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timecop: more than old, classic! internets defining even!

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hahah @ laptops and ballsacks

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it has two matrix plates on it
so the table is twice as wide as its envelope
way more actually
and yeah its a big fairy mill
neat take pics
well fine then
did you get that gerber overlay thing working?

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tekrad: 02:50 <+renesis> http://darkertechnologies.com/image/20100215_thedripnuts_bottom1.mp4
i has the mcam 2d high speed milling figured out
making those
(center is actually m6 tapped hole)

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wait whats dtm again
what like active desktop shit?
i have no idea what youre talking about

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blackmoon: okay imagine like, servo spindle, with like maybe 2 or 3 belt pulley speed
and one like 1:1 geared mode
for tapping shit
or maybe gear it down
pretty sure it could do big taps without breaking stuff
and i hate this 1/4" on a 1/4" plate bullshit fucking lods the shit up all off center

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timecop: theres all sorts of family kid pics on my phone ive never opened them
i need to setup some sort of pic viewer account im like what fuck off

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aw fuck MOON WTF
what do you need i want to make an order soon anyway
how much is it?
no shit thats it?
gimme part number

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you should join
i didnt get this from cars i just types in random stuff in google on my own
not very interesting
actually now that i actually look at, that is pretty funny
aw fuck i need printer drivers
windows 7 sucks

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you didnt paste it in here
#cars and #projects does not overlaps
this is a whole differen category of channel
okay like 14%
your mom is eck0
this is projects mfkr
you dont even know whare you are

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seriously fuck orcad
im 100% with tc on that
for symbols you shouldnt need more than paint
its clunky
it feels like DOS gui

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mxman: hi

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dx^-: im prob a couple days away from doing curved surface machine with my tiny cnc
getting more familiar with the cam software
mno man i would make te mold
and make you a silicone one
sucks now even bi companies wanna be in on the social networking

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it was like whole world was over like why is it getting onto my fingers but not into my eyes
you know because like i could feel the green thats why my brain put the glow there
my cat is doing warble meow

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wow i had a dream where this 5mm green diffused led was lighting up but not enough like i could see a glow on my finger holding it but not in the lens
really pissed me off
blackmoon: i got the mastercam in win7, \o/

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its like, upgraded contraption game?

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