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just the layout
and wtf why is the pcb on water

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so do it, would be neat

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i have to see if i can get this sansui amp working
shit weighs 1000lbs need to sell this shit
stupid fucking cnc monitor taking up 1/4 of my work area WHY ARE YOU A CRT I WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN
atom mobo pc and 17" lcd would be pretty sweet

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i tried newgallery and that shit almost worked but then just fucked my drupal all up
well not mine friends drupal
the other way to do galleries seems to involve hacking it together with like 7 diff modules
okay no more projects until everything cleaned up and i can work again
fuck everyone this sucks
stupid cnc all sideways sticking out from the wall with the toolchests behind it WTF
junk on bench is like 8" thick and i checked i cant just throw any of it away
there was alot of junk on that shelf I had to take down =(
macegr: last pic is neat

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so i want to do like almost 40 pcb at once same dimensions soon
secret project shhh
its all shit ive laid out before so should be pretty quick
i dunno id freak out without one
and everygirl person ive been with is like NO YOU CANT GET RID OF MUSTACHE
they all get curious and want to chop the goat but i guess not the mustache
no i think they know i would look dumb
macegr: which cart software did you use?
hey do you have gallery software on your drupal or no
no i know
but it sucks
it wasnt supported for awhile, i guess it just picked up
and i think you need an svn gallery2 to use the gallery module

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whatever i cant do shit right now i have zero square inches of work space
oh lame
my tubes are in preamp envelopes thats why theyre #1
no i made the psu and designed the circuit and 80% of the pcb
then i dunno school or job or project for someone else or who knows
also i didnt know my tubes werent standard pinout
pissed me off they have 1 more pin than standard
i would have had to make my own sockets
which i dunno doesnt seem like a big deal now
yeah but theyre like .05" from each other on goofy awkaward devices sticking up 3"
so i still have the tubes and the psu is somewhere

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no i need current feedback
the Vf isnt super consistent
and i want to try diff spectrum combinations
so total Vf wont be either
yeah to save the fet/coil
thats neat tho its lowside
i wonder what happened to the triple psu i did for the vfd tubes
what kits
to drive 7segs or what

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i need boost switchers
well good luck with that
better start making shit quick heh
current feedback?
its under $5 or what
timecop: if you stabbed someone in the chest with the electrodes maybe
thats not bad
you dont even really feel anything on skin until past 30V
foxit mfkr
acroread sucks more
it gets stuck

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it happens
urmoms a beaner
im not really anything
i dont believe in terrorists
just believe in people

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dx^: batteries and a non-vapor machines are just not revolutionary enough

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might want to make sure there is series resistance between io on the digital side and outputs on the analog side, to keep from blowing out protection diodes

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heh @ machining away copper from FR4 w/ 3/8" endmill

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those warehouse shelves are really erxpensive =\

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thats not for surround sound
tho yeah
every surround sound reciever for half the cost probably does the same thing

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haha yeah i fell asleep during a drill cycle
its like 6ft from the front door you can hear it when you walk by in the hallway
i guess i should start the mouser order
they are selling it for $200 more than everyone else
even guitar center doesnt sell them for that much anymoew

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cncncncncncnc neeeeeei zrrrrp neeeeeeeeeeeeeiii zrrrp zrrp
if my neighbors hated me i would understand

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anal0g: no thats why they can sell it like that
who has usb3 to test it

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no cmon guys the connector is blue, see?
gotta be real.

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heh @ spell dependencies and spell compile time
sorcerer casts Lvl 20 dirtsponge at scary dragon
sorcerer looks over at gcc scroll, keeps waiting

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talk to

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+ some relays and .5% resistors for range switches
o, its slow

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digikey has better price on fully diff version of that adc chip but its non-stock
why is farnekk hording all the parts
need to put that shit on a boat already
thats not so bad

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lazy devs
they have way more money
nm its for nerds
no just for a prototype
throw it in, dev around it and then redo that or leave it out for production

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and then
oh thats neat

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2 Pseudo-Differential, Unipolar
wtf is pseudo-diff
oh it has an isolated analog ground i guess
im not clicking on maxim chips
heh @ paper label
i wonder if they even bother to remove the label underneath

