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that might have been part of 'and all that'
and all that could mean and everything else similar to the previously listed
onions > pickles, relish, and all that

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veggie patty with a fried egg, cheese, lettuce, pickles
veggie burger + egg
he just alienated both sides

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pretty neat

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timecop_: mean!

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for $90! WAT!?
its a thermocouple amp and a relay with a HD44780 display
oh and a pic

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nd i think the thermocouple is hardwired
and like 1000' long
like i guess if you want to run you 400sqft kiln with this shit

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a TV sitcom is 2 centidays long and a typical class session lasts 4 centidays.
has anyone done controller circuit/firmware to convert gutted out convection toaster ovens?
No system code is provided.
like, serious

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but i dont think you pick that up at all free air
heh, okay this what you do!
get ad597 or amp and compator for similar functionality
and hook into a opto triac and triac or SSR or relay or whatever
and setup the comparator so it switches the triac or relay off at your reflow temp
then you just point heatgun and microchips will do the rest
i was totally joking but i kind of want to do that now

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solid state or thermocouple?
stoppit youll make timecop cry again
i never sent that AD597 breakout to china for fab
23:46 [EFNet] -!- ircname : GaSSy.fm Administrator
for what?
so try 6"
are you just trying free air?
get an old pcb or some unclas FR4 if you have it and put the probe like right on it and try heating like that from like 4"+
because air speed has alot to do with the temp when youre heating something
like, lots of air the heat spreads out more, lots more lost in the ambient air

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how long before those metric assholes decide that 52 weeks, 7 days, 24 hours, 60 minutes, 60 seconds is too complicated
and they demand a metric time system
like instead of seconds we could have microyears or something

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heh i got a heatgun
they swore it was ours so we took it!

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they have one ME left, and no one else has a degree
and it shows
it isnt there are people with degrees who are idiots too

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timecop_: like a week ago
they laid off most of the engineering department
only people left are friends of vp he smuggled in from the last company he was at
capabilities are low, eheh
no, tech
tho i was more capable and more educated than most the 'engineers' at the company
i saw it coming since a little after i started
and when it happened it felt like getting off a sinking ship
we had 'embedded engineers' who couldnt troubleshoot diodes
like he couldnt design with a diode
hes one of those HOW MUCH VOLTAGE DO WE GIVE THE DIODE types
he doesnt have a degree
none of them do
they fired the last EE, and an ME

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also volvo has passenger and cargo space again
also rhettspeaker is home

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what cement there was cement?
make the steps from cement
the dog wouldnt use the steps til everyone went away heh
so theyd end up[ storming in after it and getting bit anyway
no one is going to go home
because there is newspeople and firetrucks involved
The rescued pup was taken by ambulance to the SEAACA shelter in Downey where rescued workers have nicknamed him "Vernon." Firefighters are calling him "Lucky."
look he has two names already
+ stuff

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why they sending a 50 year old to fight a german shepard
fuck dont be letting dogs die in ther gutters that shit stinks
im pretty sure this happens every time it rains
along with a few kids and some homeless people
they should have tranquilized his ass or something
hahaha i wonder if the firefighter thought the dog would be all happy
It was not immediately clear how the dog got in the river.
wtf duh it got there because its a dog
like it can read the no trespassing signs

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should i put on my headphones for this
ktla = home
what dog
i just got here

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We are working on a new model that has flashing lights.
cmon hes trolling
i dont have a tv i just have rab =(
placing a xerox copy of a Polaroid photograph of the desired material into the handle of the device, to using dowsing rods in conjunction with frequency generation electronics (function generators).

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i wish i had a team of crazy russian chicks on stereoids who would move shit for me while speaking in russian accents and then go away
what like hell make them out of spare parts from work and teach them russian?
they need to be able to drive, too
they have to pick up plastic from the lowes
There is no power source or electronics - the device is said to be "charged" by the body of the user.
at ranges of up to 1km.

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thats what im saying, that shit is heavy
and you know if youre doing it almost every day, eventually you will drop one or seven of them

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yeah totally
but like, its just dumb its not dishonest and mean
and i figured he was going to put that extra battery in parallel with the normal battery somehow

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mostly i have a problem with carrying batteries around all the time
instead of rolling a charger around
charger has wheels
do not shun the wheel
why did avrphreak capitalize Euthanasia and Existing Law

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thats just asking them to do you a favor because hey you provide them with means to make a living
how is it dishonest if you are honest about it
i still think just lugging batteries around is the best argument against
if he is honest about it
and he is only damaging his own busses
how is it dishonest or unethical
it seems like alot of trouble for little to no gain
vs mains power
but how is it ill willed?
well aside from fucking the power company
ok so its alot of work for no gain
if he does object
you cant refuse to rent the bus
because its your bus
and thats business
honest, ethical business
refuse the right to serve anyone
right to refuse
yeah seems i did
seriously why is this being an argument about ethics
back to under unity energy conversion
man fuck autojoin
it is

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what if he is not paying for the gas
mostly it just seems like a pain
loading and unloading batteries from a bus thing
see there you go
charging for free
he cant see me im ignored
not if they know about it

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no he read wrong
oh shit
rain is gone
hey thats not bad
haha canadians
man stfu
because it costs him almost nothing
o, small

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if its proven that its the ECU it could end toyota
they would have to recall like, everything
and somehow have like 200 million replacement ECU ready
blackmoon: why?
you shift to neutral, get the car over
if the engine blows oh well
yeah that would be a major, major problem
mmmm poptart

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blackmoon: In the most tragic incident, on the day after Christmas, four people died in Southlake, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, when a 2008 Toyota sped off the road, through a fence and landed upside down in a pond. The car's floor mats were found in the trunk of the car, where owners had been advised to put them as part of the recall.
heh its not the floormats

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oh shit they started?
dude thats the end of toyota
that same failecu is in all their cars for most the last decade
blackmoon: its not a pedal sticky issue
not like physically anyway
anyway, it doesnt have failsafe code
to prevent the engine from overrevving is conditions that dont make sense
like you hit the brakes at 100mph, itll keep the engine pinned at the limiter
thats not a stuck pedal issue thats a firmware issue
anyway they thing their might be like EMI problems too, like it might not always be the drivers foot thats pinning the engine

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battery is the load
rab: i was going to do like, uC w/ [DAC unknown] and DDS wavetable thing
because its easy and works and stuff
that thing is pretty neat tho
if i said its kinda like an RC charging up i probably wouldnt be helping, would i

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alt can fuckup a battery
more likely than battery fucking up and alt
i need to make a signal generator
again, but this time in a box and stuff

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i have like 6 sla batteries i need to try charging
hopefully few of them arent bricks
typing with network lag and wireless kb lag sucks
unloaded, yeah
what you need sir, is a resistor
and probably a fuse

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fast is a relative term
most ecnomy ar can outpace light sport cars from the 70s
i wonder if his olds was the same car as my grandmoms/moms cutlass surpreme
they were pretty sneaky in 1980, pu some vinyl on th Cpillar and call it a whole new car

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