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for what
who cares its just for dev work?
if you dont want it send it to me
you mean like a pcb stove or what
anyway who gives a shit youre cooking
ask them
or test it
then do it
i dont want to get into it but you voltage rails had me pissed for like 3 months
well mostly marketing types
i dunno i think it depends alot on how its made
not neccessarily
4KW is like a car battery
okay truck battery

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ha yeah a bit

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mmm acme screws
not enough TPI tho
i think nm is nanometer
and Nm is prob newton meter or something
fuck guys
i mkade a wide angle pcb cutter
to do hacksmash precision through hole stuff fast
and i think i dropped it at exjob
tried newton/meter
do newton meter
itll take units literally and present you with the right units in the results

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yeah thats good way to go about it
else youre gonna start a fire or something

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cleaned off cnc is noisier than oily/greasy/dirty CNC
dry running like a hour long PCB cycle, all axis seem ok
air bearings
hey actually
it would be neat to have some sort of self centering air bearing to like unload the real bearings and to load up the motor a bit
yeah im thinking just like a little turbine spits air perpendicular to the spindle axis
could use it to cool shit too i guess

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i guess there is only like 13 states now where its totally illegal

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you eat too much you maybe get sick and sleep for few days
youre not gonna get hurt or die tho
and they did have weed like this
it was just rare
so like, gay marriage is a weird issue
marijuana isnt
gay marriage isnt going to make republicans money
marijuana will
thats a big deal im counting on that
if they try and do this without taxes itll just die
because the vote will pass
they needed like 250K signatures they got like 700K in not very much time
even people who dont care about weed know its pretty stupid to put any level of pothead into prison
or take away his school

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kevtris: theyre going to let us vote on all out legalization and taxation this november
let them make cigs and alc totally illegal i wont care
the vote wont
dude its already taxed in oakland
its taxed due to revenue in los angeles
so what
that will prob win eventually too
hey alot of people voted wrong on that too
no one talks about it
but alot of people thought prop 8 was for legalization of gay marriage
not the other way
i even say some activist girl on a public tv station talking about, go out there and support the cause and blahblahblah
=( =( =(
medical marijuana laws here are based on proposition
yeah thats why itll prob be overturned
and todays weed on average is way more powerful
in fact weed now here is on average way more powerful than 10 years ago
doesnt matter still isnt killing anyone or making anyone braindead
yeah exactly
theres a point where you dont havce the motor control to smoke
or you just cant stay awake

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like ive done that twice in 4 months
techsmurf: they can put whatever they want in the contract
yeah but it prob depends on the court
thats diff
they can charge you fucking it up
no music you can have cops show up
and go to court for misdemeanor criminal shit

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its not the law its an agreement
they can make you agree to whatever they want you too
its their place
but yeah its not illegal
no they could fine or kick you out a judge would prob go with them
but i mean thats not a cop situation
srs just tell the religious guy youre going to call the cops
they dont have to try
they just to it
*do it
you have to try to stop them
they dont really want that
so they prob just fine you
like, charge you for carpet and filters on the deposit
but they can claim you devalued the place and take it from your deposit
omg hdd in my headphones wtf
i have to do the other project for digi for that external soundcard stuff
i didnt make a deposit
i signed an agreement some company is going to decide how much i owe and try to fuck me for that much
some people are nice
i dunno why
if its super cold ill smoke in the bathroom with the fan on before a shower

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i will tell them im busy and to go away if theyre rude
if they dont pick up that i dont want to talk to them, theyre being rude
thats not as bad
at least there is candy
its usually too much tho
you place prob stinks like cigs and you dont even know
next time call the cops
dont use the emergency number heh
are you doing anything remotely illegal in your house?
either tell him youre going to call the cops or call them
if you agreed not to smoke indoors
maybe they dont have to change customers for new renters there
i think they have to here

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omfg is lope still washing mobos in the bathtub?
wtf is wrong with 99% iso alc
dude 99% alc is cheap
if youre using unfiltered tap water, youre a loon

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bitches where is my lighter
i know you guys have it give it up
neat cnc is kinda usable now
like it was all knocking over little bins when i went all the way with the x before

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