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my mom got that thing from the tv for him i havent use it
im like this is a sanding wheel im not putting this on my cat
you can just clip them with normal nail clippers
usually you just have to break the tip and most of the extra claw just kinda peels of anyway
cat seems to like it
like, i pretty much clip off the very tip and it kinda breaks up the claw and you kinda twist
and it just pulls off and theres like, shorter kinda stubbier claw underneath

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and dont use that device get something in to-218 or one of the other fatter packages
think im going to try and crash out
i seem to have stomped a piece of dried fruit into my carpet
i sprayed it with resolve
my cat is staring at me like WHEN ARW WE CRASHIN OUT YO
haha now hes all stuck on the couch
should clip his claws

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it says it can do like 100A but at 25C
the joke is theres no way its going to be at 25C when its doing 100A
wells Rds(on) is .013 ohms
so as long as you can switch is fast enough youre prob fine
need my calc
dx winxp powertoy calc doesnt work on win7 i am like, lost and helpless
found the SOA plot?
yeah you just need to keep transistion time low, in an absolute sense and relative to your PWM period
but pwm period gonna be slow so i dont think thats gonna be a problem

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replaced broken/obsoleted test gear with little black boxes, and little active speaker stuff
easily saved them few $k compared to the shit they wanted to buy but couldnt afford
dx^: you mean in general, at exjob?
was pro audio
yeah but prob for like 10uS with a giant heatsink
do you remember how to do the thermal resistance calcs?
did too
its a to220
wait you mean a 300W load
or 300W in the switch

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like i had several prototypes that would work on first power up, meanwhile other 'engineers' were like on 4th prototype spins with nothing to show after a year of development, and still having critical issues
this is what happens when you make a long term policy of firing the engineers who make more
and promoting techs to engineering positions while simultaneously handing off more and more of the production tasks to china contract factories

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but srs wtf am i supposed to do masturbate for a year and pretend im working on something that should take 2 weeks?
i mean it obviously works for some people, hahahaha
but yeah i wasnt there to make money i was there to make audio product
so it just kinda pissed me off daily
well thats the thing
we did work
and i did like, labor
besides thinking for these people
like, when the guy you call in for muscle because hes young and willing to work through the pain...
is also the guy you have go solo on the companies highest priority project
well your shits fucked up
dx^: at the end they were saying i was worrying them because i was finishing my project too fast
like, they throw something at me, say im on it because they need it done fast, give me about 25% of a normal schedule
and then bitch when i deal with it like morning coffee
dx^: im not sure if it was because i was making people look bad
or they knew engineering wasnt going to last much longer
and that all future projects were basically dead ends
and they didnt want me wasting time doing design when i could be fixing other problems

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flavor was mainly dried lemons besides std stew stuff, omfg that shit was awesome
have moar but im saving it
dx^: im kinda whatever about the job
at some point i decided to just go with my gut and sense of integrity and do what i thought was right
even if it pissed them off
which in a bunch of cases it did because they were obviously happier ignorant
and then they cut engineering back to the point where engineering for the people left wouldnt be a real option
so i dont want to be there
dx^: my job was to find problems and fix them
lets just say i had no shortage of work
haha nice
also i think me and other hacker were making certain people look bad
people who were basically personal friends of people in charge

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i havent seen you complaining but you havent been on much
yeah that was such a big deal
that shit was so not right
projecting bone pics ftw
i did almost nothing useful today
like, i added centerdills to like 6 setups in mastercam for the led arrays im lagging on
but it took me couple hours should have taken 30min, then i went and hung out
which i dunno i dont do enough
but its not like being social really makes me feel useful
other hackers russian ME wife made some iranski stew was fucking awesome

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they had to verify my identity so it took extra two weeks
and then i forgot to send in the initial paper that came with the $0.00 reward letter
so i did that today so i prob get first check in 2 weeks, theyve sent the letter verifying my benefit amounts
they just dont have all the shit they sent to me back yet so they havent sent any checks
yeah like 6mo ago, something like that
i got my state return for $1k, my fed return is like $5700 but its delayed, and they might jack close to $3k from it to cover debt from failed appeal on disability insurance money
wtf how am i paying for it money that ive earned
bills and rent paid through next month
i have about 3 months of unemployment that hasnt even started yet
i had almost $10k in the bank when i moved in here
spent prob 2/3 of it almost instantly on shit for my place
got 1 months pay severance deal
(they dont want me talking shit, because they know i got tons to say)
thats cool what are you delivering?
thats pretty neat if you can make it work with your school stuff
not gonna break your back
speaking off, you feeling better lately?

