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put a mark on the pot so you know how it was set
if its little dont use a knife prob just cut it in half
then you want to make sure its all the way in one direction
it prob is
turn it to the other extreme
measure from shorted pins to the other pin
that should be the total resistance
youre basically shorting out parts of the pot with the wiper to make it look like a smaller resistance until its a dead short
yeah see that resistor?
above and right
this prob makes an RC filter with the cap and thats maybe why it took a bit to settle

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well no to in circuit or is it on
you cant measure it in circuit unless it has a hiz load
which is possible
but since youre getting weird readings, its prob in parallel with some shit
its prob just a voltage divider
its prob used in the circuit as a voltage divider
so it probably has a DC voltage on one side and ground on the other
one way to check is find a ground and poke the pins and see if one is grounded
also if the thing is wired as a rheostat, variable resistor, itll have one pin shorted to one side
and yeah you turn the pot in one direction, itll just look like a dead short like how youre explaining
yeah then its maybe not a voltage divider
then its setup as a variable resistor
yeah thats fine
do you have a marker or a knife?

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didnt freenode have ssl 1000 years ago
addy: what do you want
what do you mean resistance of a pot
prob just read it off the back
measure across the the end leads
move the wiper around the resistance shouldnt change at all
well maybe a little bit but only because in real life everything sucks
so thats total resistance
how many pins does it have
do you know what a datasheet is
serious this is like asking for the pinout of a resistor
well, it is actually, its exactly that
well this is a guess but im right
the pins on the edge arent the wiper
the one in the middle is
its the middle one
makes sense
capacitance, maybe a shitty mechanical design
on both sides
thats not a pot thats just a knob with some metal shit inside it
oh hahahaha
haha maybe its an encoder
wait it stops right?
like 300 degrees?
are you measuring this in circuit
with the shit on
then i dont understand

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i mean in general
the way they rate LEDs for marketing
like you have a family of 5W leds with the same max current
but like, red is half the voltage as blue
but yeah thats basically the same deal
i was bitching about top line LED specs because you were bitching about a flashlight being low on power
but its an LED flashlight or just normal bulb or what
i kinda wanna make a narrow beam led flashlight now
fucking monte infected me

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the dopiest
nerobro: LED light?
because thats totally normal
red emitter: 2.5v, green 3V, blue/white: 4V
all rated at 1.5A
prob all sold as 5W
how the fuck does that make sense
on lower power shit the voltages are even lower relative to white/blue
and like, often getting the stated wattage means exceeding current or thermal spec
so you have to use like, two to in sane conditions to get rated power

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drinking is stupid
something is on fire in another apartment it smells waxy
oh well i wont tell you guys until i made it and we are selling them

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you cant function in pain like that its why you black out
prob the only thing your brain can figure out to do to make it stop
ha cool

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you almost def saw blower dude while blacked out dreaming
it was prob some other noise
that is super scary
blue coolaid is better for you this is proof
that sucks
this is blackout defined
ha nice
they prob thought you were nuts
fuck that pass me out wtf
did they need your feedback or something
'yes that does hurt because there is a rod up my penis, yeah no problem'

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22:17 <@danielson> You don't think you've hit close to $300/mo
that sucks
yeah you were tripping

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hey why did you stop taking it?
everything can be
you cant start again?
holy fuck dude
jezus fuck
dude pot is cheap
pot was never expensive this aint coke
like $300 is a big weed bill for me lately
actually i dont even think ive hit close to $300/mo
just done a few weeks at that rate
danielson: wtf loser
i was just joking with chick at pot shop
shes is like one of what, an eighth?
and im like, yeah wtf does a gram look like
and she bust out little dub sacs and im like aw cute!
and we both laughed about how back when we were in juniopr high that much lasted a week
and how now we could totally inhale that much up our nose on accident and prob not notice

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that sucks
when my hip is bad im basically useless
i have to crawl around the house practically
hurts to stay still
fuck if i know every dr says same shit
i kinda think its multiple things, p[ossibly inter related
but in general its like a sciatic nerve thing on that side
ya rly
so basically joint is messed up
sweeling happens
muscles shift
nerves are pinched
world is end

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this does it?
make timecop make it for you
hmm fuck
old staffing company sent me a letter from state tax board
about the san bernadino j walking ticket i was all excited they were gonna withhold from my paycheck
thats it tho they didnt put anything else saying if they already took it out or they expect me to pay them or what
man fuck the mail today
besides bunch of money everything else sucked

