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rework masterpiece

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thats neat have you seen my keys?
happens theyre somewhere
neat found them
behind a glass

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daniels0n: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Po6geuIbZRU&fmt=18
no idea

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Many neighborhoods of Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley have 'seceded' from one another in the form of renaming and reforming known community boundaries. Groups are motivated by the desire to disassociate themselves from undesirable connotations that some communities have inherited and, in the process, increase property values. Lake Balboa broke away from Van Nuys. Valley Village separated from North Hollywood. Valley Glen included portions of both
that makes sense
we failed at valley secession around 2002, so after the valley just started seceding from itself

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The treaty ending the Mexican-American War in California was signed near the mouth of the Cahuenga Pass (at the southeast corner of San Fernando Valley) at an adobe owned by The Verdugo Family at Campo de Cahuenga in 1847.
ha weird

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or i dunno negotiate or services or start a war over them or whatever
then it just kinda stopped like they gave up or figured out we just get ripped off on leasing services

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hehe almost sneezed, kush=win
tangerine kush sounds alot more marketable than parsley kush
we werent rohs
thats not us
and fool we pay for all your shit
so we make the rules
fair is fair
heh so my friend mentions last night about wtf happened to valley cecession
like these people were all pissed off they were gonna break the valley away into its own county, keep all our taxes, and lease services from LA

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and thats it?
thats not so bad
wtf new weed vaps like parsley
nothing wrong with software training on your own time
i guess that kinda tangerine like

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its more than like $200?

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or you could do it fast prototype style
giant CNC gantry depositing nylon layer by layer
and i was thinking more like 10K ton, but whatever
very smart
print out whole industrial zones in a few weeks

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cmon rab you can design a bridge!
although for consumer product mechanical design, for example molds and chassis stampouts...
then yeah i kinda stand beside that statement 100%, given the EE has access to a shop that will help him make a manufacturable design
rab: dude a bridge machine from a solid block of nylon would be pimp
youd have to make like, tank mills

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hmm sec
yeah cant find it
danielson: http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/5201449/SolidWorks_2010
i think thats it
prob not for his program tho
i dont think they let the EEs play with solidworks
if EEs can work solidworks you dont really need MEs

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that thing
thing about how to set origins for the diff setups
i think for the tapped mating holes i do an engraves line in the center to work off of
and everything else edge reffed

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i need to do setup work so i can do fun machining stuff

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haha what so they cant land on the leaves or what
or so the sulfur sticks or something
that was the other reason btw
friends rockwools on the big guys i got from him were a bit moldy
i dont like rockwool

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potassium salts of fatty acids .75%
sulfur .40%
kinda sounds soapy
98.85% other ingredients
yeah in a spraybottle
ive used like 1/20 of it
not cheap but local hydroshops always markup like 10% compared to online stuff
yeah i wasnt going to thats why i did it right before
dont plan on doing anything to them
fuck hw

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dunno i have to go look at the bottle
yeah for organic certified stuff
oh but yeah everything else it got on an the big leaves are totally fine, like nothing happened
wasnt young
this was like the day before i switched to 12/12 because i saw that bug
it was just the tiny new growth it got on
yeah after
friend said same thing
anyway its just like one generation of leaves
the ones before that were grown up and the ones after were fine
the ones that were like under 1cm at the time grew out all silly and some died
so i waited for stuff after them to pop out and trimmed the retarded ones
i got it because hydro shop guy said it was the easiest on them
haha he pointed to the foxfarm one like DONT USE THAT
lights were always on them
but it didnt hurt the small leaves even just the tiny newstuff

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you can eat it
so it cant be that acidic
go buy some
its not really orangy
its just fucked up sour
naw it would have to be an atomized mist
even big drops would prob make the bud weird
also itd be a big mold attractor
yeah but youre not supposed to spray your buds with that junk
also that omri bug spray did not agree with the og kush
all the tiny leaves it got on grew up all retarded =(
it doesnt take long at all
but it doesnt just eat the fabrice
it turns it to like, almost pwder
kinda like used lantern mantles
so when the shirt gets pulled or something, all the holes show up

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but yeah i just thinking breeding happens so fast, coupled with all the overkill nutes, prob lots of mutations to work with if you have a garden huge enough to do real genetic based breeding
i dont think thats the case tho because it would make the budds funny
dunno the liquid sticking to the trichomes
i dont think it would look right
yeah but like on high end shit there almost is no explosed plant matter not covered in xtals
yeah which i was going to say im not sure that would matter so much after a couple months
maybe tho
yeah thats true
it doesnt smell like oranges
it really smells exactly like tangerines
use oj as ph down

