf
and then when it actually buzzes
it buzzes for about 3sec
its useless

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dioxide: is up
cute pic
because of the people that dont
welcome to civilization
rab: consistency ftw

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i need to find heatsink extrusions

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something slightly awkward at crossing so its prob that but it still looks cool and its over before you can tell something is wrong so whatever
yeah they werent expensive when i looked last
and that was prob like 3 years ago
on what
for what
i dunno gmail them to me i just stick them on the long domain host
get msg?

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hey im about to be like fuck gallery integration into drupal
neat @ crossings
i thought you were doing vectors on an XY grid =\
you dont like it?
hey whats that mounted too
i should i have an fucked up bread addiction
i wouldnt leave my home except to get bread supplies
well maybe organic hydro supplies this turning out kinda interesting
hey do you think china oven and fridge thermometers are accurate at all?
fuck i wonder how long it would take me to dead bug an AD597
anyway it looks fine

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i think girl is onto something with this keef cannabutter thing
i licked the edge of the spoon
i dont think im going to be okay in a couple hours
hahaha i have to go into exjob tomorrow and hand in some paperwork
this is going to be awesome
also: steel cut oatmeal instead of whole oats
no its still in the trunk in bubblewrap =\
because rain but im about to be like fuck and put it on the dolly and just run
or get some plastic
or something
yeah volvo trunk is okay
i checked today its totally where i left it
there kinda too much weight on the machine table and i didnt tighten the gibs up before packing it
so breakin is prob gonna suck
i did move the tool chests to the other side of labwall so now i have to move fucking table so i can fit fucking cnc

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those were amazingly technical and fragile ieces
except she isnt shes smarter than me =\
i thought she had balls for doing it like 5 or 7 years ago or whenever it was
no thats not her
thats like, another girl
you wouldnt be able too
its like machinery, you need a place that has the gear
you cant afford to do it on your own and if you did you couldnt afford the location to do it in
she couldnt get studio time, materials, kiln time
not in any kind of meaningful amount that she could refine her talent
she knew the deal, she could have done something for money (she really is smarter than me im pretty sure it would show up on an iq test)
like i said it was ballsy
and youre just repeating everything shes listswhen shes going on about wtf is she doing
no there isnt it depends on the results
if you succeed its ballsy
if ou fail it was stupid
no way to tell until its over

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jfur wants to do another piece with the shiftbrite dongles i made for her
like, prob some wall sculpture thing, shes trying to do stuff people will buy now
haha its sad like when artists turn this corner and start making shit that will sell instead of what they want
they all get all wtf about it
with a masters degree even
i know this one girl shes like a germaphobe
has an MFA, this is like a doctor in art
shes all like, dumpter diving resteraunts for food now
like, thats pretty wtf

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all your 'string' is is a address value for the start of the array
heh, and some sort of nomfail flag
check your ointers dont ass each other
oh its a send loop
just ignore me keep listening to timecop
ima go mae some fucking hardcore oatmeal cooies
pfft girls are for fucking and cleaning
cant let them cook, foods gotta be goooood
theyll just fucku the cookies you gotta do important shit yourself
dude baking is hard
also this is edibles herbals
you cant let the oven go much past 350
or its all for nothing
get your oven stoned
oven dont care it was happy without the weed

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kk nite
its just dumping array values or something?
forever apperently
oh thats not a comment this makes tons of sense now
so its just printing a string
i need to do some tedious annoying c shit
needs pratice
its just an array of bytes

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`nico: hey there is a MOOG building here we dont know if its the same company
me or other hacker should check now that we have a fuckton of time on our hands
poor guy all he does is audio electronics for like 3 decades hes like
for me there is no jobs! why bother so hard to look!
his wife still has her ME job tho
oh neat
yeah thats their logo
maybe they mae mil organs
so weed store ran out of cannabutter two days ago
im like WAT but technically it should work

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and hipot tested on the moon

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water chestnuts are better
my building gets surges
its fuckin up the modem

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leaving the black one for last

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stylus goes into the cartridge, its cheaper, it breaks more
daniel2: congrats you just did adding and dividing on a rolling array?
it just averages
you dont really care so much about phase response oir roloff characteristics
this aint audio
this is subhertz dc
you just wanna block the noise and you dont want the poles to stack and chebychev funny
lope: it works if the caps arent shorted
you could monitor the rails to make sure its powering up and not crowbarring
the sim doesnt have latency?
dude do this shit in ltspice stop wasting time

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i need to make new cables
i went and bought new cartridge and new stylus and my fucking rca plug fucked up, wtf
radioshack has failed me
im going to get neutrik ones
hahaha the neutrik RCA are made in a china factory
but they were so concentric, we plugged them into a test boxes rca jack
and it didnt make ground contact
like it was held in place by the center pin and the ground shield/contact wasnt touching the shell of the jack at all
thats fuckin awesome
i mean it sucked because it took us 20min to figure out it was the perfect rca plug fucking it up
but you you bend one or three of the tabs on the split shell in with your thumb a bit, they work perfect look awesome
daniel2: no i play my cd with needles
i peel off the hard plastic and play the pits and flats and then convert from cdda to flac on the fly in a tinyavr

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but fine buy 5l, its not like youll stop needing it
making mud out of the dust and shit
thats a ripoff
flux remover
yeah use iso alc or flux remover
flux remover is a ripoff
but itll clean everything off your boards
can leave a thin residue, kinda white where it builds up
but any flux and dust and whatever is gone
exactly so you need strong solvents
that evaporate into nothing
this is not my concern anymore macegr
by good you mean irresponsibly cheap?

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practical could have been a soak in 99% iso alc, brushing with horsehair or nylon brush, drying in oven at like 200F
dont use water
use 99% alc because it doesnt have water
water corrodes shit and doesnt dry quickly at room temps
its really not you only need like $.99 worth
you need like half a bottle and a big ziplock bag or something
they sell it in random stores
about 1/3 of stores have it here
the rest have 70% which is useless for this application
its first aid stuff, rubbing alcohol
dude you only need half a $2 bottle

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yes big rain
not quite midwest rain
but for southern california this a monsoon
tho not nearly as bad as they were saying
yeah seen maps?
whole coast
bet there is an earthquake soon
next few years
says rain through friday

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er 5W
oh 10w is quad emitter (11V) and $30
that is lame
throw it away use 99% alc next time
your china connectors are prob all gonna rust
hey reverse osmosis filters are cheaper than i thought!

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macegr: http://mouser.com/ProductDetail/LedEngin/LZC-80MC40/?qs=wM7Mpho15MRmb5Mnn4w07A%3d%3d
when are you going to shiftbrite that
k in general, meh
macegr: =(
this is half as unreasonable!
yeah thats alot
i got 10w single emitter for like $8 i think from newark

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fuck man you dont have opamps and caps?
just do it
you are a china girl in a shoe factory your productivity has no bounds you can do it
i cant afford that shit
thats prob almost as much as going to monaco for F1

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i dont pay for software!
altho sometimes my employers do then immediately lay me off
hey its funny how im too lazy to do my own website for years
girl buddy who pays attention to me says she wants website it happens like overnight
yeah i need a book
like, textbook or long tutorial or something

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yeah i gotta learn that shit
ive just dont copy pasta edit stuff

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