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wtf this kid has a solid good connection and he can get my ip?
to then to then
to then
to then to then to then
damn 4 people on his isp host are looking at google
ok hes showing me again
tracer t, right, spaces colons
how come he doesnt tell me how to use that cam studio thing that looks neat

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the new one ate the old one tc jezus fuck arent you a programmer
damn that sucks
i got a letter to my old place today its postmarked dec 28 its for my student loans initial payment probably
its all stepped on looking
fucking awesome, due date Jan 14

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hmm, pretty sure the ones i did were full wave
oh nm the ones i did were dual
i think anal beads are the only thing i can think of with balls at that size/pitch ratio
incubus: why macegr always feels weird when he sees that stuff

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macegr: anal beads?
bridge rectifiers ftw
okay fuck that shit im still staring at it
and i know how it works already
wonder how much better that one is than single opamp rectifier

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totally doable!
how the fuck would you inspect that
go nogo i guess
prob eat it tho
so i guess i email and ask why im still on payroll if they terminated me
and why they couldnt direct deposit it
well fuck that thatll just start a fight or something
i guess i just ask why the fuck am i still on payroll

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wtf pay period
rab: yeah whatever i deal with that in 2 months
theyre not my employee tho
this isnt a paycheck
actually it looks like im still on payroll
she specifically said im not on payroll and thats why i cant get direct deposit
i hate her
i fucking hate her
because it looks like im still employed by the last company who employed me
so im prob not unemployed, it says pay period and it has withholdings, this isnt a cut check for expenses
dude everything is okay eventually this might make it take an extra two weeks or whatever
already 2 extra weeks to know my status because california decided they dont know who i am
thats like 30mil or what

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most that shit looks filleted proper
the big qfp and soic a little ugly
oh haha
power bill came too they didnt forget me
why nail polished this is open chassis or something
oh cool
oh i see now
well i didnt see movies i saw pics
hey wtf
why are they witholding on my severance check
can they do that i dont work there anymore

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when would we have had time to work?
cerwin-vega eats fuses
so cerwin-vega has like no fuses
(anyway everything is IEC fused but like, you can do alot of damage with 2400W max current)
(we had 50A 120VAC service, heh)
its broken i think
corner is blinking out of sync
(neat board)
no you posted far pics
with like a small army of them
why are talking like a lancaster tweaker?

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you can put it on a bar and just walk the solder across the room
you dont have to keep going back
just have to get up once, forever
guys shes telling me how to turn on a failboard and i feel like shes talking down to me
i can do shit to how come she doesnt respect me
yeah you turn that shit on and if it burns something is wrong
if it doesnt something else is wrong figure it out
i was known for it at work
friend of vp was not so lucky, or fast at failing
prob got me canned =)
(known for failing to fail at pcb)
what about burn in and testing and failure analysis
yeah its more exciting with its a 1200W rms amp
and your face is 4" from DC caps
there is no current limit on the variac just a big fucking knob, heh
saturation limit
but i dont think i ever found that
wtf fuse it

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techshop los angeles = multiple years of fail
pthats not good yo
ground straps
stfu i dont care
so what i have to drive 400mi instead of 370
thats still far!
i do her if she organized my electronics and cnc junk
macegr: where to email to make such proposition
are you going to organize all my shit?
damn she said download blog and source code all in one sentence
i dunno im totally flacid now
dude stop crying

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tell her ren will put his penis in success and be supportive
also ren needs new shoes
blackmoon: dude 2x1' right now!
2500 would maybe be way more than the sun
no penis, what
i dont get it what do you mean
whatever let her think what she wants
ren needs shoes

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rox hates his new wrx
its funny i told him to to get it because its fucking ugly compromised failcar
but he did anyway
macegr: actually i want to figure out hydroponic onion and garlic
i dont think theyre strong enough to move the hydroton!
i dunno its like, water and lights and maybe $4 in nutrients
yeah maybe
hey where did my electric bill go
its like they forgot except i know they dont do that
and they dont even know my old address!
macgyver0: do you know how cool that would look?
1000 fucking star leds?
its not a money thing its a curiosity thing
i want to see if they turn out the same in hydroton balls
prob not
but they make this spongy stuff
but theyre little for clones i can prob get it big
rab: so youre saying chance of success is high?
or youre saying i should move on to evben more illegal crops
you know my state flower is quite interesting

