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danielson: make a robot that looks at a schematic and looks at a pcb and goes and buys everything from the digikey/mouser/other
okay thanks, go

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yeah lathe are pretty lethal
im going to go to the store and buy cookie dough i think
so neat i actually built something here
pH2DMM ftw \o/
since i lived here i did almost everything at work, and i hadnt completely organized my stuff
then i got laid off and all my shit came home and i had to take down shelves to fit my CNC so everything been buried for two weeks
so i finally got enough shit put away to have a work surface
fucking fail CRT, fail CNC controller
taking up 1/3 of a 6ft table
yeah thinking about it
i have 22" wide things but im not trying to use them for CNC

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but on my machine, i dunno few times
it depends on the machine
a machine thats not setup right can destroy itself
CNC or not, any machine tool that cant destroy itself probably isnt worth using
in my first CNC semester i crashed the felt tip pen tool all the time
exploded all over the clipboard fixture
really expensive machines you tend to be more aware
theyre big monsters they can hurt everything
themselves, operator, random peoples
ive crashed into steel with carbide on my machine
the spindle and stepper will lock up
and itll flex a bit
like when you shit it down you can see it flex back a bit
my machine is 80 lbs, 1/4hp tho
big machine with a fat tool will like rip a part off the table and then tear chunks from its table
maybe not even slow down

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it doesnt matter how you do it, you just have to do it
then you plunge to your next z depth, specifying the plunge feedrate
then your cut your edge again
you can do loops to make this stuff easy but again i wouldnt really recommend it as different controllers handle the details differently
like, when you have a machine and its yours to pimp, you read the manual and you learn all the specific tricks
but in general, fancy coding will fuckup one controller or another
yeah if youre using app its just about knowing the software and having the proper machine definition
*a cam app
so anyway after cutting out your toolpath as many times as you want to go deep, G0 out to a safe place, shut down the spindle, do a machine stop code
its not really programming 95% of the time its just simple scripting
well, not on a serious machine

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if possible, do not trust controller hard coded compensation, alot of them do it differently its just better to not use it
just dont use it
you can, learn how
but i wouldnt recommend coding with it or setting up a cam app to use it
so you basically use G1/G2/G3 to trace your your part
for 2.5D stuff
like i said learn how
you need the controller manual itll talk about how to enable and diable radius offset
like, the motion it makes to enter into radius mode isnt always very intuitive
so if you do it wrong it will eat your part or crash something
the toolpath
when you enable and diable it
if youre too close to part and you dont think about what its doing it might crash the part while moving into the radius compensated location
not all machines do it the same
some need like two motions to get into the radius location
it sucks
all CAM apps will do it in software its on of the main reasons they exist

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do the toolchange, set spindle speed and spool that shit up
no do a G53 if you want to move to machine coordinate space zero or whatever
so your spindle is moving
move to an X Y thats above your work and drop down to your rapid plane
i usually go like .01 to .1 depending on the state of the work
then youre going to do your drills
one line to set it up and do the first drill then two more lines to finish
yeah where you feel confident you can fly around without crashing something
pull back to safe Z, power down the spindle, change your tool to some fat endmill, how fat depends on your machine and your work
set spindle speed, spool up your spindle, move to a safe XY
drop down to your rapid plane
position yourself on the XY plane for a plunge
do a linear motion with your feed rate specified down into your work
or into the air beside your work
then youre cutting your paty
move on the X Y coordinate, REMEMBER YOUR TOOL HAS A RADIUS so your points should be offset to reflect that

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well yeah because you stuck in the middle of nowhere surrounded by monsters
minor detail
thats a good gig for eck0 he been working on the tools they use for years
do you need to use the machines radius compensation?
dude thats so easy
G0, G1, G3, G1, G0, G81, G0
fill in the words
youve never machines anything before i assume
G81 should probably go before everything else
look im going to tell you what to do you have to go figure out how to write it out
first you do safety dance, set inches units, set XY plane, set absolute movement, cancel canned drill cycles, cancel radius comp, set workspace
all one line
then youre going to want to make sure spindle is powered down because i dunno maybe your machine is on crack and it isnt
then you pull your Z out to a safe location

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haha @ 3gp files
i think thats what i needed to do custom ringtones like 3 phones ago
help me pay for my BSEE
seriously whats you problem its easy
just connect the dots
are you coding for a specific controller?
well im not going to be your rs274 tutor for nothing
theres no such thing really
like, every controller impliments stuff differently
so its best to learn from the controller manuals
like the basics will be the same, as far as linear motion and basic canned cycles and workspace/units configuration
but stuff like tool changes and spindle control will be less standardized
i dont know what you mean by linear sections
zzzz: does it pay like $80k or something?
so you G1 Fwhatever X Y stuff

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macegr: http://www.geekstuff4u.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/5e06319eda06f020e43594a9c230972d/8/0/80-port-usb-charger-board-006.jpg
pretty pic, heh
red jumper included.

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why are you so condescending, beacon boy?
if you pay $$, no?

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it might be firefox being stuck tho, its not locked just doesnt get to initializing the display for a long time

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i xp'd my sisters 2G
but yeah its drama
shes lives with a slow swap
i have xp on my 4g, i use that thing almost daily for like 2 years no problems
actually i had an nlite install on a 2gb partition for almost 2 years
and i had slackware on the other 2gb partition
i forgot the password for slack like right after installing it so i never used it
recently i wiped out the whole ssd and put normal xp on it, sp3, works fine
boots in about 15sec
doesnt always like coming back from extended standbys

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computers will never need more than 396K of ram

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wtf Vpass

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but they dont spill so easy
i need shelves again
danielson: urmom is:
gallons of gas.

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everyone gets frozen to death when the tank leaks
then shattered into cooked goobits when the explosion happens

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they are not standard lights.

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okay very small light poles
i thought like 18" ones
and youve seen some big nuts.
i thought i saw sockets bigger than that
all as big as the turbo thaty grows out of the side of your face
i used the dolly for everything at exjob
or office chairs

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dirty diaper mat
and a good 3d puke
actually i kinda liked the big ricoh at old job
it had 36" wide spool of paper
or something long like that
eck0: yay
heh @ giant nut splitters
prob like bend light poles at funny angles with that

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usually their is a grace period
either in downloaded data or time since registered

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but you gotta do that in real console with an 8pt font
wtf sis up with that little terminal is that a penis hes watching a coach wat
i am squinting hard but still i cant tell
macegr: the stony one
no it isnt
i did it alot
macegr: you need more letter px
i watched porn on a vga console with a tiny console font and it was way better than that trash in x

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