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ford did it with one car
that ran for a few years
this is like, all the cars for 8 years
with tons of flags thrown up all over the place since the beginning
they f'd up
im going to go to bed
i dont want to miss my mcmaster

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no japanese people are willing to die instead of admitting their biggest corp manufacturer failed because they cheaped out and failed at programming

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congress is pissed
there is docs i guess

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thats not a pleasant image at all

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its his fake wife

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it does say made in china
thats excellent thinking moon
okay i gotta go

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maybe before mcmaster i will change my oil with my costco tactical flashlight
w/ cree led
and low battery red led in the button
so this was at costco because its called a tactical flashlight
hit button once: very bright dim setting
button twice: slightly brighter bright setting
button three times: flashes
button 4 times: off
hold down button for momentary use
but you have to hold it down for like 3 or 4 whole seconds before it turns on
tactical my nuts if im in a life or death tactical situation this flashlight gonna get me killed
costco cree flashlight firmware status = toyota

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okay what i will do is thise
i will print out my led array assembly thinger
and go get really hash faded
work out what screw sizes i need
if im smart i will print whats in my mcmaster cart and prob just go with that
and then come home enter into a semi dream state as soon as i hit the couch and buy my screws and washers and locknuts and shit
wake up to doorbell, say thank you to strange no name mcmaster delivery service
turn around and drink the warm coffee i dont remembering setting up the night before 6 hours from now
dude i dont even know why i still use bongs
unregged vap is working excellent and ive hardly smoked any shit i will have cut back listen to me type

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(or $35 or $65, my place has like maybe 30 types of weed on display, plus maybe 6 types of full melt hash, 4 types of keef, seeds and clones, edibles)
(omg edibles... omfg edibles oh nooooo)
like, how to become a strung out weed junkie:
eat 3 peanut butter cups
check out for 2 days
its about 3 times as long, and the come down is really, really slow
day or two
if you keep eating edibles its like vicodin
like everything seems the same
but somehow *everything* feels different, kinda weird, off
trips me out
like day two of a continuous edibles trip always gets kinda blurry
day three im just like, sleeping
unless i have an immediate goal
dioxide: haha yeah
everyone says marinol is like that
do they still sell that shit?
everyone says marinol is way too hardcore and takes waaaaay to long to hit
i havent been around it since like 2001
ya i bet

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yeah i didnt do that a few times so it just all ended up everywhere =\ =\
hes not going anywhere i said i be there in like an hour
he 15min away this late
fuck i was supposed to do a mcmaster order
i spend too much on it
it makes sense they let people grow it for themselves
because before i would buy a whole lot
couple oz at a time at least usually
and then friend would prob get like 3/4 of that off me for pretty cheap because theyre friends
so most the time i broke even or came up and covered gas, like exactly, it was pretty neat
but now at shops, its like, 1/8 for $50

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hey so i guess vaping you dont have this problem
when i was an idiot on prescription psych drugs i used to use butane
make a tube with a screen at the bottom and blow a whole butan can though it
collect in a cold glass cup
but i have no idea how clean that butane is
some of it is supposed to be super clean so expensive lighters dont clog
yeah its supposed to be
and it mostly goes away if you wait long enough
that shit always gave me a headache making it
my friend says he has hash i supposed to be on my way

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i hve docs that say otherwise (ftw)
also CHP and brit gov did tests on driving performance stoned
some people drove worse
some drove some, some drove better
with alc, everyone drives worse than they did sober
*some drove same
timecop: you never smoke weed
so if you smoked what i smoke, youd prob be stupid for 3 days
think you blacked out for half that when really you were crashed out on a couch
hahaha wtf
lack of o2 to the brain will make you stupid

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Day changed to 21 Feb 2010
Day changed to 22 Feb 2010
i dunno, management discussions that never need to happen?

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then you dont have to rework shit
wich you can always do later if this takes too long
if you have a clock and time the work is mostly figuring out this stuff

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does it have to do other stuff at the same time?
i think probably else this wouldnt be hard
nothing is easy with you
do you have enough lines for a clock?
you need bidir?
little blue wires ftw
yeah but now you have latency for that + packet
but i dunno how long your usb stuff can wait
its easy like that
because then the fpga can just wait
you can have a direction switch packet
thats works i think
because really if you have a clock nothing else is an issue
maybe takes longer
but usually the rx side has to recieve data before it sends shit back

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i bet they are going to take the money i owe them
that shit was easy i just copied my tax forms into the boxes online
hmm bit under $3k
i was paying $150 month but they cant find new address
i told them it too
and i have my change of adress in and i get other mail
if they take it out of my return i still get like $3k back
so its either that i owe them money
or that fuckin an hero fucked shit up for everyone
but i dont owe the irs money, is the thing
and as much as id hope they did have their shit together, i bet the irs cant figure out i owe the ssi people money
well yeah but theyre not going to take more than i owe when i already have a repayment plan set up
if they take the money it sucks but its almost the only debt on my credit
besides that there is only subsidized student loans

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because its exciting fool
ok not rly
i did that on atari
wat tv
you make a different face
irs says my return gonna take 3 more weeks

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might explode and kill you if it doesnt

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it has similar architecture i think
but not really
xmega or sam7 ftw
if i need some hardcore shit
well it sucked so they made xmega
i dunno we trolled each other over this for days or hours
it was a lot like ren meets avrfreak
i think they know its dead
and most drops in the avr line have drop in replacements
he was here yesterday
pretty sure
might have the charger in it

