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maybe you fried the dragon?
or it works now

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because i bet pots dont have hero ppm
yeah your scope prob is prob waaaay less impedance than the xtal input
oh huh
even if you got no noise at 10b
thats still like, just .1%
and youll prob have the noise because your circuit will exist in reality
everybody is
everyone hold up your avrs
no man just one
i need to get sockets for this thing

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you can prob get some ultra precision temp sensor for that
so get some 20ppm 1%
if the circuit is going to have offset/gain trim, theres no reason to get better than 1% if you can get similar hero status ppm values
im going to have to run virtualbox just to run xp powertoy calc
get a sealed plastic pot?
no man
vcc -> 1% 20ppm 10K resistor -> like 100-470R sealed plastic trimmer -> RTD -> GND
that way the error from the pot isnt so great compared to the 1% low ppm resistance

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reality is all jagged plots
except 1cm nearfield low end response
you dont need .01%
just get .1% jezus fuck you said this was for audio
actually just get 1%
the 1% resistor probably isnt going to drift 1%
from temp
or if you want to burn up money get .5 or .1
wtf .01 are you selling this thing for $50K?
then get 0.1% resistors if its that big a deal
hey im curious
see what the ppm drift is on 1% and .1% you find
i bet the 1% isnt like, 10x worse
yeah thats nuts man
youre probably paying $10 for those

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of course
what do you mean
whats this for?
if you just making a few, just measure 1% by hand

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that is neat
oh trippy

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one day you will have to cut it with a knife
cool hes prob faster
seriously why would they hire a guy unless he was good
like, when they gotta call in the muscle and shit

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do they still smell like chinese smog?
my seagate 7200.11 were stickered made in china
the sticker held the unsealed antistatic bag shut
hey but they folded that bag really, really nice
thats gonna wrap around your vacuum brush if you dont throw it away
be with you for years

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anyway you could make money retrofitting a standard oem system into older cars
if you use the whole system including the steering wheel assembly it shouldnt be a problem
but yeah i wouldnt drive around in front of one of those things without seeing what it did to some watermelons with accelerometers inside
thats good

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omg fuck
HGT time and i dont have rfactor or mobo or video drivers installed
why am i wasting time blogging at you guys
thats pretty smart
for people who restore and customize cars its pretty neat
sure you can
use dummys and sensors wtf
oh right
i thought you mean right now like the government was invading us or something
haha ya rly

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lasagna is in the oven

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sculptor: yeah, but until like $1k 2ch mixers, usually only plastic pots on the xfader
lasagna is nearing completion

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they kick ass
theyre like 100K cycles life
compared to like 10K for carbon
they tend to be more accurate too, total resistance

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ive been running like 20W + resistor burning maybe 6W on a 24" aluminum u channel
like 1x0.5x0.125" u channel
passes spit test except right under the resistor
but that thing is 250C rated
and its like 6" from the closest emitter
they been running for weeks at like 1.2A or so
and couple weeks before that right at 1.5A (with 1.5A fuses, was pretty awesome)
so yeah these guys seem pretty reliable
theyre white tho
i need very cool white + a less common red
like, overdriving cool white leds for more blue would be awesome except for reliability
maybe works tho
shit i need a pdf reader

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those are how many watts?
sculptor: thermal management is an issue
like if youre going for efficiency, active cooling kinda defeats the purpose
but how many wayys and how many do you want to do
its also 2x as much $$$
prob like 10x more reliable tho
im usually running big leds at like, 66-75%
sculptor: next set of prototype LED arrays, im probably going to do emitters on thin FR4
no masks, single sided
and then screw those onto thermal adhesive on the heatsink
yeah thats not hard tho
LM60 and a comparator

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blackmoon: $500 princess auto grinder or what?
blackmoon: thats their low end one then i guess?
yeah $10000000000000000 is too much
$1000 is too much if youre not in a shop making $$$
sculptor: theyre a bitch on stars
theyre completely a pain if the star is mounted to a sink
well yeah
and grizzly stuff is pretty good

