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shit man you were right there bloggin it with him
fuckin stoner
okay sandwich is sealed up awaiting my return

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my eee isa upside down on my bed
it doesnt overheat and lockup upside down
eeepc = catwarmer
i guess i am making almond butter and jelly sandwich too
i really should go to the store and get milk
ok im doing that
then my sandwhich will be awesome
and i can have cornflakes again
yay cornflakes

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it should be
its loaded down by smt parts

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i think i am maybe to sleepy to be bustin out with the test indicator and settin up my Z
macegr: did you do the step drivers for your CNC or you used off the shelf step/dir thing
i kinda want new step drivers
i wonder how much you can sell xylotex for...
wow does not exist on the ebay

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damn i need to check my voicemail more
macegr: haha wtf
cnc isnt crashing
05:03 < macegr> http://prod-img.com/166/7579_1.jpg

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haha wat

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X and Y are set the fuck up
programmed it to do full axis rapids 100 times lets see if it blends
was so nasty under my Y screw =\
you have a big clunky threading gearbox too?

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stfu unit41
plenty of people never pay taxes

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i couldnt have done that for you because cnc was all stuck at work
why not
man fuck i need an external soundcard
i can hear my hard drives and busses
in my headphones
this wasnt china pcb?
or they have webquote now

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meh i have to go finish cleaning and setting up the cnc
or fall into claset mirror door
neat for what
i saw vid tho

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trance and house are awesome when they do their intro and intermission ambient/melodic shit
but seriously this is like, dorky caveman beats
even cool cavemen didnt rawk out to this shit
hey so have you done bandpass filters into adc into shiftbrite registers yet?
was slow tho
you can do that at like 60Hz+
hmm neat
i thought it was slower because of the house the noise clicked through
anyway 10c quad amp is two ch of bandpass filters

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that long fade thing is neat
is it tracking the music tho?
or its just blink demo
(btw music is horrible, heh)
its usually a slider
yeah those are neat
long fade is win
how narrow are they?
yeah ~10 gets really good distance
but its usuallt a pretty shitty spot with the lens on the led package

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most of this stuff is like, 3 or 4 layouts a day type stuff
and as long as i give myself to clean up and triple check and etc
i kinda want to do a big single panel dj mixer
like, have the half rack mounting tabs on the PCB
voltage doubler supply from a 16vac wallwart, so nothing big on the main pcb except the pots and switches
like i wonder if people would buy that
like, dev board style mixer, feer
i want plastic pots
i dont want to pay $1000 for a mixer and im sick of scratch carbon pots
whats poly tracks
like for touch sensing or something

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timecop_: waiting for unemployment infos
and confirming my severance shit went through on monday
have resume, cover letter, blah
naw it has to be 8.5x11 laser printed
and wtf @ html
your stuff is usually easy
i was super busy last couple months
i kinda have idea for something
like 32 things something
so far
like ive already laid out all these things before so i just gotta decide on some size and fit them onto that

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will it be beck
just aware
what is your awareness stat

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they have the led engin 3w stars i like
why lol
i hope not

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oh look he mean to tap off the collector of the 2nd one
i guess he needs more current handling?
thats lame
its prob the hanging trace
and no reset cap
yeah ive only used clones
i maybe ganked one from work
dont even remember dont use it if i did
they dont always work after avrstudio updates
i had one from taiwan and an stk500 update kinda gimped it
never worked right after
yeah thats all avrisp are
like, the corner of the stk500 with the rs232 and isp programming 2313
hey neat i should pick that up
no i guess not i have an stk500 and an stk600 at home now
well whatever it is then
maybe one of my china dongles had it
oh maybe avrisp have them
look at the chinadongle it has a 2313
hey i should grab something

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fuck im hungry
all thats open is tommy's
do you have tommy's in ohio?
chilidogs and chiliburgers?
i guess not
thats awesome
hey thats almost a diff amp tho
in common mode
doing nothing
drawn stupid
with no emitter bias
but hey whatever its pretty close
no way
output to ground
he has some sort of line error too on the schematic
it makes sense if there is emitter resistors
tho, i didnt read the thread, but...
its prob not a class-a amp he wants to do

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omg CNC is almost clean
X and Y are pretty much done
hey neat xp says my 7 year old 120gb seagate is fine
seriously thats what tripped me out about vactra no2
like i put a bunch on the vertical ways, and its like, totally liquid but it sticks
but then a chip flys out and hits the ways
and i watch the chip just like slide down and fall off the ways
no like 3ft from the front door

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prob just noise
man fuck diy vias
strining up cpmplicated boards suck and DRC wont help you
i normally lace a whole board with bus wire or whatever
and solder at once and clip
i used stripped telephone wire usually
anyway DRC doesnt help with DIY boards
it doesnt know that youre not through holes plating and cant solder a bunch of components from both sides
it doesnt know you cant put vias under parts
doesnt know you can only come at connectors from the opposite side with a few exceptions
yeah that stuff no big deal, heh
1080p akira ftw

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macegr: wat
try a shorter cable?
it should be fine with 10K thats like, 500uA or something
maybe its broke
theres no cap in parallel with reset?
i dont normally put one
debugwire says dont do it but i hardly ever use debugwire
macegr: try doing it someplace else
even moving it a few feet

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wtf only
at what range

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hmm prolific
this is dongle chip?
some driver labeled AP1103
yeah most trader joe fakemeat stuff is pretty tasty
ltspice is fast
i used to draw a big dead net as a frame
and it still sucked
yeah really
want sooooooo bad

