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looks like some sort of wide bandwidth reciever thing
oh soft radio i guess
o m f g i just hot a peanut butter pocket
truckers will show up and pwn your abode

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omfg @ chocolate peanut butter coconut milk ice cream
also hi
teknique: health food organic non dairy stuff
dude i wouldnt eat it if it didnt taste awesome
shes knows it too
shit i was all about bacon and sausage biscuits yesterday
good shit.
real pimps stamp panels

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macegr: also that setup just doesnt work, its known (the ufo led thing)

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wide spectrum
then im going to try straight red again
i really want like, ultracool white
its not about appearance
its about optimizing a known working spectrum (HPS)
no anything
whatever im growing weed
you guys grow food
i can its legal for me
DA said so
attorney general too
surpreme court was like, hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeah ok
well, state one
fuck canada its illegal there
go get a medical card
he fell like 1500 ft

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damn i gotta machine this shit
then saw some shit than drill some shit then drill same thing but 10x longer than like screws heatsink goo fiber washers ??? nugs profit
The 1 watt LED is one of the most efficient light sources in the world (lumens per watt).
did they really just say that?
i think the ultra effient crees are like 3W and im pretty sure HID is more efficient at electric to light conversion
which argument
and theyre 1W leds so really its prob half that power
macegr: i know im $500 in the hole on research
yeah but plants need more than chloryphyll
anyway im doing 660nm red
and cool white

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dont see it not caring
damn i should have taken pics of the blown up tda7265 for magicbluesmoke
it doesnt have octobrites?
who cares what its called
they have neat tentacles, i like her curvy angles yo
so sue her she will probably enjoy it

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angry gamer is is ok
and yeah ninja gaiden is hard yo
im watching the ninja
hey this ninja is informative
dude this is how *everyone* i know acted when playing NES as a kid
inittab: brrr
think so
not seeing it
gave up
she goes angular organic things neat

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why is this guy wearing a pocket protector
obviously not a real geek
heh ninja gaiden
no one said blank-uh
i just saw billboards
hes like telling me the ninja gaiden story
besides my pacman this is like, first game with cut scenes
*ms pacman
i need shoes
i should prob get some boots
are all your socks ruined now?
penguins go brrr
penguins go brrr is a joke pawned by a teenage girl

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damn dude this shit is long
hes on the middle platform
whats this gay music
why doesnt he have castlevania music
okay clicking on the other this guy is a douchebag
until we win

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man fuck this guy
he reminds me of a friend who im not friends with anymore
he said getting hit will know you in the other direction your facing
then he shows vid of you getting knocked in the dir youre facing

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what like original doom?
do you know how fucking retarded that game was?
didnt even have mouselook
everything like a cardboard cutout

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wtf are you talking about
game walkthrough vids?

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big video is big

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like, abstract pad shaping and more per pad/drill features, and eagle would feel finished
better subfile manager for the lib editor wtf

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yeah lib editor wont let my change isolate on holes and theres really nothing listed in the properties for a drill hole, except like its coordinates
see if changing isolate on the pour does too
maybe it treats drills differently than the edge
does it reduce it to the same as the via isolation when you set it 0mil?
you have to do seperate overlapping pours with diff isolate if its that, and you want to keep your edge distance drc setting
kind of annoying i wish you could overide pour isolate like per pad
yeah i do overlapping pours for thermals on specific pads
tho in eagle5 i think thermals might be per pad now

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or hmm probably not it doesnt add them for board edge isolation
yeah dunno if both your distance parameters are so low

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and same net or you turn dimension distance value down and manually do you copper edges vs the actual edge of the board
if it isnt that, fuck iunno
it looks like that, though

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k got my exe and project dirs setup, checking
possible change your dimension layer isolation
i dont remember if holes cared about that
but i dont think its that
restring tab
on restring tab turn min and % down
but thats usually a deal with pads being too big
rab: i think its the dimension distance paramater + your isolation parameter in the copper pour
so fix is either overlapping pours with diff isolation values

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sec opening it
i dont think so
that would be cool tho..,
rab: usually thats an issue with pads and diameter set to auto
it doesnt need to be its a min/max %
fuck none of my eagle dirs are setup
anyway its in the pages for vias or pads, you have to turn a min or a % way down
its prob set to 25% or something dumb

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might not be great for his amps speaker =)
tho guitarist as likely to like the new sound as much as hate it, if you damage the suspension
my dad used to score those as a side benefit from small insurance scams
vertical movement is ok
shes just horizontally handicapped
when im messed up i cant even crawl up onto my bed
and i dont even have a handicapped tag
rab: drc settings, sec
also it might be in the footprint itself
not sure about that tho with raw drills

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its the droning
most subwoofers are built using like, 6 and 12db crests in mind, low average power w/ peaks
that stuff is like, just big squares and saws, gets filtered to funny sine waves, its pretty much sustained power
kevtris: haha you could prob thermal reset subs with a digeridoo too (this is kinda the prototype for long droning techy jungle bass)
its just detuned sines once it gets all filtered
yeah that will prob work

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les is neat
he is i proved it with relative spl and temperature plots
got about 15C hotter when we just looped the primus through a prototype subwoofer
made all the other rock and hiphop look weak
drum n bass made les look weak though
technical itch - the rising
i mention to people into dnb and theyre like 'ooooo, ya thatll do it'
haha my friend says tech itch lives around the corner from him, like maybe one day i can tell him about it
'hi your bass is most abusive by an indisputable margin'

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sculptor: 160 and 192 sound decent, decent is totally shitty compared to lossless for archiving
does really weird shit to cymbals and harmonic distortion, higher vocals
no because flac is around the same size
320 is like 33-50% compression i think?
flac is around the same for most music, closer to 50% on average
320 is lossy
theres absolutely no reason to use it over a lossless format if the compression results are similar
i dont think id ever do an mp3 over 192 again

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i think its the same thoing actually
kk time to go blowtorch some toolmarks off acrylic
fuck flacpod
i dunno those punks living up in the building in burning chrome had a PA system
i dont imagine their lives change much when everything down below gets blowd up

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so fuck them they wont now the difference
the diff between 128 and 160 is huge
the diff between 160 and 192 is way less huge
192 doesnt sound shit, doesnt mean you cant hear the diff between it and raw wav
until you buy some half decent monitors
and now you cant listen to much of your mp3 because you can actually hear theyre crap
and thats a common, common complaint
so you compromise your critical listening for space savings because of the gym
because storage is so fucking expensive now
no youre not you could write a script that converts flac to mp3 in seconds
mp3 for music archival is a joke
its irresponsible.
one day the whole world will be blown up nico
and we will have to find music on hard drive salved from the ruins
ima be pissed because its all gonna be 128kbit mp3 =(
i dunno but now youre just being mean

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can ipods do flac or are ipod users just wannabes?
do i have to rockbox that shit
mine does it fine
300mhz arm9, nothing special
no i have a toshiba from like 3 or45 years ago
*3 or 4
in favor of
not only can you see the diff in any spectrogram, in heavy distortion and fast stuff its audible
also flac is way more alive than it was few years ago
dude you can hear distortion of distortion on cheap systems
i noticed it on my shitty desktop speakers
so is lame so youre just being a timecop now
youre trying to invalidate like every scene release ever
anyway i have no problem getting practically *anything* i want in flac

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