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it rips
or it fuses
slash siezes slash breaks
that sucks
weak ass steppers and tiny spindle pulley belt usually save my mill
yeah thats why i dont fuck with hss in cnc
you can feel when they tool is dull
and its hard to hear over the steppers
*cant feel
carbide will still cut when it wears, just the finish looks ass

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you could prob set up a speed controller output to be converted to DC to control the laser power
then just program it with spindle speeds
emc should have no issue dealing with it, i doubt mach wouldnt either
i kinda like roughing shallow
just fly through shit
but yeah .005 is aproaching finishing cuts
go to #emc on irc.freenode.net
and ask them how to set it up in the software
anyway ignore avrfreak
you can turn pwm into a DC voltage with a cap and a resistor

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lots of production stuff is CNC
but yeah CNC was developed to do arcs and curves
because that shit is seriously drama without automation

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it is why do you think they developed CNC
well, yeah
good rotary table is expensive tho
tooling usually is, tho

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actually manga is the drawn comics

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also metric is as available here as SAE stuff
as far as tooling and stock
blackmoon: because it makes more sense inverted
gallons per mile makes more sense than miles per gallong
you guys really do it 100km?
i guess because its much more accurate to measure it that way
mpg is an odd unit tho
because its hard to do comparisons
we do its called metric
fuck metric
that was an expensive mirror too

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urmom is hrm
bring your calc and a conversion factors table
rcrack: its called metric
fuck metric
in california we use standard units
california uber alles.
no thats not true
because most metal and nuts and bolts is from china
and they wont source imperial hardware unless you beg them

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thats like a $2 chip, when you buy them one at a time
and youd be able to produce any sound you can pwm without a problem
the alternative is like, just pwm some class-B output setup with some transistors
but it wont sound so awesome and wont have close to the same set of protection circuitry, itll be bigger
prob cost around the same
anything like that is probably okay
any ST or national semiconductor chipamp kit is probably gonna be ok
sculptor: haha
abnd there is prob a mess from people sorting through fucked carts to get good ones

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oh so you need like a boom sound
i would do chipamps and like 4 12V batteries
do like 20W
high end woofer, properly tuned box
yeah prob even 2x that
i left my TDA2052 boards at work
i got laid off =)
you need the stuff on the left and one chipamp worth of stuff on the right
like 25W max
you dont have to run them at 25W it just means theyre less likely to blow up whatever you do run them at
say compared to running a 15W amp at 15W all the time

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ha cool
those things have weird harmonics though
i wonder if you just played a tone with a horn like that
you only need a big cabinet for low end response
lasivian: pretty high pitched probably?
a bunch of those prob work pretty well if its going to be super high pitched

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do a tweeter in a pod and use the largest woofer your dimensions allow
and id suggest a book on speaker cabinet calculation if you don't already have a calculator or a proven woofer/volume[/port-tuning] combination
lasivian: tweeters are like 90-95dB/1m
woofers it depends on size
oh its open baffle?
you wont get any low end though
and too much power around woofer resonance might physically destroy the woofer
i thought this was for audio audio
4" is pretty big for that application, probably as loud as you need it

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blackmoon: neat
kinda does
i prob wouldnt get it in 5min if it got chemistry geek anyway
i bet if you pre heated them
like, got them both to the right temp and did it in that temp environment
1W should be between 75 and 100dB
at 1m
average systems are probably like, 85-90dB
at 1 meter from the acoustic system
because the sound pressure disperses farther you go

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i walk around saying that out loud
people stare
flux is dried out, flaked off
buy it from someplace else
or a diff brand from the same place
its not even by brand, it all dries out eventually
gel flux is fun
85% lead, 5% kittens, 10% random heavy metal
thats why you only use 5%!
solder has a lower melting temp than tin or lead

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heh reostat failure
are you sure you didnt just short the psu by turning it all the way down?
yeah theyre usually only good for maybe a watt, the big guitar ones
yeah something like that, not even
why is my cpu 15% wtf is win7 doing
mA ftw
yeah how did you get 5 from 5/47

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