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is like, minty/fruity and it should make me sneeze when i sniff it
danielson: fruity flavor stuff is pretty common
also bubba kush really tastes/smells like bubblegum
but yeah almost anything berry this or thatberry tastes like berries
i hear people say that but i dunno
most of the flavored kush is consistent tho
totally weird
i think most of it is prob mutation prior to selective breeding

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lame now they are saying kickit for 45 days from the date of the letter (02/18) while we review your shit
ill check later see i copied everything over from my tax forms right
but i like triple checked when i submitted so iunno
wtf is glados, moon
hmm they put my weed bottle in a brown bag instead of a white bag
i got the tangerine kush
hehe @ shops girl THIS ONE IS VERY CITRUSY
hehe ya
kush is kinda citrusy to begin with
this better be like smoking an orange
or vaping i guess
i dunno its just kush flavor

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rab: i got a letter from the an hero'd austin IRS office
=\ =\ =\

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hahaha @ caliper batteries
ive had mine for like 3 or 5 years now? still doesnt need batteries
no mine has a dial
its a lot like c tho!
gcc manual hurtd my brainz
k bbl
i need new phone

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cant you do like IFNDEF or whatever
hmm lame im all poor but i havent ebayd my ergo

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need more spacebar
the flight stick in an airliner prob costs more than a toyota camry

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i wonder where they are physically located and if the assembly is shielded
well what if you had something magnetic stuck on your shoe heh
this is old isnt it?
aerospace its prob pretty redundant
it probably isnt

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and honestly those numbers sound kinda perfect if you were to consider every rev and model variant a diff piece of code
because about 100x diff versions of the code over 8 years sounds about right
you figure like maybe a dozen models and a few revs a year
anyway they have one report they are getting behind when they say the ecu is confirmed not a problem
and its been shitcanned by a lot of organizations for having unscientific testing and a meaningless sample set
i would think if they really wanted to find a problem, theyd have at least like 3 diff reports done by now
its not like they have any shortage of money

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leaning is hard, `nico
i saw it, dont remember it
i dunno im totally will to push these stereotypes
kevtris: heh half of it is maybe hardware/variable definitions
if you include shit like that, my 100 line programs prob fluff out to a few thousand

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my mom and my best friend both drive 2001 corollas =)
cable linkage ftw
insurance companies sent up flags immediately after they switched to drive by wire
like 4x the number of accidents from stuck accel
also that shit woz wrote about screams of clobbered tasks in a lagging realtime system
also there have been problems in tacomas
and tacomas dont have the supposed faulty pedal assembly
basically someone in middle management prob decided to try and cover shit up
enough other followed the example
now theyre in too deep and theyre fucked
yeah he had like a billion posts i laughed
google woz pruis cruis control site:slashdot
yeah i never seen other shit i just saw his comment score and kinda giggled
woz is bored or something
this is the only man looks right on a segway

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multiply it by every car they have
and multiple firmware revsions
and it adds up to millions easy
also you know they are pulling the number out of their ass because they dont know what theyre talking about
kevtris: why would you assume them to know what theyre talking about?
lines of code is total bullshit
compiled prom size makes sense
they shouldnt be looking at source code anyway
someone should be curied in opcode right now
i dont like yellow curry =(
yeah but ive known that since the beginning
when they stated without doubt, absolutely, completely sure its not the ecu
well then you know its the ecu
also the fix for the pedals was silly
and seems like it might eventually cause more problems
if wear was really the issue
and also, alot of reports said the car shot off by itself, from dead stops
this happened at a dealership in one case
more than likely the accelerated was never floored
so how did it get stuck in a position it was never in?

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that thing looks like a fat x505
danielson: osama = emmanuel goldstein
they prob mean for every revsision for every car
counted as seperate pieces of code
and then it makes sense

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in fact i rather enjoy the antitrolling in that situation
i just dont watch tv shit anymore
even stuff i like
by the way im having wicked deja vu for a couple minutes
and its not a concious thing and its not like i dont like south park
i just dont watch tv shit anymore
i honestly dont think that has ever been an available option for me
i was only watching cable news and cspan for like 4 years
and i eventually gave up on that

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it is
we will get ours
no im talking about iraq
we did good at ww2
and we had about 60 years of awesome because of it
at which point we convinced ourselves we were the best thing since pussy
and that there could be no fall of the american empire
and promptly dropped the ball
theres still mufuckers in congress talking like
did you read that book?
you should
i dont watch tv
everything is, its still tv
why we are now having a lossy vs data compression for archiving purposes is beyond me
obviously its working
doubt it hes never been very good at trolling me