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professor or blarg or who
blarg is not so much an asshole
that guy is weird he joins this little chan im in
its like, 4 to 10 people i known for like 6 or 8 years
and wjkwrkjrwkjw
and talk about submarines
and when the police beat him up
after he called the police a name or something
yeah blarg did something with asics
thats all i know tho
he shows up in cars for help sometimes hes not so much of an ass
all i remember was he tried to argue avr32 was better than arm7
its like, look fool even atmel makes arm7
lots of them
there was like, ONE avr32 at digikey at the time and it was like $30 or something
its like, everyone makes arms except arm
its like something in between arm7 and arm9 i think

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refresh your flash
haha most of it will prob be in like sub 2v logic
so they have a reference block and they guess fade from that or what
i bet theyre hoping it does
yeah but what about long downtimes

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because youre paying for dev costs and possibly core licensing and die space and flash is how they do their price spread so markup is prob way more on higher capacity shit
controller in the flash chip/card prob does it
you maybe just wait longer sometimres
zeeshan: it was chris rock?!
haha bitch slap guy is chris rock!

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why does it have to be fake?!
and who cares?

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yeah so most of the die is wasted but youre still paying for it
but its competitive because every semicorp makes their own sam7 loaded down with switchblades and kitchen sinks and etc etc
youre paying for the whole thing, if you had the dev time/$, you could make some stripped arm and stick it under an epoxy dot next to the flash
so yeah in youre case youre getting your moneys worth
oh i read that
well part of it
samsung/toshiba do lots of arm stuff

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yeah the hardware was awesome
the asm was kinda wtf
get stupid creative with 32b of opcode
i loved that immediate + shift thing
like, the value for the load immediate is stored in the opcode for load immediate, along with a shift value
yeah its prob stripped tho
just the core and exactly what it needs to drive the sd
the cores prob cost nothing if youre a die factory
cost is the license
tekrad: like how much of a sam7 are you acually using usually?
like youd need some sort of freak show circuit to use every peripheral
but how much of the actual peripheral hardware is being used
prob a few timers, maybe 1/4 of its comm capabilities, the jtag doesnt do anything most of the time

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can i looks messy does it blend?
blackmoon: make files are fucked
use tab instead of space, thing is broke
no space istead of tab
there was other stupid stuff too, making the arm7 makefile work first time had nothing to do with arm7 it was mostly fixing invisible or usually ignored syntax errors

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c isnt to complicated
u r

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its cool danielson, when i was a kid my rabbi rode a kawasaki ninja to temple
thats so complicated!
yeah im saying your aliases are too long
typin like thousands of extra characters, anyway just ignore me
c is fucking complicated

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i think the design logic is like, well were not going to be at rated temp
assuming some ridiculously low ambient considering application in a pc case
in who knows what weather
pls2join #cellphonesandshit
unless you wanty to talk about cell phone pcb
because those shits fucking amaze me yo
thats such a weak mask
fuckin irssi
prob doesnt matter with this guy tho
you talk like a fucking rabbi sometimes danielson

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yes but they might need to be low esr
so put low esr ones there, thats prob why they blew up
good caps only rated a few thousand hours at temp
maybe check the rectifier diodes arent blown up while you have the caps removed
hours at temp?
yeah it sucks when you do the math
computer grade my ass, maybe 20 years ago when computers were on an average of 2 hours a day

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you just know when youre being jacked
what you need is flashing lights and a loud fucking noise
and something that dials the police

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guys at 1:45 that song gets really neat
then at 2:10 it starts fuckin shit up hardcore
data plans suck
phone + data is like $100

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if you dont have wick, just flip the board upside down and hit it with the iron tip
and let the excess solder roll onto the tip
(gravity still applies in soldering)
yeah when i perfboard stuff off an eagle design i get wicked high density
yeah i dont like solder pad perfboard
unclad ftw
and then connect with extra lead or wires
the part leads and solder keep my parts in
heh i basically point to point with the perf to hold the parts
please form better sentences

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i think i broke ladwp website
neat i dont have to pay my bill til march 8
well fuck them, then
oh neat i already paid cable bill
how the fuck did that happen

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look straight down
is prob a hint
prob fisheye
danielson: looks like its done with 3 or 6 pics
its really good tho you cant see the splices except that dudes leg right up on the tripod
those chinese ones dont have the tripod

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stupid expensive braided ribbon logic probes ftw
tiem for teh coffeeeee

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should be fine, depending on the dso memory

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timecop spotted: http://i.imgur.com/qDxKo.gif
haha hes just bitch slappin everyone heheheh
two get away!
everything awesome does

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sculptor: why cant you just make the pads wider and hand solder?
just tin the center pad and use that to position it then do the A and K pads
(a to the k)
(aaaa to the mufkn kkkkk)
hahaha when i was a kid i bought used a cd by the cure that had a sticker like INCLUDING THE NEW HIT SINGLE A TO THE K
its like 1/3 the cost i bet
and im not positive but it might be a total bitch to extrude copper compared to aluminum
most copper sinks have fins welded to a base somehow, usually the copper is just a pressed in insert
like that
it looks like they press in the copper then finish grind them

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toaster oven and hotplate, both been done
do you have a temp probe?
if you can get even temp on a flat pan or something should work same as hotplate
i wouldnt trust any kitchen tools to mount bga
yeah you can see those
just hand solder?
pad on bottom?
make a custom pad that sticks out
i know

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