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macegr: have you tried TI TINA?
its very pink
thats as far as my evaluation has gone so far
macegr: also what kind of veggie burger did you use

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they work amazing for plotting filter response
no i think ladytron is a dj
either house or trance, annoying shit
oh maybe
really i dont care because its house or trance
they been around a long time
new wave wat
fuck that bounces will be on your ass
only they can have flashlights

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rewire it
haha @ backwards
but it works a little bit!
its prob already like a 30 deg led!
and then
its for when shit hits the fan for like 3uS
stfu rly?
man i dont want to do her at all anymore
well lets ask her tomorrow
have you tried LTspice or what?
so right the gui is really worse than eagle
by alot
i mean it makes eagle seem awesome
wtf @ antisim

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chinese food comes in grades, sir
now i want fatburger
im sorry man but wtf is in n out
and when i get it, im like
gimme cheeseburger with bacon and onion
and thats it
and fuck yes i wangt the onions grilled
wtf are we animals?
eat our onions raw?
okay you have a biased opinion
thats not fair
bigger batteries!
but seriously, change the batteries and clean the lenses

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theres like 20 here!
naw its better food than in n out
in n out just isnt blatantly fast-food
their fries suck they taste like home fries
just potatoes soaked in oil
and the burgers are kinda generic, im like whatever @ thousand island
do they even have bacon?
dude i dont even think in n out has bacon
this man this place got nothing for me
haha whatever
they use really fresh veggies and they pay their employees well
you can tell when you go there
tecan: its not filling =(
tubes is mostly air, rite
okay but people are like
im like, oh good job you got more junk and less meat
nice you must really like thousand island dressing
same meat what
oh as fast food?
yeah i dont like how they cook or prepare the burgers
honestly for fast food its good food
but fatburger is like being at a grilled burger place, like a resteraunt
with actual real food

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anything else?
draw something
or that
oh man dont talk about real food
nuh uh
dude rza burger sucks, sry
no i like wu tang
i dont like waffles so much
it just a breakfast sandwich with funny sausage
fatburger > in-n-out
you know that, right?
they still dont have them there?
i think they even have them in WA now
oh damn
all the ones in cali are LA area cities
well sucks to not live here i guess

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is brazilian now
i got mine they werent as smooth as i though theyd be
its still pretty good, the materials and construction and finish
but yeah, made in brazil
better than china!
heh, vishay/dale heatsink resistors are from mexico now
and like, somehow thats a good thing
anyway you shouldnt trust the chinese unless you have a team of people doing QA at the assembly line
hentai virus
oh you said that
there is a dead mouse by my volvo
and i want to do my oil

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.0005 is common for test indicators
.0001 you have like no range of movement
like maybe +/- .0015 total range
you can get those at enco from china for $30
i dunno about the linear ones
prob dropped
haha yay serious
enco is what they call the china import unbranded stuff
used to be

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like, they were just huge, controls all sloppy but they were still straight
they had like chunks missing from vise crashes and shit
academic machinery!
there was a bent drill chuck in the haas lathe turret the whole time i was there
they said so people would remember crasher
crasher i guess was some kid always fucked up his programs and crashed the tools
i need a linear indicator
one of those plunger dealies
i have dial test indicator
is enough to setup the machine
and i dont do manual so its not incredibly useful

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cant really fix it without melting it back together
wonder how much mold and hammers are from enco
the big wrenches for spindle collars
like to hold collets in and vices on
because they tighten up when you use the lathe so you just put the wrench on and tap with a dead block and the thing comes loose like whatever
yeah these things were old
hey for old things they were pretty neat, tho
if we were careful we could get our parts within .001

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omg doompress
w/ wire brush teeths feer
blackmoon: kickass deadblow hammer
i have this steel handle/head thing w/ screw in plastic things for the head
almost as good
and you dont need to recast it
engine lath would have sucked without a lead deadblow

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19:02 < SUKI^[tm]> i did nothing to deserve a ban. whoever set that ban was just being a random assfag.
didnt i set that ban?
i think so
i think i set a ban without kicking him but that was like days or week ago
19:11 <SUKI^[tm]> SUKI (tm) is RELIGION
19:11 <SUKI^[tm]> longcat, emergency PM. drop yer shields!
19:11 <SUKI^[tm]> ....please stand by for an important message from a SUKI (tm) SuperElite (tm) member. Your attention is requested.....
longcat: you has a msg i guess

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this thing says it contains no phosphates
are phosphates bad?!!?

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hey what is the CLR stuff
we used it on some rusty weight set and it ate all the rust
holy fuck that shit is expensive
you can prob find the shit i linked to its been around like 15 years
dont you have canadian home depot?
but it ate all the rust out of the knurls in the weight bar
yeah but im not a chemist
what else can you do with phosphoric acis
isnt that like, main flavor ingredient in cocacola?

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yeah my cnc is usually dripping in way oil
lps3 is really thick?
oh trippy
lps1 is like, nonfail wd40
it does what you think wd40 should do
oh neat
finger print stains and shit

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heh @ 2axis
the Z ways on that thing are like blood red =(
i dont think i could deal with a controller that didnt have a display
yeah later pics it doesnt look rusty

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for the speaker frame?
yeah thatll do it, heh

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what was wrong with it

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so i totally cleared off my 120GB seagate
damn that guy is like 7 years old now i think

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you buying them dead and reflowing them or what
omfg im hungry
i have two boxes of cornflakes
no milk

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need to redo shelves for cnc/bench today =\
need to go buy ATF and oil for failvo too
and i guess an o2 sensor

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i think i have that movie in the dystopium collection

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