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this is indisputable danielson
you tell me how its not our fault we didnt stop it
if we didnt just do it to ourselves to start a war
like we did in vietnam
and like we did in ww2
the gov has admitted tonkin bay was a lie
no theyre not that stuff is from released gov docs danielson
so look danielson
how is it not our fault
even if all the obvious conclusions that lead to this being donme by the gov to have a war arent true
how do you explain us failing to react?
which would make it our fault
and would make it gross negligence
on the part of multiple agencies
and layers of fail safes
it doesnt matter if they planned it or not
its their fault either way
and the reaction to it is inexcusable
completely, indisputably
optional wars, 500K people dead
we will get ours, or the world is unjust
in some cases, yes danielson
take lebanon as an example
no were not
were talking about we decided to have an unneccessary war
based on cherry picked lies

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accidental genocide doesnt mean the people get to come back, theyre still dead because of their culture
and if you have a problem with a man taking revenge against those who took all his family
well you are either a buddhist or an ass with no soul
we killed people we need to leave our mil bases in the world because we no longer have the moral authority to justify them as anything other than occupation
wars suck
danielson: think about osama?
you mean the guy the CIA trained
dude congress was in on it
rumsfeld made his career on it
danielson: look either the US organized 9/11 or caused it via bad decision and negligence
theres 1000 smoking guns
you just have to have a sense of history that goes back more than 3 terms
9/11 is the fault of the us

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they were families
people died, real people, hundreds of thousands
they didnt do anything
so am i
well your defence was, cmon its not 1M its not that bad
looks we killed so many people on accident or because we didnt gtive a fuck
well never know
for an optional war
they never said that
they said they didnt want us occupying their land
so our solution was to occupy the rest of it without permission
we are
at the expense of others
oh wow you think champi0n?
i know if all i ever wanted for like 100 years was for the stupid violent greedy hipocritical white people to leave
and they left
i would probably feel better
theres good people everywhere
we shouldnt use that as justification to spread our corruption
the intent of these wars wasnt to help people
it was resources
and we killed at least half a million people over it
innocent people

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it is falling and becoming more unstable
and we are occupying the world
dude look americas ecnomy is fucked danielson shit is only going to get worse because we lived in an inflated economy at the advantage of abused people
and now these people have more stuff
so we dont get to have as much stuff
deal with it
bitch at your parents
to punk germans
to have first strike access to eastern europe
same answer
it is fine if iran gains nukes
if they fire them we can blow them up
and they will end their existance
and that will be the end of the problem in iran
it doesnt have to be ww3
thats a myth
in fact ww3 would be an ideal outcome
if you survived the world would be effectively blank slated for a new beginning
the absolute worst thing that could happen is limited nuclear war
you cant stop people from arming themselves in defence of an unjust power
we deleted 1M iraqis
for absolutely no reason
current america is the biggest prop[egator of genocide in the world
does it matter if its only 300k?
really danielson is that your defence?

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but they exist
so you think obama should pull out of everywhere?
so you think obama should be assassinated and nothing should change
you think a glorious symbolic gesture that comes to nothing, and a great martyr is in order
then youre wrong
danielson: why
danielson: if you think its positive to punk the world in order to pump up our economy, then yeah f off
it means in the end we will get ours
when people pretending to be our friends stop pretending were fucked
when you have like 2000+ warheads
and youre telling small countries they cant have one
well, youre a bully
straight punk
chinas explosive growth is because of us
embrace it because it aint gonna change
champi0n: neocon power grab
danielson: its not a possibility
danielson: its the truth
and it will eventuallt fuck us
empires fall

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im going to laugh if congress finally passes reconcilliation rules
in any case, obama is a politician
so you should just throw out anything he said during the campaign as campaigning
that aside, just based on his words and what hes tried to get done
and the fact that hes let the republicans make complete fools of themselves for the last year
is alot better than we were like 2 years ago
champi0n: yeah, wake up man why dont we just make a law that says everyone should be nice
theyre youre blind
dems will never be as good at being evil fear mongering bitches as repubs
they wish they could but theyre just not capable
because at its core the dem party is about using resources for helping people
and the repub core is about using resources to build weapons to slaughter people so corps can have more money
repubs are about deregulation in order for money to dominate
dude those wars will never end
those are repub/neocon wars
so have you revolution
im waiting
meanwhile one side is trying to help people
and the other is trying to make money for defence contractors
and backing a platform that is like fuck science
lets pray in school
and teach mythology as truth

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