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so unfil them

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depends why it hurts
if its soreness/swelling, ice will help more
because itll reduce swelling and numb stuff a bit
if its just super stuff heat maybe helps
usually when stuff hurts its because of swelling
*super stiff
ice is the only thing really works when my hip thing gets super bad
ill drive to store and limp around on a shopping cart and get those first aid cooling packs
the chem ones where you pop the bag inside the big bag
amd just lie around and use those all up

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he less awesome

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A lot of Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans throw stuffed toys, rubber chickens, and cheap joke lace underwear printed with the logo of the krewe putting on the parade in addition to beads. I.ve caught several pairs that look just like this myself over the years. If you catch a pair, you pull it on over your pants and wear it for the rest of the day. It.s just silliness in the spirit of Carnival.
I.d bet money this picture was taken in the Tchoupitoulas Street Wal-Mart Mardi Gras evening and this lady forgot she still had them on, or else was still wearing them on purpose because it was Mardi Gras.
hahahaha awesome

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i think that maybe freewheels it
oh like if theyre opposite phase
i think its pretty common to dump current through a resistive load
those have a 2500 count encoder

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hes doing big robot those so he prob needs to torque just to get the thing rolling
oh those are AC
yeah think so checking wiring in datasheet
they all comes with encoders
its 4 pin labeled U V W and FG
so yeah looks like 3 phase
has a 2 pin brake connector too

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so its really slow but if youre doing low freq, and if its for motor control, probably, its perfect
you can get away with a simple RC if you have a high impedance load (prob the input of your motor amps which are likely high z opamp inputs or similar)
linear amps can be a bitch if the misbehave on you
you prob can but theyll be huge
look into CNC axis servos
alot of that stuff is DC brush motors + encoders
have you seen the gecko drives for servos?
they might be too small

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dx^: like say you want to do max ax signal of 1KHz
and you want 256 resolution on your wave
then like, you would have to do 1KHz * 2 * 256
if you believe nyquist
and 1KHz * 5 if you want it to look real without a ton of filtering
1KHz * 5 * 256
then you just low pass filter it so your chiping doesnt get through
a dual opamp and a pair of salen key filters on your pwm output works really well
get it?
like for every wave sample you would need 'n' timer counts for 'n' amplitude resolution

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no but im used to doing shit with in the background
my buddy got a house and while we kickin it talking and shit other buddy in the background spinning dubstep
it has the bass
tekrad: honestly everything is because when im not high its hard not to think about all the bullshit in the world i have no controll over
so yes
yes it is
hello im a medical case with like a bunch of phsyocal and psychological background
also i have proven it doesnt affect my ability to learn at the rate i smoke it
like, guys serious its LFO on a gate this was old in the late 70s
like, omg LPF guys serious i can build it for $5 irl
felix: listening
hey i think i know that one
haha like i listened to dnb for maybe 6 years before i really started finding out what most of the tracks are =\
dx^: yeah totally thats what wave gen mode is

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felix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJdgzE4mVIA&fmt=18#t=46s
then sound it out
amen drums ftw
srsly im trying but i cant get into dub step
like, even intelligent drum n bass is fucking annoying when its not techy
like, they took the amen breaks and they took the techy scifi edge (not always but mostly)
its to slow
its like chill out music
its what you do when youre in the house cookin dinner while doing construction and packing bongs whole bbqing
you know?
its not really hardcore gettin down music
*while bbqing

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felix: like when you are cutting metal plates with oxy-jet, plasma, or laser, kerf is the drops of liquid metal that harden on the bottom edge of the cut
i ate too much pizzas

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neat was not aware

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timecop: in win7 imgburn does progress bar in its little translucent taskbar iconbutton
pretty sweet
i got eagle, solidworks, mastercam working, so im good
i dunno i dont use wmp =\
i dunno man i had to fake a usb hasp and run some app to allow unsigned drivers but shit is working fine

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i guess i will just do circles with the .25" countersink

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that mfkr glen
wtf are you talking about timecop
fuck i need .375 countersink/centerdrill
they dont have it wtf

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haha @ the step in the encoder lines
hmm maybe thats on purpose?
to get quadrature

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yeah you know
at least kids arent allowed in shops
they check everyones id against a db
they make everyone sign in with the time
cams everywhere
its kinda like the towers in new jack city
but stoners
and the girls have shirts on

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theyre fuckiing themselves out of tax money to because total medical sales will drop
in favor of just getting it from your friend like before

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its really dumb on behalf of the city
people are complaining about traffic and moral issues
so they are basically creating all the problems that having shops solved
(reduced marijuana trafficing related criminal activity)
which since when
no concerning the shops
in neighborhoods
some people complain they dont want to have to explain a medical marijuana dispensary to their children
other claim the traffic around the local shop is really bad
others are just like WEED BAD YOU ARE SATAN REPENT
so when they reduce shops to 80, from ~400, theyre going to create some real fucked traffic issues
but further from residential

