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i know because the masters and the invide and music and etc etc
dude almost all recent macross shit thats like 2/3 the whole thing
its prob cheaper than paying animators to do dogfight scenes
theres 3d rendered shit too
like, gaurdian mode valkyrie flying around with stiff legs and arms
like, they couldnt effen afford the action figures they just got the lead figurines
i dont think so
the one in the bar?
yeah i didnt get it
its hard to see what its doing its all washed out in the dark vid
yeah thats neat i read that

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hes dressed votron
that valkyrie thing looks retarded like a gundam
i can go to war in that shit
so these punks are going to play music so this guy can jam
and that will make his gundam win
yeah thats so fucking fail in a specifically macross way
guy who did this valkyries head can go die
oh he sings
well thats awesome
so they merged minmei and rick hunter and i guess max sterling (glasses) into one character
how come he sings like a girl
i guess because the zentraedi dont know
you know theyre not into guys

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i dont know i turned it off i never liked macross music
im like fuck minmei and this singing romance bullshit get back to the veritechs
well i thought you mean FLCL
i guess i didnt see that macross
which is fucked because ive seen alot and i mostly dont enjoy them
except for teh rowbawtz

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i dont think she really controlled it so much... also it was a modded bass
heh, pull-start
i gotta put that shit on mine
actually really i have to try and adjust my truss rod i have that allen key again
oh and a timer/counter i can totally setup the bridge

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teabaggers dont even know what theyre talking about about
its the same demographic who says burn books because the schools with their evolution use books so fuck books
just need the FOX News
defence spending, big corp in politics, and a unilateral stupid people vote
all republican, most of whats wrong with america, indisputable
democrats are retarded because they spend to much money trying to help too many people
seriously thats what we look like to the world, and now we stumble around WHY IS THIS HAPPENING WHEN WILL THINGS BE BACK AGAIN we are so fucking retarded

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if you really want to act like obama has anything to do with the current state of the economy
well i mean fuck, are you really gonna try and float something that retarded?
this goes back way before reagan and the repubs pretty much got everything they wanted in the last decade
we sold out to big international corps for cheap shit at walmart
and shit will enever, ever be the same
has like 0% to do with current president
you cant fix something that doesnt exist
it doesnt matter
the reason was money and big corps
and trickle down theory is repubs
tarp is bush
trillion dollar wars, bush
optional ones
trickle down, deregulation is nixon/reagan
carter wanted to fix shit, wanted to be honest with america
republicans sold out to ignorant religious nutbags for votes
and to corporations for money
democrats wish they were 10% as good

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the only time i snowed in the valloey in like the last 60 years or something i told my bro too fuckoff i was sleeping
when i woke up in the morning it was mostly done
i was almost the only kid at school because my parents wouldnt let me stay home
when i got home it was all mud

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thats neat
i <3 driving fuckey conditions i just dont like being around other cars, moving or parked or whatever
youre in the cherokee w/ 4wd?
my volvo too
that someone is going nuts trying to find out what it is
even tho there is no point to any of them
considering output is random thats kinda notable
manga isnt ok?
or it is just not lolwat enough
ive only been in falling snow a couple times
the first time i thought it was bugs
i freaked out

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fuck that bighead no blinking mfkr
like, fine you're old -- you dont have to be such an ass about it.

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its definitely firmware or emi

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i have a quad core pc
why does java suck
i dunno 4GB

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incubus: youtube for bengal cats, they make that noise when they eat

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this one just learning

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dx^: what animation
dx^: you are working with greenhouses?
i may want to talk to you in the very near futures concerning such matters
u wat
bunny mouse cangaroo lion

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wtf is snow
hey dont unban that shit

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me and inittab already trolled hacked over this
also i dont like dark and dark-medium roast coffee very much
and i have a little coffee maker makes enough for two coffee cups, thats how much ill usually drink

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im buying the last one
then im going to overclock/tempreg a popcorn air popper
and do my own light-medium roasts
oh shit it will ignite the chafe
its neat how i googled searched air popper coffee and it took me back to the site i was going to buy the raw beans

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14:55 < macegr> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDyMZio6fXY

