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incubus: he left the drawer open he is going to get it dirty

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yeah i am not super impressed by the pic

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haha wat
no hope for that kid
i dunno but the pic says
tabbies are kinda nuts when they are big like that

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yeah fuck all that just dont design no radius inside corners

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ac-130u: they all do corners diff in comp mode
i think the haas lets you select
one radiuses, one overshoots and cuts across
thats kinda normal with machine centers
you can see the diff
tools always have some runout
its not an inside corner issue

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yeah but you prob shouldnt be doing rapid stuff while in radius comp mode anyway
i dont remember crashing tools on the machine with weird radius comp entry, i just remember putting bite marks in parts
not it just needed some two line procedure to enter the shifted path right
was really strange the haas didnt do it just the old bridgeport
like it needed to processes two movements before it would finish the shift, or something
the instructors couldnt ever remember either they just remembered it was weird
this was a really old controller tho
early/mid 80s
once you knew how it wasnt an issue at all

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blackmoon: comp assisted manufacturing
usually toolpath/rs274 generators
with mastercam its usually simulate to make sure it doesnt rapid through the part
it knows too, it shows rapid cut surfaces all bright red
usually happens when you fuckup a clearance depth

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yeah but thats true for any expensive machine that can break itself or people
test gear is the same, if you dont have a feel for when shit is going to go wrong, youre way more likely to mess things up
youre typing diff numbers into text boxes all day long youre going to fuck it up
almost gaunranteed
so like if you know a lot about what kind of numbers and paths the cam app should be generating, youre way more likely to catch mistakes at some point
like cad people who end up being cam people but who never did much actual cutting can be a very bad thing

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selection is kinda weird but it makes sense so you just have to practice
its not a bad ui its just not autocad or solidworks
but you need to select a machine type
do generic mill or lathe
then setup the stock
fuck around with the origin placement until it makes sense
but dont burn your head up on that because there it a move selected point to origin transform tool
itll post to a text editor
and you can edit so it works for whatever
i always have to trim off A axis stiff on the first and last lines
machining and prgramming arent really the same skill
you kinda gotta gotta fuck around on a manual machine to get an idea of how much force and headroom is involved
yeah but you can get away with letting the software decide all the speeds and feeds if you have a bigger machine and youre good about setting up the parameters for everything in the software
in all those cases, simulators save a fuckton of time and damage once you have the experience to get stuff into a sim quick

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if i use anything cadsoft (user contrib) i remake it before i finish the board
it saves the ratwires so it works
learning it better now
im going to do little wooden speaker beads for my friend
so he can make speaker rosaries and sell them at dnb/dubstep shows
read the manuals and mess with it
its pretty standard for cam UI tho
theyre always kinda clunky, you can do CAD with them but its a pain
like i import solidworks parts and then you orient it how you want
setup your stock boundaries so you get meaningful simulation visuals
yeah there is view plane and work plane
you do almost everything in 2d with z set in a text entry box on the status bar

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and theres a bunch of stuff on there, you can prob use a couple parts of it
just layout
i dont care about multiple sheets
well, i fucked up, but all this got figured out literally the hour i got laid off
yeah i didnt know
but you just make the board with light and edit it with layout
so you dont get live annotation
not that big a deal tho and only a prob with big stuff
i have one

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just hard to get myself to do anything i dont have to do
haha wtf is break down
the 5 axis experience would be neat
o, i saw message
ill look for those docs and mail them
yeah theyre in a few places i have to figure out which one matches
it was supposed to be panel mounted
and slide in on plastic rails
it was a proto, too narrow, was the biggest size i could do with a legal copy of eagle
before they got me the license

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k i submitted application/resume/coverletter for 5 axis job at PPG in burbank
waow i feel ultra inspired
macegr: ya =(
yeah i said fine
dont have to keep the job forever
ive stopped for weeks/months since i started again like iunno 7 or 8 years ago
its never that bad

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fuck its chips it would have been better if he threw it over the house
i put a note on the order to have shipping people call my home phone
well my cell phone
18:21 < macegr> did i ever tell you, that $6500 reel was sent next day air fedex
theyre not supposed to do that unless you specifically tell them its ok

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thanks tho ill look around
what did they fuckup
and you didnt get yours?
that was from digikey or what?

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macegr: im going to need an external switch so it opens up a lot of options
because i want to do boost from 12V to ~25V so math thing says i need like 4A switch
yeah looking
im writing a cover letter for a 5axis thing
because they prob have tons of reels and theyre not being greedy
thats their price for like $2k or something
well yeah thats their thing
i wonder what the diff is
im going to do temp shutdown with a comparator anyway
oh is the soic same price?
i cant use through hole
well unless i give up on awesome and go with practical

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like down the axis or what

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oh those
that sucks, theyre pretty accurate
that looks like the heating element in every big heater ive bought for a decade
you can usually switch it off

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electronic heat is like electron charges rubbin on other subatomic charges
i have $20 honeywell fans
its just less hot than a standard heater
if it has a decent reflector its maybe more efficient because its just heating what you need it too
as opposed to a whole room
but its not making more heat with less power
yeah exactly
its like those little ceramic element boxes with fans
theyre awesome because they cool a little 10' diameter bubble
er, heat
but cool too they always have decent fans

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why its supposed to be like 3KW or something?
im the only one into this big resistor idea?
dude normal heaters are big resistors
its just a backwards a/c
its never enough tho
and itll heat shit up it hits
then itll just heat up the air outside a meaningless amount
so yeah, uh leds seem to be working fine in my agricultural research project
like, the lack of performance is understandable considering im only using 60w
anything rubbing anything

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hey big resistor in inert gas is kinda neat
yeah but this is a big carbon rod
i dont think you understand the cool factor at work here
heater is a heater who cares

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oh its a bimetalic switch?
those things prob just wear out
prob just the little bimetallic contact heh
not enough up key
that was just supposed to be 'heh'

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tallest girl in blue looks maybe part brown
this is SD macegr its mostly bright white people
place is almost as bad as orange county
i do that all the time

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potato girls squishy tricep sticks out farther than her noshoulder
potato girl needs a bigger bra they look squished or something
meh have to log into the botthing lame
haha @ tab complete
both of you almost got kb'd
macegr: brunette girl with hips prob isnt white
not all the way
the girls most to the rear on the left side is brown, maybe philipino

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she got no calves rab
and no arms
dude wtf her arms are the same size as the skinny girl all the way on the left
shes fully exposed because shes too skinny
so they <3 her
i wont ever own an xbox
the hippy brunette on the right and tallgirl in the middle have big softball shoulders/arms
tallgirl even has an terry armband becauses her giant ogre ass is the pitcher
all the way on the right on top
blue all the way on the right
and tallgirl is in pink in the middle

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im not sure but the brunette on all the way on the right might have amazing hips/ass
this is college nico how much rest of the world reslity do you think applies outside of geography courses
also these are girls, you guys are thinking much to much like guys
the girls hidden by the sign might be the prettiest ones
the ugliest one prob has the biggest tits
the middle blonde doesnt look overweight so they prob all hate her for being tall
`nico: i dunno at least involving frat houses, thats probably the literally meaning
using up the rushes, you know
naw theres way cutter ones
the ones at the top corners of the signs and the dark haired one behind it
and hip girl
i bet theyre behind the signed because theyre universally hated as a matter of sorority policy

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frat groupies, for all your stereotypically messed up girl needs

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ttmustang: http://www.indecisionforever.com/2010/02/23/jon-stewart-on-cpac-2010/
hahaha @ glen beck attacking 'progressivism'

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