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not really but i think traditionally theyre independent
thats how you tune it
steppers will pretty much stop on a dime tho
yeah i think it depends on the machines
alot of cnc are just some software running on windows or linux
aluminum is fun
ur on a boat
it was riveted sheets or what
yeah thats prob not hard to learn

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kill all the gnome app support and gdm and all non critical daemon
ive gone 1/8 step
i ran 1/8 step for years actually
but it pushes the sane limits of the realtime
yeah geck0s wont help this
inittab: WAT
its kinda soft coded i think
well, not really but theres accel/decel parameters
so you adjust those until the servo PID is happy
i think emc can do it
you can connect encoders to it
i could run closed loop step if i wanted too
i dont know specifics about whats involved but emc is setup to deal with anything
its turnkey for small mills tho

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thats just slow agitation tho i wanted like some vibraty deal
i still think a rs232 input gcode interpreter with like a 1" xy table is win
thats small prob cheaper just to make it
who the fuck can sell a 1" XY table
prob barely exists
machine sounds awful full stepping
i forgot how much it sounds like tearing and ripping
i think its the 1/2-20 leadscrews
instead of acme or ball
no its a coupler with little hollow tubes
maybe .1" tubes
but its direct couples and pretty accurate
i know
but i think emc is messing up
and i dont wanna debug or reinstall it
i need to do like a custom install with an ultraminimal window manager

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it has that connector dealy tho
you can hear my cnc outside my front door
and its against a wall adjacent to the next apartment
hey i did that
05:27 <@renesis> g2 i.01 f30. was kinda cool tho
thats a .02" circle at 30ipm
i walked over and did it
first try was g2 i.125 f30.
totally boring
you could seal it i guess
i wouldnt do it just because that shit eats metal
what if it got onto my leadscrew nuts or something =(
yeah totally but gcoding it would be a bit much
rs232 gcode interpreter with a .125" envelope would be cool
ultramini Xy table
yeah but my way you could go nuts tuning vibrations
that would be loud i think
the cam thing is prob best idea use any motor

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for that $$$, it prob comes with a guy, hell hook you up tell you what it does
no that isnt its $12k
thats not cheap either
i think thats where you put all the computers
oh hmm
i guess those slots are just filled with boring devices that dont have connectors
see i told you its for all the computers

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there was something with a threading index dial thinger at horror fate tools
but the quality of the tool was complete ass
yeah its not worth getting a little one
i miss haas lathe at school
2 axix programming is easy, fun

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okay that was totally boring
g2 i.01 f30. was kinda cool tho
and then
im not exactly sure what you mean but it sounds stuck
no idea i sucked at threading whenever i tried something wasnt a class project
that neat
i dont have a lathe
i have no place to put it
taig lathes suck you cant thread with them without doing servo spindle cnc
and i dont have room for anything bigger

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G2 I.125 F30.
dare me
(etch tank agitation)

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hehe the guy driving it looking all like too cool pro snowfootcar driver

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macegr: did you see russian snowmobile car?
no is for converting normalcars
i try and find it sec
hey why is volume control on so much pc shit linear
i like the musics alot

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they once made my dad do community service and he ended up making railroad tie steps for some gold place
had tons of fun
they definitely failed at that sentencing
*golf place

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just drops down
<3 drill stop

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maybe tries to fix it
but yeah most likely something wrong and its too late

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get a book on basic electronics
blackmoon: heh router goes 10ft in 1sec
well 15 i guess
blackmoon: the router at exexjob chould do it
yeah big guy
like 10x5' envelope

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yeah its called CNC operator
dont be getting that cup of coffee
cup of coffee in CNC = doomed to crash
stands around
waiting for disaster
compatibility with what
zeeshan: my machine will do 60ipm racing
45 ipm is very reliable
i wont go over 30ipm
no i rapid at 30 ipm
rfk: put them in series
and expect strange transients from phase issues
also expect a drop in power
in series like in series
amp+ ---- speaker + ---- speaker - ------ speaker + ----- speaker - ------ amp -
also its nice when you crash and the machine gets stuck
instead of eating itself