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the prices
least that one goes down when you buy more
theyre not ti or phillips wtf they gonna do, shrug
unipolar doesnt matter i was going to put a buffer anyway

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netflix doesnt have it instant play =(
shit i need to go put my netflix dvd in the mail
no u
that sucks

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he did another football movie?
yeah but he did the waterboy
maybe the same movie
oh its a remake of a 70s thing, he did do another football movie
no didnt see it

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of course i can
why would anyone want to use parallel danielson?
you cant sell that shit
yeah if they spelt delta sigma it would have ran into the bottom text in their logo
head would roll
depends on the signal vs what youre trying to filter out
but yeah 'or less' is prob a good answer
that sounds familiar but i dunno what youre asking
short story i think
and im pretty sure i did even tho i cant remember what it\ was

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i need to find out about 16b dacs and adcs
i have no idea what you just said to me
i was going to see if i could find some ancient parallel stuff
id rather not even have to dick with serial com buffers and latency

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football is isnt that
rugby is what football is when you cross the line of scrimage
you cant throw forward just lateral back
and everyones job converts to either blocking for or attacking the handegg
i just think american football is funny because its like, every 10sec you make a plan
and just about every 10sec later, everything has fallen apart
and you do it again
and sometimes shit works but not much, mostly you fail, sometimes you fail a little bit inthe right direction tho
no other sport is like that
also football is the only sport that can accomodate all types of people and builds
rugby players all look pretty much the same
the ones who didnt look like prob died in training

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really im much better at knocking people down and chasing bouncy objects and creating chaos
so for me there was only football
also in football you get a break every 5 to 20 seconds
thats pretty awesome i think, makes me proud to live next to america
its strategic
you make a plan, you fuck shit up, you get fucked up, you crawl back, you make a new plan
you prob started with some sort of master plan but that maybe doesnt mean anything after 5min
yeah rugby is tactical
pretty much like every sport is
bunch of guys with very similar skills doing very similar tasks and its basically who is better at doing that

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not unless i get invited someplace by someone i really enjoy hanging out with
and even then probably no
who is she
is she supplying the green?
im not trying to be at any sort of party with my little tiny stash
i havent really cared since the radiers left
the raiders left and my grades dropped, i couldnt play football when i was in high school, and i swirled into a life of drugs and pointless sex
well okay not really so much of the sex
i dont like being at parties with lots of people i dont know
and almost no one i know cares about football
or handegg, i guess were supposed to call it now
i played that shit before i played football
i was not nearly as good

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hmm no wait i forgot about national anthem and i might be wrong okay i changed my mind
if you put it by your sensor its like you trace to the opamp is an antenna thing, its just floating, like teraohm loads
is that today or something?
is that today or something?
only the wed today

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no see how it says rotate down
thats when you get her nips
really they just need to get a girl who was better at boobs
k im boycotting all radiohead after the bends

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i dont think there is vehicles
i bet people are bitching like how they bitched you could sit down in morrowind
i dont think i ever even tried
moon did a mod where you had to sleep and eat
so i actually slept a bunch
oh and drink clean water
its kinda cool that i know the ending is totally nothing
i dont worry about the main quest so much i just fuck around
maybe NSFW

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yeah definitely
yeah anyone pregnent during the apolcolypse prob not going to have ok babies
no into ghouls
people made orcs because they were bored
i kinda wanna do fo3 w/ mods
prob newer better shit now
radioactive rain totally broke my fallout

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rab: what if after the bad times it is to dangerous to live on the ground and we have to live up in skyscrapers and there is no dirt
then i will need to know how to do onions without dirt
its already in count zero
id just be ripping gibson off
rab: i know thats what i want to do
anyway they make this sterile media is pretty much like a sponge
and i think it would maybe be even easier than dirt for onions to grow in
like with expanded clay balls or rockwool i think they would come out funny
more with clayballs than rockwool but i like rockwool the least so i think dirtsponge is win
but ive never seen dirtsponge that big
but i think maybe dirtsponge is just a normal sponge that is brown
no after
you have to just kick it during the apocolypse

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