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is kinda equiv to <n00b> interweb.com/p/hackeduppasted.c
guys if the government is under snow is my tax refund gonna take longer

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i dunno it looks okay
sometime i poll the pin a few times quickly and ignore it if its not steady enough
like if it changes at all or majority wins or whatever
because you could just be unlucky with a purely timer based debounce
you could just catch it at the wrong glitchy moment
least you commented it ok (i didnt read any of the code btw, heheh)
most of the code ive seen in here resembles most of the schematics ive seen from here
<n00b> interweb.com/randomschema.gif

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but yeah, made in china, circle to perfect
i dont even see where you pasted
oh in the other place
cant you just explain it
in english
oh this is for pin change?

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wrong is an abstract concept, human construct
wrong doesnt exist so you cant be wrong
we have neutrik ones that are so perfectly round
like we slid it into the clio and it didnt make ground contact
the whole shield contact was floating around the jack contact with an air gap
pretty hard to figure that one out =\
so you have to take some pliers and make them unperfect
i got work im supposed to be doing im trying to waste time not do someone elses
rab: i really like them anyway those, theyre like 1/4" chrome w/ gnurled bands like guitar plugs
and one you bend the shield contact they hold on better than other junk

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its not supposed to
which is kind of dumb
but normally better readers will read on their own once they figure out how and then learn most shit from context
like i know what more words mean than how they actually sound

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carrot top got buff and kind of looks like a ninja turtle now
he got unbant?

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learning to read by breaking down words into sounds from spelling
like i think the only other way to teach reading really is to just read to kids and point at words and eventually they recognize patterns
which is like, pre-school/kindergarten style, usually one syllable words and ultra simple sentence structure, w/ pics

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phonics is old, prob everyone here went to american public school and likely most private schools learned to read with phonics
you learn to spell by reading
hooked on phonics is like, how do make this 1st grade shit interesting to older kids and adults who obviously just arent very into school

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blackmoon: i use neo magnets to scrub inside my bong!
and velcro

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i see drawers like that at chinese pharmacists alot
is where they keep all their herbs and roots and shit
danielson: naw thats nice, in prison they paint the cinder and floors and cieling one color

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i think there still are
also theres tons of stuff under the park thats not public
if disneyland was all tunnels underneath it wouldnt be big like disneyworld
but universal studios is assumed to be the same way
its conveniently located for media production stuff or meetings or whatever

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also public transportation has improved like 500%, so they clean up downtown because now anyone can get there in 30 minutes
yeah but thats normal in any big city
the rich areas will be right across the street from upper middle class
because business white collar and blue collar work in the same places
everyone wants to live by work but you cant be mixing those type of people up
its like that alot
danielson: lois angeles is like prob around 100 little cities
and each has a bunch of little neighborhoods
like, downtown LA is tiny no one lives there
disneyland isnt LA
its anaheim
its connected to LA and kinda part of the sprawl but its not A
orange county and anaheim are kinda their own thing
have you been there?
i only like it around new orleans square
and space mountain

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but yeah prob now is the best time to get into a place
theres ridiculous vacancy on commercial space locally
25% or something
for the type of stuff im looking at
i want like ~1500ft
yes to rent
its cheaper than my apartment
i pay like $1k for just under 1000ft of residential apartment
you dont live in suburban los angeles
thats like an $800K house here
dont get into this argument
yes i live in los angeles, yes my city is better than yours
yes i know you came here and it sucked
(its because all the people who come here... who suck)
its not bad at all anymore
underground weed in the 90s, then legal medical weed in 00s
also massive cop hiring about 10 years ago

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because its a pain
like, you move in, now you have to build your place
most stuff here is cinder brick
danielson: yes or else the int would fire if anything happened
most chips have every io as pcint now
usually split up by ports tho
well theres more than just masking
theres triggering state config too
duh danielson
theres like 3 pcint interrupt vectors max
well on the dip soic stuff
theres usually like almost 8x more pcint pins than vectors
i need the floors and the space

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that stuff is usually nylon
unless its like 50 years old
then its fiberglass or fabric =(
kevlar is cheap now
hey so i asked but then i prob fell asleep
if i switch to win7 from xp 32b will my quad core feel quadier
the sound should be coming from your speakers
they prob use really, really cheap inductors
so like, if i move to industrial space, is quite possible i can be as loud as i want
yes, shhhh

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have you used it
isnt comm to a modem just rs232
thats how any long cable is
just on softer cable you can ignore it easier and fuckup your cables
not so much
they get all weird inside
`nico: mean
i just think it looks neat
actually i think *everything* except nothing makes photons go slower

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its fiber you have to radius it or itll just break
blackmoon: doesnt matter if you bend it to hard they fuckup
its not like you have to radius it like 3ft
but you cant just bend those cables
yeah which is huge compared to an RCA cable or similar in a close area
like, you push your stereo back on a shelf, you smash your optical

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heheh @ listening to your digital streams
who doesnt use coax
not at that speed
danielson: RCA cables are coax like 95% of the time
thats coax too
it just means coaxial, it usually has controlled parasitic parameters

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itll go away

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i need food for solidworks

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so like, the long grassy area makes sense 1000% now
and i guess there is lead pellets *everywhere*
and they tested a lot of people and theres bad levels of lead in the people
like, maybe 2mi from there is where rocketdyne got in trouble for dumping chems they were cleaning rocket test platforms with all over the mountain
and the mil had their reactor meltdown
maybe same distance from manson family hangout
and that train tunnel where people would sometimes get sucked off the wall and die

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they can do a ton of diff trace elements in like one test
or i dunno maybe its more than one actual test but whenever there is environmental chem issues here, they always have like average of reported levels of like 20+ diff elements from the area
oh so my friend found out why chatsworth park south is close
to the left is some pretty rocky trails, can get steep, awesome views of the valley to the right
anyway i always tripped on how long that grassy area is, its out of place in a hiking park entrance
so i guess a long time ago it was a gun range

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i needs fans

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i was trying to do that after doing anything on my cnc
metal and fiberglass chips, lots of weird synth lube chems
i dont 100% trust msds
they prob dont track health on those 50 living ducks for very long after the test...
yeah im really bad about Al grit all over that area
and sometimes there will be an FR4 haze and i feel like im just as doomed as ceramics/resin artists
any large quantities of metals prob isnt good, heh
we only need like tiny trace amounts of that stuff

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you dont need it for lead because it doesnt get hot enough, doesnt mean lead fumes cant mess you up
metal fumes make you sick
maybe wont liquify your brain like eating lead weights as a kid but its sure not gonna do anything awesome for your lungs and prob everything else
it doesnt
not even close, i mentioned that at the beginning i think
but lead fumes will fuck you up im pretty sure
and electronic waste prob gets burnt
and when electronics die that smoke isnt o3
thats fine im like fuck ROHS but thinking metal fumes wont make you sick is prob a bad thing

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it wouldnt matter
so youre a bit more retarded than if you hadnt
youve already compensated
rab: i guess just metal poisoning from fumes is an issue
and unless youre working around solder pots with the temp too high, thats not a problem in electgronics
macegr: lots of people think for everyone
no not like brain fucked lead poisoning its just bad for you
i hate cilantro
anal0g: i do it for the flux chems and burnt plastics?
flux smoke in my eye sucks
also you never know what anything industrial supply is coated with, just along the way in manufacturing

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we will fight them
go heden
how did it become 1 already

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