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no one knows how they will enforce
i do tho
everyone keeps records
all they have to do is ask
yeah collective/coop/potshop
theyre supposed to be non profit
like make enough money to keep the business up and pay the workers
also almost everyone will have to move
yeah most likely but theyre going to get fucked on rent
supposedly rent in spots with legal zoning is going up
they already know
anyway theyre being dumb
its going to create big problems at the shops that are left
80 isnt enough, the current state, shops sometimes get overcrowded
so its going to drive business onto the streets again
especially considering the number of legal (in terms of the lease agreement) grows
theres supply and demand and their solution is to kill the distribution
which is silly
because thats what all of us want
everyone pays too much now
you dont get deals for buying a bunch
blackmoon: prob within a year the street and retail shops will be in direct competition
its not really like that, there are so many medical users and so many shops

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im going to design a clamp like a bike seat post that goes into the closest small hole with a pin
its 3 pieces of u channel
1 x 1/2 x 1/8
8 screws to hold it together
the only shit i feel meh about is the little tapped block
to hold the endplates to the main u channel
i want to do a little grow box
i told you??
acrylic with polarized tint inside
so with the lights on its ridiculous bright inside
but from the outside you just see the plant all glowing
do leds and drill the top and bottom of the sides for convection ventilation
my constant blogging about the los angeles medical situation is kind of a tipoff
anyway those would be neat for any kind of lighting
i think maybe
i half read it, like ive already read about it
and i hear it on the news radio
yeah i heard
my friend found out more at hempcon too
a month ago it was 180
also if they catch *anyone* using two collective, they both get shut down

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`nico: i AM a mfkr
yeah, heh
`nico: did you see my u channel light bar things?
i am almost done coding all the drills
doing drills in mastercam is kinda lame
i could do this faster in notepad
dude that shit is like abandoned or something
is drilled u-channels and machined endplates
is 40W of leds at hopefully right under 100C
the endplates have holes for hangiung with wire and carbiners or hookes, also hole for bars to pass thru

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if its just obsoleted ti will prob help
because sometimes parts have multiple names so maybe they know what datasheet goes with that

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seach datasheet sites and distributors for 58603
since you know what type of device it is
then at worst you have to do some creative emails or phone calls to get the datasheet
no id think if they dont know you want 10K theyre assholes
but distributors might help you
does digikey/mouser stock them?
if its pulled from some mil shit and thats why maybe you cant get specs for it
yeah then i dunno
if you can find online distributors who carry them call or email them and ask for it
id try not to give so many details unless they ask, just be like we think we want to buy these but we need to see the datasheet to know its the right one
yeah if ti doesnt have them posted on their site and its some mil thing i would prob try them last

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hmm for boost regs i think switch current it like Iout/pwm_duty
so for 1.2A i need like 2.5A switch
fuckin math, ruins everything
so now i need pwm Ireg chip, coil, diode, external fet, temp shutdown junk

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17:47 <mare> you never were going to unban me
17:48 <mare> you should be a detective for the NYPD
wtf does that mean
oh wait is NYPD detective the ones shoving plungers up crackheads butts?
well thats mean im not going to unban him now
dont let small kids eat big dogs
well yeah those too
gonna need warning labels

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also when i bitch about stuff in emc
like lack of failsafes that cause my fat fingered self to fuckup hours of work in the slightest mistype
it shows up a few versions later
maybe because someone else bug reported, maybe because i whine on irc, i dunno but it happens i <3 it

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and i dont call anyone a fag
you can check logs
thats right
you have to crack it
or get a serial
or something
suppor the mardam bey
or whatever
irssi is exactly what it needs to be out of the box
hes an example of bx users
bx is unusable out of the box
dude hes prob on viagra
prob had pimples all over it from the roids
so anyway
i dunno why youre talking shit about emc
nothing else is as capable and its free and supported and developed
if i want i can go be an idiot in emc and it usually just takes a few minutes before they point out how im being a retard and point me in the right direction
for mach i prob have to join some yahoo group and deal with machinist tech support instead of irc geeks
which would suck

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your local computer?
you would just kill the ssh connection
all you run on local is an ssh client
thats the other thing all your irc texts through your isp will be encrypted
also instead of irssi you can try weechat
or whatever it is i havent tried it but it looks similar with some extra stuff
lots of people who were using irssi use that now
danielson: he means gui irc through a bnc proxy
bx is a joke
its a hard coded kiddy script
i cant stand xchat but its way better than mirc
rab: its a bitch to setup sane
also wtf cdplayer?
its just too much win ui bullshit just to irc
because chuck norris is a fag tekrad

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danielson: yeah
and i can like, putty into the shellbox and pick up my screen session from anywhere
if i can get on a pc with web and java, i can prob get into my shell
because theres java web ssh
just get a shell and run everything in screen
its even useful on a local box you do alot of fucking around on
like, you can be working in an xterm
kill x, drops to vga terminals
and pick up your session again
i dunno what bip is
yeah id rather have a real session somewhere instead of a local thing through a proxy
danielson: its like you were never gone
because you never closed the shell
you never quit irssi, you just detached your screen session
so you would ssh in, login to your shell, then from there do like screen -Dr (detach all other, reattach)

