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thats kinda what they do
yeah they do that then try to look like whatever its normal im cool

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is NewGNAA flooding the 4ch in tc's name or something?
dude its a cat

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the system just shouldnt allow it to happen

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anyone doing open loop stepper cnc for cheap
wtf is your issue? heheh
if you dont give a fuck why did you start the convo?
um, considering the os kinda dictates your latency, it kinda does matter
i didnt say it couldnt be done
i said it sucks
and you said
and looked stupid because i am, with all bells and whistles
and linux realtimes handles it fine
windows is know for dwelling machines running mach for all sorts of stupid reasons
mach even explains somewhere its a pain to get around windows hardware abstraction
if a realtime system cant put off non critical processing, like screen blank and tray notifications and explorer dir listings and window updates when moving browser windows
well then it fails
its like the window manager crashing when an app crashes
if an app fails miserably, and it crashes the window manager, its a wm bug
even if its the apps fault

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i feel like its limping
on stripped out lunix w/ light wm i was running 20uS base timing
teknique: its also doing rotatable/scalable open gl toolpath displays
while driving my cnc

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but systray popup dwells my machine, screen blank, explorer loading directory lists
so basically i think you mean to run windows in realtime mode i have to kill almost all services and explorer
which is a joke
can windows do like 20uS base timing?
which is a joke
and everything ive read says mach has to use hacks to bypass abstraction layer
yeah like, my realtime sucked and i had to slow it down
to 33uS

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yet it works perfectly fine
while in windows, systray msg pops up, machine dwells
screen blanks, machine dwells
isnt like its just me techsmurf
it is
i run ubuntu
i can browse web while the cnc is cycling
it wont dwell or skip the machine
i can read pdf too
dude systray and screen blanks dwell the machine
thats realtime fail
nothing dwells the machine in linux, certain shit just takes a little longer
i shouldnt be opening pdf and web browsers on a cnc machine anyway
ans sure at some point when i have nothing better to do for a weekend ill roll some super light lunix to run my cnc
but since im lazy, the stock ubuntu w/ gnome and synaptic and literally all the normal bullshit running is what i use
and it doesnt fuckup
like opening pdf and web browsers and loading pages
stuff that isnt realtime
like the os is supposed to do
teknique is being a douchebag
seriously, like if it hits the cdrom drive expect to do nothing for 10 seconds
sure teknique

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with one exception intel atom mobo has fastest latency
dud realtime on windows is silly

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\o/ \o/ \o/

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tekrad: okay i take a thick stainless steel pot
sususpend it on strings
and then do like, sextoy/vidgame controller vibrators
fill with abrasive grit, throw in parts, ???, anodize, profit
will it blend?
this seems like alot less drama then some mechanical vibrator

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weve developed a storage method involving butane and no2 and intense pressure
the result is a super concentrated block of clear THC
we then machine this into ricer and offroad dork accessories in order to smuggle the product across state lines

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its not very jazzy/bluesy/punk
i dont really drink
3d solids im pretty sure
im prob wrong
im thinking iges nm
so its probably adresses and data
or ordered data
thats alot of data
my back is like meh

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in any case, if i were ever to become homeless for some horrible and unforseen circumstance, i would just have all my mail sent to my mother
she would love it i would actually come to see her more than once a month
i would probably get all sorts of awesome foods too
no country
not much
i dont like bluegrass or related hippy music
i dont like much bob dylan, aside from lyrics, nothing folky
like, until you get to like, southern bajou rock n roll im not super into it
dude fuck that hick shit

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danielson: i want to do like, storage room, lab room, full bathroom
and then i want to do a loft thing on top
lowes and home depot have this corrogated smoked polycarbonate
so i figured i could put that across the front of the loft thing so i could see down into the open space but its not all, omg brite sunny
so i want like, 16ft cielings
theres lots of places w/ 16 and 20 ft cielings tho
lots of businesses going under
lots of construction started before economy fuckoff is finishing
do what i dont know what youre talking about
why would i have the same adresses
im not living there
you see, artists and crazy techys need 24 hour access to their shit and need to be able to work for days on end with small breaks
also there are times when we have to like, wear clean clothes and smell clean for various clients and business peers
shit im unemployed

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so i thought it would be neat to get a place like that
shhh nothing
no move
i dont even know what youre talking about
why are you spamming youtubes
he cant see the videos so i guess he just goes and reads the descriptions and comments
also neat
cieling to low to do how i want tho
no not at all
im actually quite busy i shouldnt even be on irc
its not for pot jeez
pics or it didnt happen
also how do you charge

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look how ghetto that is and they want $1/sqft ha
think it depends on concrete and what kind of dirty the local area is
sometimes it just turns grey

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system rescue cd ftw
thats right mfkr
the lunix
but yeah your way prob works
i did it last night
yeah mine was important data
friends itunes folder
haha i thought somehow i deleted them all because i mounted usbhdd and copied over documents and settings instead of Users (!)
my friend smashed his but it was because of a girl person
im like, that shit would get smashed in my pocket i wouldnt even be trying

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pretty sure it means they tested over 5 hours
or maybe they just test current for 1/5 capacity drain but thats kinda lame

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if its turned up you prob wouldnt be able to eq boost much without clipping
instead of boosting with the eq trying turning other stuff down
yeah prob not
possibly a slight chance but not if its clipping bad
if you can hear it, its prob not just rail sag its prob just way to loud

