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downside appears to be the high max sliding noise, 100v
plastic yay
100k rotational life

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blackmoon: nice 4 jaw chuck heh

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ltspice is like free beer, yes

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piss you off for about 2 years
2 to 3 years
seems to be the average learning curve, n00b to er337 pro
youre fucking with multisim
LTspice, google and download, register for the LTspice yahoo group
you will not get specific help with integrating manufacturer libs in here
you can try but i really doubt youre going to get reliable specific help
the yahoo group is the important part

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ewb was fun
multisim is a shitty capture app
by uninstalling it and installing eagle or diptrace so people in here can help you
and one day you can maybe afford them
but anyway ewb has a library editor, find it
my guess is its in a menu in ultiboard

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game genie was cheating!

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blackmoon: theyd laugh, and people would still buy from them like that
just digging through piles
the back is just piles of old mil shit

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cuntodong is a valid efnet nick

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maybe, i wanted the 25% discount because theyre probably going to be like $10/ea

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anyway i was about to pay like $9/ea for plastic pots but fucking newark is hiding them in britland

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i saved $5!
i paid extra $20
what like 6ft of wire?
there is a place called apex here, surplus stuff
like, its been around forever, since the valley was heavy in industry and aerospace
but like, they have *tons* of teflon insulated wire
and other high temp shit
catch is, the shelves are tall, overstuffed, and leaning
i literally fear for my life
killed by tons of obsoleted test and video gear

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fucking farnell handling fee bullshit

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i need some plastic pot samples
3 slide pots to be exact

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'buggy as fuck, replaced everything, still not working right, take this shit yo.'
mmm coffee done
heh @ the missing .2g from every oz
er .3g

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urmom is:
cost of fleas.

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