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but it might run hotter w/ 120/240
one is 4ch
one is vampire edition
lots of protection
G203V, V is for vampire (im not making that up)
no i think they all are
it has lots of overvoltage/overcurrent/motor oscillation compensation
most likely worth the extra $20
but you have to do it in the controller software
these drivers dont do servo mode steppers
they have DC brush motor drivers, have built in PID loop
so you drive them step/dir like steppers
and just monitor a pin for error states
it finished the cycle off by 10thou
if it causes a crash into parts or fixtures or limits, so be it
like i said, open loop machine setup can get interesting
sometimes frustrating
but i garauntee you its a working setup
spindle dont always stop during crashes

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just dont be surprised if they act funny
check for coil inductance if you have that data
and see if the datasheet for the driver board states optimal or min/max value
you prob need like a 40V supply
it just might be able to put enough current into it
in chopper mode, microstepping
unless you have lots of voltage
so you have to check what the max Vin on the driver is
the inductance might be high
but yeah with close to 80V its maybe not an issue
maybe has built in PSU, running it on japan power
spec'ing in japanese power can either be good or bad
it basically shows what the device is capable of with lower voltage rails

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if its all over the place with load you cant do anything about it really
my little machine does it
emc2 -> parport -> xylotex 4ch -> ~200oz/in steppers
i think X and Y are like 170 and the Z is like 250
when i upgrade im getting geckos
doubt that is going to happen for like 4 or 5 months now, tho
they dont work the same unloaded
they usually lock up way earlier
like they will haul ass but when you stop them they desync and lockup
yeah thats ok

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but for something that big envelope is kinda small
its bit over half the width of their standard VMC i guess
aluminum is really fun to cut
steel not so much
for a bridgeport?
servo or step?
they work, for sure
machine setup can be tricky on open loop stuff
but once mine is tuned, the little steppers push it around fine
yeah there is almost always a semi-rigid coupler involved
you still have to deal with backlash unless you have another linear encoder on the table
if the backlash is consistent it doesnt matter so much you can program it in

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zeeshan: i has a degree in it
not always
its usually default
i almost never put it in my code in case the workspace is set to something else when i zero the tool
whatever workspace is active is what i use
you do it through the controller interface
doing it manually with offsets is awkward at best
setting relative workspace with absolute workspace dimensions
maybe .005 cuts
we mostly drew shit on a clipboard with a felt pen on our bridgeport
they dont have shields
i saw the haas do some pretty deep hogging
we had a haas minimill at school when i was there

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zeeshan: G82 is a drill w/ dwell
G80 codes are pretty standard
they used it not me
because i dont feel like changing to G81
and removing the P word or Q word
whatever it is
why would i peck drill a pcb
anyway i set the dwells to .1sec

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yeah once im in the bot im fine i just hate registering and logging in and blah
i need to mod pcb-gcode so it outputs usable drill files
fucking hate editing these
its weird it puts G82 before every line
but it only does G82 parameters on the first line
G82 is a modal drill word, you call it out once with parameters and your initial coordinate
then you just follow it with the next coordinates, no G words, just X and Y words
so yeah shit dont work unless i kill all the G82
then i have to split up the files or add pauses because i dont have a tool changer

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then i gotta like log into the bot and shit
and traditionally, i dont do that shit
yes is usually how this happens

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it was an office building
half empty but it had all sorts of businesses
blackmoon: it prob wasnt so expensive as they had issues keeping it filled
and since it housed all sorts of corp offices, it was alot of general office workers
secretaries, administrative staff, etc
prob most these people werent that rich

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yeah flacs get big
i have like 100GB and my collection isnt very big

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ya really
if they had decent per user licensing they wouldnt need copy protection at all
that sucks
yeah like they dont make enough already

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omg my friend showed up early to lunch and calls me like I ATE FOODS ALREADY I WAS HUNGRY!

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uh, woah
so the vibrations from running the mill without micrstepping loosened the screws holding the stepper mount to the table
gonna have to loctite those after cleaning i guess, heh
mk: yeah PDIP just means normal DIP

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man i do not get along well in freenode outside of my little chans
try and help someone and they call you a troll!

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cobalt steel is straight pussy compared to carbide
oh for cutoffs
yeah you kinda need something a bit pussy

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