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i wouldnt drink it
why arent you using it danielson
danielson: im on windows my irc looks the same
omfg wai
i dunno use it for a few years you wont need an answer youll just know
that too
i ssh into a screen session
jezus fuck you havent been skooled in the j00nix
its like a floating terminal, its not attached to a login session
so you can push it into the background
and pick it up from another terminal
or have access to one terminal from multiple input sources
(heh @ screen -x)
also it lets you have multiple terminals windows
or split terminals or status bars

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damn like maybe you had a slight chance
i dont want to read the msg maybe ill read it tomorrow
so ots like a 5 axis spindle but i dont see a motor it just looks like a wheel for set pins
and wtf is that a grinding disc
man im gonna have to read and shit the pics are like abstract art
wtf is that tooth belt for...
oh neat belt driven table
<3 those toolmakers screwless vises

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mare: whats going on there
macegr: ^
what no i dont care
shit is annoying mare

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mouser and digikey both fail at pots
i should be able to shop by number of ganged channels

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fuck taxes
this how i feel about the irs right now
conversion or you built the machine body?

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i wonder if its some law because of the IP inside or theyre just being asses
bit more than 5%
i lost my vap whip

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then you will cover some pretty advanced shit to pick up terminology
you will maybe be trained to work some very specific set of test gear
and then you will be farmed out to associated businesses
jupiterja: maybe not but thats how it is here
yeah its 2mm its maybe just one big flat led
big fucking grid array ftw
your price is diff moon?
wow theyre ripping you canadians off i guess
oh ok making sure
its $14.7k here
hahaha $2k to get it over the border

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yeah i know almost nothing about
its *everything*?
well theres always tons of ways
depends what youre trying to optimize for
yeah i suck at anything DSP besides simple gain/delay shit
in other words, boring
jupiterja: basically if its a typical trade school
you will get a basics crash course

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unless they are one of those HOW MUCH VOLTAGE DO I GIVE THE LED peoples
wtf is a hobby
jupiterja: also everything we say depends on you going home and doing nothing but electronics for years
only acceptable breaks must involve girls
i was better than other people in my program because i went home and did the shit
when they teacher says to me first semester you guys gotta go home and learn this yourself
i believed him
you wont get everything for years probably
unless you are like, ultra exceptional
like the shit i dont get now pretty much involves physics/chemistry maths
and its not like i dont totally understand it i just dont care as much
RF is voodoo
literal inversion of electron based electronics

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gotta start somewhere
but shit like, schematic comprehension, it takes looking at circuits a long time before you can pick out all the functional blocks that go together to do something practical
doesnt matter you need basics
programming cores isnt really electronics
its higher level digital logic
its not even basic logic
yeah you just pick up technical docs and go
youre not afraid of shit you dont understand because you have what it takes to figure it out
like, nothing made sense to me at all for like two years
was like readinf science fiction or something
yeah see thats useful but its not electronics
macegr: eheheh
like, when it makes sense, everything is just resistors

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make sure they have a hands on lab
if theyre not teaching basics, and they dont have a pretty well equipped lab, its just a scam
something to sell non subsidized student loans
yeah i never use that shit much
tho kirchoffs current node and voltage loop stuff is like, basis of my reality
transcends electronics, this is just how reality works
karnoff maps are goofy
i wish i remembered how to do them better tho that shit was pretty ninja when you have it down
yeah thats usually pretty goofy
and if you really get kirchoffs and ohms law you can usually figure it out anyway
jupiterja: you just have to make sure they cover basic theory and have you build shit
yeah thats bout right

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you wont learn that much in one year but maybe its a good start
rab: they wont teach him a lot of things
if they dont drill you on basic fundamentals for like 3 or 4 months, the program is prob kinda useless
and if its just one day a week, youre prob not going to learn that much
you want something that is like 3 months to a year of absolute basics
else youre just learning random shit to take a test and forget
you shouldnt be able to forget this shit if you learn it
dont go to school for more than a year without getting some sort of degree
srs, its not everything but its a lot better than nothing
but yeah if youre serious about electronics, you need to learn fundamentals
before learning anything higher level

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is ultrasuede that aircraft grade stuff?
yeah its super wear resistant
dude if its mexicans you have to go leather

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to much $$$
if i havent played farcry is it still bad enough to watch?
dude that costs lots of $$$ in effects makeup or CG
wow bullets just bounce off their skin
i did not know that about albinos
but sometimes unintended bad is so bad its good
this is what im asking you
well yeah theyre pros

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you can buy the dc jack from all
you can just strip the wires and put whatever ends too
just strip our nearest IEC cable and youre good
i like how its short heh
something like that is prob highest efficiency and most protection with neatest look
then you just buy the right barrel jack or you strip the end
and do whatever you want

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mpja.com has tons of power supplies
if you just need a wart, allelectronics.com is good for those
12V 3A you can prob use an SMPS brick like for laptops, prob cost like $10-20
you wont do it as well if youre not sure yet
those supplies usually have working protection circuitry
which is youre prototyping something, can save you delay of getting another psu
yeah all is surplus
they prob paid next to nothing for most of their stock

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