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whats it doing

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like theyre made to break off it just pulled apart a coupling it barely leaked any gas

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i want a scanner
fuck tv
not really its not everyone
just the cops
and everyone they deal with
okay so everyone, just not all at once
also for safety during The Bad Times
someone is learning quitar or listening to some dirty, dirty blues upstairs
i saw that happen a couple months ago
guy just standing there like, ofuck
dude from the box slowly walking out to him
getting info
walking back to the box
dude is still like standing there like ofuck
i bet they only cost few hundred to repair

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or the oppsite $60 t-shirt tight polyester pants hipster extreme but itll be the same douchebag
anal0g: once, when the police were taking me to jail over some weed shit
we got stuck in traffic on the way to jail because it was rush hour
crazy shit like that on the radio, ALL AVAILABLE UNITS RESPOND
my cops, lookin stupid like, WE WANNA HELP... STUPID STONER
because they prob flashbanged a few people to the morgue
anal0g: there was kids and a woman involved or something
and ive seen like 8 units show up to break up backyard parties
they just roll deep because they can be way bigger assholes that way
bad day

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also good drum n bass and good early 90s alt/grunge/raaawk/whatever will build up the same
like song starts and is there but isnt doing much, that develops into something that kinda carries through the song
but somewhere about 45 to 1:30 in the song starts for real
also people who listen to every other form of electronic music show up dressed stupid
like, nice pajama pants and nipple ring, douchebag

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k wait i have to go turn on the stereo amp machine
prob about half of the black sun empire and noisia stuff ive heard
see im not super into dub step because it doesnt have what i was in awe of
drums are fast and bass is more technical than anything else
well, no dubstep has the bass i guess

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abuse of square and saw waves and LFO and filters
the only thing close to detuned droning jungle bass before it was digeridoo
also I proved it several times, average low end power of drum n bass makes rock music and hiphop seem silly in comparison
tho yeah les kicked everything elses ass that wasnt techy sounding drum n bass
it really is like 80% of the genre is tossable
well because its made to be mixed so its always same pattern

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i mean not really because its pretty much dead in favor of dub step but i can pretend and still go to shows
i dunno the serious people were always older and dressed normally heh
i almost went few days ago but I was too tired just for dub step
ill go to massives
but its just an electronic music festival
its not like before when youd be like steppin over passed out people turned out to be dead people
jungle bass made it into every other type of electronic music
and sometimes hiphop
so it didnt really die as much as like, dissipate in to surrounding genres

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you need one with more smoke inside
hippies dont listen to jungle
hippies listen to reggae tho
so there is like a loose bonding i guess
in the end someone pull out a bong or a j and its alright and no one dies
hippies are kinda like ravers tho =(
hes never getting it
hes been saying this for like 2 years now
okay 2 months whatever long time
macegr: not so much
like, some hippies became 70s clubbers
slash disco, which became house in the 80s
hiphop and house are basically from the same scene
house clubbers became ravers
so its like, they had to do alot of cocain and gogo dancing to get back to hippyism
macegr: generations overlap
a friend noted the kids at the shows we go to are the kids of the older people who were at shows when we started going
like when we were 20
so thats neat that drum n bass has survived a generation

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dont want head mount so much
that thing looks goofy
theyre suction attached?
you have to change your nick first
okay not rly
whats question
look for bricks
momo: maybe
yes of course maybe
if youre just listening to music ots probably fine
if you listen to the shit i listen to, no not okay
you will destroy the psu which may destroy the amp
but you prob dont listen to music like that
yeah what inittab said

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- Installed by means of mount which is not included
i just like how they worded that

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not enough
isnt just for pcb assembly
inittab: ?
dude dont buy duct tape from horror fate
spend the extra $1 and get the good shit
doesnt work because of the focus length on the eyeball side of the lens
talk to tomat

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i want 20X 50X and 100X loops actually
yes i saw
im not french
thats kinda neat
$3 heh

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wtf rain
macegr: status of falling sky in bay area
yeah im like fuck rain
we should evap the clouds before the cross the coast line
build some desalination plants
we can water the forests with planes or some shit
spray gas clouds and light them on fire
new form of sky writing
you just stick it in your eye socket

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