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so i have 3 of these LEDs arrays right
on aluminum U channels
i think ihave enough led for 4
but like, single light on the top of plant seems way counter productive
well i have three but equal height and all focused straight down
but the plants shoot up
and because of light dissipation, the lower folliage dont get much
so growrth becomes assymetrical on top vs bottom
so new plan is to do 2x density on the arrays
run two bars, low and to the side of the top of the plant, focused inward
to try and equalize distance to bottom foliage
i think this will work good i think it will maske small mammals dance in the street
which is dangerous but research always is
macgyver0: woah at <10K
its very electronic and very not illegal and very related to super not illegal things
not supposed to be funny dork
this is informative!

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its like compromise defined
and at this age its almost def gonna be a time/money sink
i really want a g1 rx7
but theyre hard to find now
SCCA ate them all in the 90s i think
well, 13B if i can
they only made them one year tho
and its prob be like $3500 or something for a fair quality one
get a 12A fb for like $1000 i guess
i havent checked recently but prob like $800-$2000 if it runs
its not practical, i dont have the space or the money
id basically buy it as a 2nd car kinda for backup
pretty much to drive into the dirt
i like fc styling least
ha its a mazda 944/928
but yeah it would be the most responsible buy at this point
yeah fd is like too awesome
i wouldnt buy one without 2x the money on hand just to do maintenance and just in case
sad to let something like that rot or sit

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ill never trust a ford SUV again
my sister had an explorer
it has issues =(
macgyver0: yeah my friend said it has alot of power
actually i know it does, when i drive it its hard for me to keep speed steady
because my volvo gas spring is like 10x stiffer
so that thing is all lurching off the line and shit
but he said he went to pass a truck and it fucked up
and thing is new and he drives it like its new
like the EFI cut out or some shit said it was going then it just gave up
hehe mazda is like my fav ford stuff
but they ruined the mazda 3
that thing was handsome 2 generations ago
last gen was a bit jellyfished, like an alien baby
this gen is just stupid
bucked tooth idiot smile car
rx7 is like an anomoly
theyre just odd cars, not totally practical, but like really uncompromised sport car
thats why i hate the rx8

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made in the usa = total complete underengineered bullshit
see its an acronym
okay not rly
its really fucking sad tho like as a generation the world has devolved technology
because we demand it
okay but really, those people in taurus commercials
all like creaming their shorts over a fucking taurus like theyre not getting paid to be in the commercial or something
that shit makes me smile so thats cool
because in general toyotas are very reliable
my mom and my best friend have corollas from like 2002
mom is hard on cars and friend drives the shit outta hers
theyre both totally ok
i fucking hate driving them
worse road feel, ever
like driving a big ball of jelly silicone
ford trucks are really good i guess
well, the medium/big trucks

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macegr: prob no complex machinery is produced completely of american components
i dont think its possible
who cares
they styled it like a camry/accord
harleys have so much plastic bullshit on them now
no way its american
taurus SHO is still a taurus
only people in ford commercials go all silly like its a lambo when they see one
america doesnt make enough shit to support something mass production
maybe short run
but typically it seems like most specific fabrication fields have dwindled down to a very small handful of shops which need to cut corners and overprice to compete

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why the fuck is kolbe honda emailing me
do they know i dont even have a fico score?
hey they will beat any other honda dealers price by $300 dollars
tips for what?
macgyver0 honda is america
fords and chevys are prob mostly from canada and mexico
designed by indians and koreans
what else is there
you think american cars are made from american components?
most small components distributors work with multiple companies from both sides of the pacific
seriously they even all look the same
i laughed i saw a taurus today its literally a direct lift of current accord/camry styling
like its so blatant if i cared id be ashamed

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its mouse and doors
wtf eye of tiger lame im changing it
he needs a beard and snow
they made that shit too long
pretty sure they could edit it 10/10/10sec for the three sections
and then puts it on the real tvs
change the world and shit
hes all buff at the end you can see his rippling mouse biceps
hahaha michealangelo fucked himself up on that curb
i guess if you are pizza delivery this is shit you dream about