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they just unthought that
i guess the paper that comes from was in the 80s or 90s and was half retracted by the author a long time ago
and the reason its been in the news is some study or research says its not the case
no but it doesnt seem unlikely
no i have a license for layout pro and eagle lite
just the layout part of the app, $500
but i have to do schema entry and initial board creation with lite and open up without back annotation in layout pro to edit
was pretty awesome, i figured out what the holdup was with my eagle license and sorted it the literal hour i was laid off
oh where have you been
like a month ago they pretty much gutted the already gutted engineering department

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not really
under 10mi, nicer area just outside the valley
oh you probably know where calabasas is you lived here
that whole mountain range in between the simi valley, the valley and the 101 is pretty awesome
so youre prob all types of low level infected
and have elevated levels of heavy metals used in vaccine production
as long as youre aware, heh
no i have common knowledge of vaccine production
this shit is on the radio and in news articles pretty constantly tekrad

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i think its like $40
like $100 if they find out you have special blood
certain antibody or something
wake up in the emergency sat morning
my friends mom did that at alesis for years
works at a tortilla factory now
monday im going to walk into line6 and score the same job i had at CV
they have two openings, both of which basically describe what i was doing or what they were setting me up to do if they didnt fail

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that prob feels like light speed in a hummer
Starting salary is $9.50 PER HOUR TO START.
hahaha inittab you couldnt do it
if theres any smt rework involved, its not exactly unskilled labor
hello this is 2010
one should always assume smt
it wouldnt be stressful
and yes i can imagine it
you just imagine doing it once
and repeat that
we get paid more he for plasma

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depends on the bridge
maybe need an extra transistor on each side

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look how its signed

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theyre all 48V in
yeah it shouldnt be too hard
the hardest will be the inverting switcher and it doesnt need to be high power at all
just power some opamps and maybe sensor bias currents

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should look into offline switchers
see if you can find some atx style psu with the rails you need
oh wait duh batteries
but yeah same deal look for atx output stuff that works with 24V in

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no thats fine
if you want to be able to have bipolar analog capability maybe throw in a -12v
but its not a big deal
like if you have to sense negative DC output sensors you might need it
examples would be some wide range temp sensors that will swing negative depending how they are calibrated

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besides that and motor coil kickback which you can prob deal with, should be easy
but yeah your shit is so heavy i doubt you even notice when it flips direction even if your code is like 60Hz pulse slow
well, for followers
which are easier to drive
you can do switches in saturation
but you need to design bias circuitry or else youre basically shorting current through your bridge
making heat instead of work
yeah for gate driving you can use followers fine
because current use will be negligible through the BJT and Vsat instead of Vbe doesnt matter

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its literally taking a motor on a battery and flipping the wires
yeah i wondered if that would mess you up
else i wasnt sure if the steady state signal drawings would make sense
yeah doesnt matter the bridge in symbolic
in fact if you use all NPN like that i 100% gaurantee it wont work
the only issue i predict coming up is how not to get a tiny hop when you flip
but thats mostly just about which pin to flip first
because you have to change the polarity of the pwm and the polarity of the other bridge input simultaneously
most likely

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but yeah besides arrors on transistors everything else looks right
i suggest using phase correct pwm, and then for a speed of 1 on a 255 res counter:
forward, timer compare value = 1
reverse, timer compare value = 255 - 1
for a speed or 20, the values would be 20 and 235
you dont
you make reverse current through the motor
go forward by placing one side on gnd and the other on vcc
go reverse by reversing the gnd and vcc orientation

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stu would troll me about how i spent so much time making it look like i drew it by hand
k uploading
dx^: http://www.darkertechnologies.com/image/dx_motor_pwm.jpg
i did my PNP like NPN

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dx^: you maintail full control of the h bridge at all times
k i scan pic

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k i draw a pic gimme few minutes

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because its extra uneccessary parts
you can do this in software you just have to subtract pwm values from full scale values in rev pwm mode
k say you want to go forward
you ground one side of your h bridge
and pwm the other side with high pulses
then say you want to go reverse
you take the grounded side and put it high
and reverse the polarity of the pwm
so now, the pwm side is sinking current when its pulsed low
instead of sourcing current when its pulsed high
this way you keep the pwm on one pin and you dont need extra hardwarefor reverse

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use something half bridge
like you could just use the other side as a brake/dir switch
dx^: what type of motor?
you could use one side as a drive pin
pwm that
and the other side as a directional switch
when you change directions you have to change the polarity of the pwm
its for tda7265 i think