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like, if they have shit tolerance and temp coefficiency dont expent the filter parameters to be stable
but you can get good ceramic caps
you just mean for psu?
should be fine for small caps
sometimes those though hole stacked ceramic caps will blow up if you dont select caps with enough voltage overhead
oh that could be lots of things
i guess
it could just be clipping
no like its making signals bigger than either the dac or the output amp can deal with
so it clips off the peaks
it doesnt matter if its too loud its too loud

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omg thedripnuts almost done
i bet an american boardhouse would just be pissed off you wanna use up their drill machine like that
but why would i want the linux on an fpga
heh @ kernel builds the hardware when you load a driver

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yeah thats what i figure is bad about lasers and copper clad
but i bet you could perfboard it
and copper you could maybe do in two or three operations
some drills for alignment after you flip
also maybe you can put the laser at and angle so reflections dont matter so much
but then maybe it becomes like 4 operations, 2 setups
and the holes would prob have hourglass profile
on one plane
i have drills they do
all of them have been broken by me being tarded, its like carbide beats copper/FR4 almost indefinitely
im prob going a lot slower than a production machine tho

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the fucking headstock squareness on my taig is off on the Y
it always has been, sucks when i use bigger tools you can see the toolmarks on upward facing planes
you can tram the X because the whole column tilts around the Y axis, big 7/8 bolt and ground mating surface
to tram along the Y you have to use shim stock, its a little wtf
headstock is totally lathe leftovers

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they do it to gold to (pink into orange colors)
maybe you just need a bigger laser
thats pointier
i dunno know anything about lasers youre not making any sense to me
maybe if you focused right at the middle
and were good
there is neat chapter on this shit in the machine bible, but theyre talking about cutting all sorts of metals i have no idea how powerful that shit is

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well its like 4x4"?
i have double sided FR4 but its .063
yeah im machining air cleaner nuts right now
meet my bong
theyre charge $50 for setup and itll prob be like a $10 pcb
because of the drill density
yeah i dont think its good to point lasers at shiny copper
and youll pay like $20 or 40 or who knows for shipping
and then?
superkuh: buy or have me buy the FR4 on the ebay, we wait wait waiting
i but a bunch of replacement drills on goldmine elec
because ive broken a bunch being a tard
you can
maybe a laser cant but how do you think they get that pretty yellow that turns to blue on glass pipes?
thats copper fumes, yo

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wow you are doing that by hand?
if you pay for the drills and machine time i can probably do that for you
like, by hand with a drill press?
wow thats hardcore
oh hes gone well that sucks
oh no he came back hes right here
superkuh: ^
wow you need some sort of award that you can put beer in
or weed or coke whatever your thing is
you just need one or alot?
whats this for?
and carbide drills will prob do most or all of that fine
i dont really believe it either but i seen it happen dozens of times

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heh machining acrylic blocks is the shit
its like modeling stuff in solidworks in wireframe mode
can see through the part
when i am peck drilling i can see if lube fell into the hole, i can watch the drill break through the bottom from the side

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Finally, cruise control is a standard feature. The controls are located on the stalk to the left of the steering wheel.
hahahaha dork
HAHA they put a pic of the stalk

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macegr: haha it was a car and driver writer?
road & track ftw

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no i think he stole my plane crash joke
(3 openings)
good luck
dunno that maybe helps him get the job
its maybe a bad initial impression tho

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wait wat

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i dont even think i have normal sugar
i always buy brown sugar, i dont use sugar for coffee or tea or anything
yeah i can kinda
i grew up having it sprayed at me
id probably anxiety berzerker attack if i was forced to hear it for too long

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im eating breakfast
kellogs cornflakes with 2% milk
i eat it before it gets mushy
its like so neutral
im trying to eat oatmeal sometimes
i use honey mostly

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youre going to change your brain into mush
well go ahead then i guess
im not a hippy!
chicago is always calling my in urgent spanish
gets like 20 words in before i can even pull my head away and hang up

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yeah but first time ordering, i never know
yeah youre fucking them
yeah they do what they want

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whats that
then what did they fuckup
you guys have multiple sales tax?
i guess so
thats some bitch shit right there
that now they can say youre helping out two ways
its gonna be a multiples lowes day i can feel it
well at least its not random
you know what to expect
we pay like 10% sales tax
honestly i dont watch local news and didnt start listening to local news radio until a year ago
and i have no idea when they did that
i could calc 8.25 in my head fine
tax on big shit hurts
online orders are weird because i never know if im going to get taxed or not

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yeah thays why i write funny
because my wrist is like on the side and im writing at a weird angle
normally my wrist is likw below my hand relative to the signature plane
i shit i need to go there
guys everyone believes my tax return number except me
does this mean i actually might get some money?
i just went to taxact.com and copied over my tax forms
because they were too lazy to figure out how much you owed then
but yeah i got the majority of my shit back i guess
i paid 25% estimated taxes on all the contract work i did
which was like 40 hours for 6 months
and then withholding for my employed work was about the same
same amount of work

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not enough drag
first stroke youre already past the box and banging on the touchscreen edge
yeah totally
i feel awesome when i keep it like 75% within the box
haha i can actually write my initials out kinda okay looking but all the letters are rotated like 60 degrees

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ya rly

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