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you would have a daisy chain network of transcievers mounted in the train cars
and if a disconnect happened it would throw up an alarm
if there isnt something like that in place, he could even just patent it and wait and prob within 15 years he would make $$$
i love how invention guy posted at 3am
he said they didnt
i guess long trains dont run power

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hes in west LA hes prob just coked out
Radio or Software Invention (West LA)
wtf @ radio or software wtf does that mean
his train beacon idea wasnt that bad
doing it zigbee was retarded, but thats easily something you can find some VC to dump cash into
yes his thing that would send up flags if a car disco'd
its like stu and his SD raid idea
that wasnt really as practical or profitable as much as it was cool, tho
avrfreaks idea was like, you get a few in the field and then you walk into congress pay some dude off and make it law to put them on everything
yeah like a 5.25" bay with tons of vertical slots for SD
maybe 20
and you raid them

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thats adv blogging
normal blogging is like, extended twitter
because you irc
you can talk to yourself in text all you want
sometimes you can do it multiplayer
I have some cutting edge research that could use some electronics ingenuity. It is a fairly simple concept yet requires an open mind and the drive to do some real Einstein Edison stuff. Please have an understanding of the metric system and the periodic table of the elements. We can discuss the terms of profit sharing.
i should email this guy, with my help he can obviously save the world

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that shit is prob more expensive than PC133 dimms
haha @ gun nuts on disability
im glad KK is gone from #cars
he didnt like me =(
a floppy disc?
jeez i can get a 10 pack of cdr for less
oh you mean a drive
you can get sony ones at fry's for like $4
but that was like, last year

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it just dont know any better
k not rly
`nico: jobthing?
i want to go to britland
guys about to have more pets than lights
there is a machine tool transport tariff?
that shit is smart
like, all america would have to do to get better
is jack up import tariffs
guess its hard to say no at the queen shes so nice and everything

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interitus: looks like a one shot
i would suggest 100R in series with the output of the opamp before the 4148 but itll work like that
also i would eliminate R9 and put like 100R or 1K after the 82K before the 5V diodes
no reason those zeners need to be easily burnable from outside the device
unless the controller output needs them (prob not?)

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darkertek.com is my website
its not the same box
thats not the irc box
neat @ energy bar explanation
yeah it just looked random i didnt get it

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timecop where are your letters?
he could be tymcp
kinda the same
im ip6
your shit is doing it wrong probably

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is easy to say it like, random voodoo happened and now there is cell phone all over my pcb

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i like how the big white arrow on the silk points to the problem
sculptor: OMG I HATE THAT SOUND, heh look how its all negative DC biased
jovis: i could get phones to make that sound in industry standard active studio monitor
they dont come with loop antenna
its just what happens with alot of really powerful, really tiny waves
at frequencies where circuit board traces become antenna
no its been like exactly this size for maybe a year now

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i dont remember all these people
longcat: ive seen cell phones put like 1V DC square blocks at around 100Hz on high impedance preamp inputs at maybe 8" distance
ya rly

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ram is a mutant anomoly, goes way to fast, only happens on a pc

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ive had a 4gb ssd in a gen 1 eee pc for like two years now
i do have a swap file
shit is still fine
and you know whats out there now is better than that

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hey whatever done bitch
fuck ribbons
yeah he broke the connector

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bnc adapters are usually good shit
i have to finish boms
my litspice is broken
hey VGA port
well see we can never know
and that in of itself is a win for him
thats totally sounds like something you would do
you pulled the header off?
well yeah then you broke it off

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inittab: prob in 6 more months led ~55" will be like $1k
i like them alot the bright images are really even
prob alot less noise
you can see 100Hz easy when you are moving
blink something at a few hundred hz and move your head, itll break up
what if you are watching tv while doing stuff
honestly 30hz movies are ridiculous
its not fast enough to keep up with actiuon sequences
no in a movie the chopping in fast scenes is sad
in a second there will be like 3 or 4 diff scene cuts
so like everything gets a few frames
it could make it hard to follow some stuff because its basically all blur
i need to clean my kitchen
but really, i want to take a nap

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in 1999 burners sucked and didnt have underun connection
so dont buy that one

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spark plugs are connected to a started
kind of
bags of disconnected technical jargon
ive worked with people like that!
its always the cable
you can burn discs from a hdd on the same ide channel
works mostly okay

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car over
damn she drove that shit awhile
omg she put the water in the wrong hole
hahaha nice
easy fix!

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i want to do class G
other hacker did it
im jealous
just dont turn it up
theyre anodized aluminum or painted steel?
yeah that stuff fades sometimes, its weird
i dont think its sunlight either
think so
wonder if its pollution
city air is bad for speaker surrounds

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thats not unity at full pot
also wtf @ 2.2K on opa2134 input
that doesnnt do anything on a voltage follower
has anyone tested it for noise puposed?
usually the resistor to deal with rining on the cable is put before the input resistor
thats how it is everytime i power up a chipamp
you turn it on and nothing happens and you think its fucked

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omfg its cowclops
inittab: NO U HAI MFKR, U HAI
chanfix is broken
that thing has never worked right
hesitll come into a chan and deop regs and op fools just took it over
this isnt always the case
the code hasnt always been the same
and if everyone loses ops, hell just join and fix
he prob does this more than requested fixes
anyway its not really a service
its a random efnet bot that kinda works
cowclops: one of them
and i changed it for unity gain
i knew it
no it wasnt you had two 10K re3sistors for feedback on the non inverting side
thats not unity gain thats 6dB boost
theres two
theyre similar

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12:52 <+AC-130U> $25 min order for free ship, but you can order less
they killed that sometime last year im pretty sure
its not worth it tho because of shipping
im pretty sure i dont do orders small enough to test but lots of people said and now no one complains

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this girl is in the 'prosses' of writing a novel

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man fuck i hate that shit
everything cheap from newark turns out to be from farnell and they tax you $20 for handling
no not usually

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