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road trip would be neat, i kinda miss my russian sacramento friends
theyve come back down a couple times and said hi
also all electronics aint shit compared to apex
just at all, you dont have to worry about the gear tumbling down on you from like 20ft tall warehouse shelves
also who knows what kind of badchems linger on the mil hardware sitting out back
macegr: other hacker says the hame swap meets we been to in the last year are fucking retarded compared to 10 years ago
its mostly china tools and useless obsoleted consumer electronics
tho theres a decent amount of tek/hp/agilent test gear
yeah its prob better up there
why kinda seems interesting
anyway bbl

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your table?
it was like 65 when i was watching
kk gotta go
macegr: hey when was that flea market you says i should come up for?
if its first two weeksn i prob cant go
anyway bbl

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and i think the seat is jacked up
so the rear pilot can actually see
if they lifted the canopy without rasing the chair it wouldnt do anything
mach 3 potty trainer
that will flame out and bust crazt high-g turns from unbalanced thrust
that thing is nuts at speed it takes like the length of california to do a right angle turn
. It was placed into storage until 1992 and served as a research platform until its final flight on Oct. 9, 1999.
i guess i saw that one

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sounds like bad math
it looks way smaller in person
so like its 2010
that plane is late 50s design
i dunno, were pretty fucking lame at aerospace since the 70s
if it could do they no way theyd let it be public
they had to make a new movie because wannabe optimus left an autobot behind?
i wonder if nasa retired theres again yet
During the 1990s two SR-71 Blackbird aircraft were used by NASA as testbeds for high-speed and high-altitude aeronautical research at Dryden. The aircraft included an SR-71A and SR-71B (the trainer version), loaned to NASA by the U.S. Air Force.
guess so
i saw it in like 98 i guess, at dreyden research, there was mechanics all poking around
the trainer has an elevated rear canopy lid

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they kept the F117 secret for like 12 years, this is just as stealth as drawfs the original stealth in capability
prob like $100B into the program since beginning of development i think its kinda silly to thing the mil cant find a use for a completely invisible multirole plane
i know, im just pissed about it
because they ordered hundreds
and then bought almost nothing
and bitch that upkeep is too expensive compared to purchase price
like, duh, they were supposed to rebuild the air force around these things
f35 makes the boeing guppie look silly
that nova doc from boeings perspective can go fuck itself, they lost because their shit wasnt as good

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its 80s design
whats your point
congress fucked lockheed, ancient news
it wasnt boeing
they lost
they lost the JSF too
my girl buddies dad worked on that
thats not the hard one tho
apperantly the VTOL version for the marines was a bitch
thats the new F16
that exists because of the f22
`nico: also i really doubt its been on 0 combat missions

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it doesnt have the lift body in the middle, chopped delta wings but still has horizontal tails
its prob a better fighter in terms of valley since were not afraid of bombers at all anymore
but F-14 was sexy
also you can fuck with pheonix missiles
also F15 would prob break doing carrier duty
*cant fuck with
damn i rabbed
f14 wasnt multirole either
wasnt compromised, it was just supposed to go ridiculous fast for a stupid long distance
fight its way to bombers, drop off some huge missile would prob tip over an f16
fight its way back, do it again
`nico: neat
dont flame the job because HR is retards
not really
f22 is mid late 80s, competition with f23
hehe one of my elementary school buddies worked on it

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reese bass, very digiridoo
(usually parallel filtered saw waves synths with one a few % detuned)
i wonder what they did with all the leftover F-14
sucks tho theyre gorgeous
easily the prettiest of the 70s sporty fighters
kinda silly at the end they had them laser bombing stuff
its a hella boring design

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vagina came over and did work on my nets last night, i dont think she left until like 4a
is not my vagina at the moment tho =(
kevtris: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHKNDRGNRQA#t=1m52

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well, away from window i guess
haha cool
what are you running on it?
and its like painted iron frame with glass top or what
pretty neat looking
yeah like what controls the colors
haha what
is that something old i missed?
what are you not finding?
macegr: ha neat
should i drill shit or go be social with other hacker
i should prob go i said id show up like 10min ago
no he has an AP system one

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macegr: no, link?
so i totally realized i forgot to send in this question sheet from the unemployment people

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yeah it pissed me off
shut my shit down with no confirmation

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something like that

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do you call them 2x4 in .jp?

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dx^: perfect

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a little slower but yeah
the transistion is bit too quick
looks really good tho
no the sliding transistion
maker it last longer a bit it snaps too fast
well the whole thing because then the image display will be to short
its too short anyway i when i get into the pic, it goes away
yeah i think that works

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