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hey will win7 be tons more awesome on core2 quad than xp 32b?
or itll be awesome for a week and then itll suck after i install 20 programs
dude ive done that shit multiple times before
i couldnt tell you exactly how to do it
do like make clean or some shit
same shit
meh i am sleepy to the max
i got like 26 5W leds, fiber washers, and heatsink goo today
its awesome the fiber washers match the led star soldermask and are my favorite non color (black)
danielson: buy me a tormach

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wells thats not so bad i guess

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just more jobs for me man
to say no @ lathe collateral
like it would make sense if you were the bank lending to itself
i know
did they give it to you?
heheheh, cool
banks are really big dumb overworked computers
they do odd things, heh
k bbl
omg kill that fool you are burning money

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dude its not even bad
it just doesnt exist
if it was bad, im pretty sure i could get prepaid credit
in fact when it was bad, i know i could get prepaid credit
hahaha nice
zeeshan: rtfm
they want investments, cars, or property
because that shit is easy to repo and sell
dude they have to move the lathe
they are like fuck that
and you know thats a pretty practical decision
youve moved it

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macegr: status of falling sky?
this shit wasnt supposed to be here till thursday accordint to news radio

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theyre like DENIED the cutie banker girl was like WOW
also my shit was on ultra lockdown status for years

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is woody harreslon hes like a giant penis slash weed activist
i would expect nothing less
tekrad: i literally have no credit
the last time i got my credit report, they called me back to refund my fico money
they said i needed at least two open accounts to have a fico, and i dont have that many
just my student loan, so i have no fico
mine was like 300 something
but that was because my dad did some ID theft shit on me
so i fixed that and it went to like 600
but i guess whatever other acct i had fell off
like, i tried to get a prepaid credit acct through my bank
i was like, HERE THIS IS $2000 CASH FOR $2000 CREDIT HAHA RITE

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oh, but yeah my apartment has these crazy brownout things
where my lights will flicker for minutes
there was a place we were looking at last night that had like 400A 3-phase and 200A 120vac service
and it wasnt alot of money
people are giving up, theres lots of empty space
work i do and anyone else who would be in there is pretty much 24/7 type of deal
also some stuff is zoned for it
i dont really understand any of the details about zoning tho i have to figure that out
alot of stuff is sold as studio space
like industrial property will be all IDEAL FOR WELDERS, MANUFACTURING, ARTISTS
artists are probably the messiest too
lots of places have bathrooms
anyway i want to get an empty box
and put up my own walls and shit

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doing it wrong...
i swear thats what i read first time
tekrad: heh i just filed my taxes and website says i get bit over $6500 back
which is awesome because my friend somehow ended up paying 40% on his 1099 stuff
and somehow he ended up getting taxed like $6000 more
he makes more than me tho i think he bumped himself into another bracket
but yeah i was freaking out for days because i thought i was going to have to pay
im going to try and get out of my lease and movew into commercial space
theres like 25% vacancy in local area, prices are dropping below $1/ft
its cheaper than being in an apartment
there prob having production problems
i wonder if they own their fab or contract it out

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wtf is itn
onlky if you do oit for extend ed periods of trext like thiks
(effect is achieved by 'painting' you keys with your fingers instead of pressing them)
kind of like if you were a dog
what do you mean sense
he still doesnt get he failed at bacon sim

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so do it, alias them or whatever and use those
you are trolling i think
anyway i would prob just do an asm macro that takes a port and pin as input
i dont know hes like, telling me he cant do something then telling me he can do it fine im all confused
i suck tho im always seeing where i could have done it some way else
asm is easier
i dont like the docs, my pic experience ended at that
oh the tiny thing?
that thing is neat if i had something needed something like that right now id prob learn pic for that
thats just laziness youre like 1099% capable
you can use condition preprocessor stuff to do that in avrasm
like i can just go DOSTUFF(1) in your code
and you have the macro check for diff input and insert totally diff code
i did that for all the 8b/10b switching on the shiftbrite thing i did for my friends worm things

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this is for asm or c?
i just use .equ in asm
maybe works the same with #define fed to the preprocessor
i do that in my asm its sad if you cant do that in C
i guess its very easy to do it in asm, shrug
i dunno you made it specific to c
i just go like .equ led_pin0 = pa0
.equ led_pin0_ddr = ddra
.equ led_pin0_port = porta
so i dont understand your problem i guess

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zeeshan: i used to use microtech cncsim but their licensing system is fucked up and i think the site is dead
so i basically have a dead free app
its cnc just do it right and you dont need to
sure it is
no its not
then dont use them
you need to position your tool off the work
when you enable G40 stuff
k i need to go pick up my fedex bye

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wasnt as good as shawn of the dead
no prob should

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zeeshan: wat
zeeshan: flip the part so the cutter doesnt leave a radius
else stamp it
oe laser it
yeah pretty good movie
thatll work
and you dont do any calcs
you just use offset tool in whatever cad editor

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ttmustang tried to say i was poor, tax refund site says I made within national average within $100
*within $100 of national average (whatever diaf)
just the characters nema?
thats neat tho
you cant clock it slower than max?

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