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macegr: http://www.mpja.com/Category/Power_Supplies/Single_Output_Supplies/24V_@_8_3_A_POTRANS_POWER_SUPPLY_16855_PS.asp
i just shorted it out hanging led arrays and playing with wirenuts
the leds didnt even flicker
i didnt even realize what happened im like hey what was that pop and look down theres like two wires at 24V like all frayed and 1/2" from each other
so yeah, short circuit protection verified working

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venice is exactly what i thought when i saw those
that or hollywood blvd

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all I need in life is a laptop and good speakers.
never get decent sound out of a laptop without an external soundcard and amp
when F1 did spain GP the first time, brazil jacked half the pits
er brazil gp

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*i get less busy
what else
oh text entry for rotate
i think that already happened tho didnt it?
yeah i guess autosnap bypass and better rotate shit and id prob be fine with it

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100VAC ftl
yeah thats not good
timecop: weird workaround but i guess thats ok
timecop: it wasnt transparent layers tho was it?
i think it just faded inactive layers and brought the active one to the top masking others
oh ok
maybe i try that shit again when it gets less busy
is the default group rotate fixed?
that parts dancing in place shit was a fucked up troll i think he is laughing at us
yeah thats fine thats normal

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in all honesty, the shit that pissed me off in dicktrace was the routing help AI
if i have a 1mil grid, and i put a trace someplace, and it moves it, im sorry this is either buggy or just implimented wrong
inexcusably so
the other stuff just seemed unpolished, like itd prob get better with version
timecop: can dicktrace do transparent layers?
or it still just does visible active layer masking the others
and then

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which ive never had a problem with using fine grids and my eyeballs
can dicktrace do it?
you know pads and protel are like $10K packages easy
and i wont talk shit even tho i dont prefer them
so back to the point
dicktrace rendering quickly
who cares
its normal for CAD, 100%
and protel/PADS is way, way worse
i hated using that shit
wtf naw how much time have you used either app?
with existing complex designs
its just as fucked up slow as anything else
the display is cluttered and it lagged same as every other cad app ive used
i dunno couple months ago
and my friend used pads constantly, i seen it lag up on him same way
its just normal for CAD apps, even if it doesnt do it constantly its prob gonna hiccup
and most wont completely redraw until you tell them too because it takes alot of resources to do it constant

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people shouldnt complain they dont get along with people so well because theyre smart
its supposed to suck, then you go to college, then you make bank
and laugh at all the social butterflys working at McDs
timecop: its normal
again, i use CAD for results
not to play with user interfaces
i use LTspice, too
uh what
dicktrace is slow dude
if it takes me 30sec to get a trace to sit how i want
because it thinks i can do better
experience over
get off on your graphics rendering
i dont care at all
i dont care about windows standard menus and commands either
dicktrace is EDA for kids
ultiboard is easy too
i dont like protel/pads as much
too much bloatiness
lots of capabilities tho
but i should be able to make whatever i want, quickly, without dicking with dialogs and without some program auto placement AI wasting my time
which is neat and everything but not neccessary at all

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i have quad thing, same deal, i dont care
solidworks, same bullshit
mastercam, same, autocad, same
its normal for CAD/CAM
earlier versions of the apps lagged down my shit about the same like 4 years ago
eagle wasnt doing graphics at that res 20 years ago
and it wasnt even doing graphics this way one main version ago
its prob not even gfx related its prob just processing the data moving around
so it makes perfect sense to me that performance is relatively the same, like 5 years later
with 3 more cores and 4x the mem

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hes weirding me out the way hes lookin at us...

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i dunno why you dont look very different i guess becase you still have a jaw line and its kinda low on your cheeks
every girlperson ive been with is like YOU CANT SHAVE OFF YOUR MUSTACHE
but they always curious about the goatee, i dunno why they afraid of me without mustache
id prob look few years younger instantly
thats the freak in 85?
oh thats you?
oh hi
its the length its trimmed i think
it makes you look kinda like egon except he had no beard i think

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me with a beard is like, every two weeks right before i shave
we have tekrad pics?
damn i am smoking way too much medicine
you can consume alot over the course of 8 hours you would normally be at work...
haha you look so fucking normal
maybe a bit more 80s but it doesnt seem to change much you still look exactly like you
normal like you look like previous macegr
did you have a goatee before?
yeah that pretty neat then then

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fried ravioli?
that not that giant thats kinda normal for ravioli
a little? it looks like a tortilla chip in that pic
maybe they bake them
looks tasty
hahah @ fork is big
i guess that is pretty big6 then
i almost got plates like that but i got the black glaze rounded squares instead
circle plates leaves space between face and table
more likely to need cleanup
you need space anyway on the side for napkin and silver
just pic
yeah maybe not full thing dont remember
way fuzzier then when we hung out

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but there prices are fucked up, its not surplus just supply
but they got spools of mogami by the foot
kevtris: yeah at a surplus shop its hard to tell what is classic test gear and what is junk on sale
im not even totally sure where one begins and one stops, ive just never needed anything from that area in the corner
i think its sentimental
old old tek scopes and HP power supplies, ther couldnt get so much on the ebay i doubt they feel its worth their time
hehe just got my last CV/KRK check
so what
it just looks like salsa with alot of cayenne powder
what it is

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doing the poor student no money beg, he wanted $150
that sucks
we have all electronics and apex
so because only two really so they prob okay
oh, is this the one were my expensive bourns pots came from?
rab: yeah i feel super lucky
i can go to apex and buy ex-mil project teflon wire for nothing
because theyre dorks?
there is
well not that weird
and most of the weirder old gear just on display they wont sell it to you
theres also electronics city in burbank

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prob not its a possibility
rab: we have a few but according to other hacker theyre dead
like it makes him super sad
well, relatively speaking to the past
also the majority of the shit is china crap
which is both good and bad
i did buy my 2335 there for like $120

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