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so you owe me $20 thats how it works
naw i dont really remember that
well, paste where i said okay im cool with that
nono the other part where i say stuff
srs this not a big deal pay me when you have the money
i cant click
mouse battery fail
i didnt know you were a homosexual
dude stop im putting new batteries!
okay we have clicks
k i guess time is now for battery purchase
hey my mouse works fine critical my nuts
uhoh @ mouse

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i dont eat breakfast often
you know why?
because im fucking retarded
i did get breakfast at mcdonalds today tho
but i didnt sleep
so i guess it was like 2nd dinner
so wtf dont eat eggs
everyone likes cereal
everyone likes toast
everyone likes orange juice
no exceptions ever so dont be saying no
you cant eat that at night
shit will split 50/50 between your ass and your brain
be a fathead
morning is like the best time eat all that bad shit because you actually use it up
buy gravy
buy biscuits
preheat oven
dude seriously i shouldnt have to be telling you this
btw check came you owe me $20
im like bullshit you just havent tried enough
so you owe me $20
you can pay me later
i dont see how you wont the bet the check came

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you think going to post office all the time is fun?
well, you prob do now
because, 'cuz.
maybe you need better ventilation in your local area
thats not good macegr
no he has to have stopped that
i think he said like a year ago it wasnt working anymore
i hope in the morning
fool eat in the morning
dude you can afford toast and some fucking peanut butter
or something
bottle of fuckin orange juice jezus fuck i can afford this shit i dont even have a job
also that bitch claudia sent it the day before
what a bitch
dude seriously
thats logical sense
i bet every day yhou wake up early, youre are dying until lunch
which is like heaven and pussy and chocolate milk and weed at once
jezus fuck thats the way to die
pussy in a bucket sounds wrong
danielson: because it sucks its breaking fast youre totally empry on top

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dude you should be cumming all over yourself over the fact that it actually knows what mosfet is
and pfets suck
thats why there is a huge high side driver market
so i go check the mail
bets on wether my check is there?
if its not there today im emailing them like wtf there was a severance agreement this time, this isnt professional, you even emailed and said
you know im a liar right?

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that shit is old but its way funny
The iP{ad wont support multitasking
hehe this hitler is okay i think

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that would be neat
i could do it both ways maybe

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and then maybe an intersection with a vector from arc center to next trace start becomes the endpoint
thats about the best you can do for integration into existing layout

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hey you know what would be awesome in eagle
if you could set arcs by center
so you could make bussed traces turn around the same point
its a bitch now you have to like eyeball the fuck out of it or math it the fuck out or be like yo im ninjagrid im all up in your grid
oh damn
fuck you
i have no excuse not too =(
haha i bet ulp is like SL code
i guess you would select arc center, like modal style
the endpoint of the previous trace defines radius

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comm is pretty much like the shiftbrite chips?
just shift it in and latch and a bit for reg select?
not even a control reg
doesnt get simpler
he does
guys how come california doesnt know who i am
always asking me for id info?
sure plenty of times
shit i might be regged repub right now

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pad on bottom?
want to find some 1x1" profile heatsink
and do max density star arrays
like, stars sharing screws
and do 1.25A through them
and see how long before they burn
you can prob do pcb sink well enough
layout on that thing looks single sided easy
make the whole bottom a sink
neat chip tho
be awesome for a precision stereo VU + stat indicators
yeah nice

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mlf or wat
hey those are like wide pitch qfp?
ive never even tried doing ssop opamp layouts before
ssop 0402 would be sweet if i didnt have to do assembly
but i guess wehave timecop nw so maybei dont
yeah alf membering it i gues
omf lok what my wireles kb i doing
the only wired kb i have spare is fucking ps2 wtf
i dont want to reboot
kinda reminds me of realtek bug logo
youre going to do little glue on sinks?

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they call me i dont even want them to call me
'yeah yeah yeah hey man you know i have a job right? like wtf am i accomplishing right now WTF DO YOU WANT'
i mean i dont say it exactly like that...
but serious what annoying fucks
i gave up at trying to get them to give me an soic adapter for stk600
because of the weird desription for it saying soic
i just didnt want to talk to them anymore like fuckit okay guys you win stop calling me =(
prob not
which is
im like half asleep man i cant type at all
this is my cat typing for me
current limiting or current regulating
like i guess i mean is it a current source
or a protection thing
how much is that in a 6k roll
sry 2k roll

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