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i dunno what it is but it sounds exactly like what he needs
No manual entry for multitail
inittab: WAT
MultiTail follows files in style, it is tail on steroids.
Merging of 2 or even more logfiles is possible.
no itll do it in realtime
yeah and monitor the file
was my first suggestion, if you can already gen log files
or just use this multitail voodoo
and point it at your two logs
you could dump that to file, same results

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you just want split terminal?
$ screen, ^A S, ^A TAB, ^A c
i think
yeah i just checked
well you could just run something to monitor the serial port in two diff terminals on one screen
they key combos i said splits screen into two windows, switches focus to the bottom window, and opens a shell
like you want all the data inline but from two sources
have a script that takes terminal output and cats it onto a file and monitor the file

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just go the manufacturers site
are cold cathode efficient?
else why the fuck would they use them
yeah damn is 254 even visible?
yeah but there like a fuzzy area
i guess violet officially ends at 400

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ledsupply.com if you want power leds
they have optics and drivers too
theyre in the US they ship quick

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linux is neat
in fact linux is prob the most capable OS when you consider embedded stuff
like, as far a general purpose adaptability
but its pretty much the same issue i have with small CNC machines
im trying to have to a tool to make things
im not trying to make the tool itself my project
osx doesnt
i decided.
pussy wins
my girl buddy came over
she asked if it was ok she didnt want me to feel like she was using me for internets
im like wtf
if having internets gets you to come over, thats why i has it
no not in forever but this one keeps me sane and makes me laugh
oh and shes smarter than me so i get to be wrong a lot its awesome
tekrad: yes its ridiculous like their hardware
mighty mouse is a perfect example of why apple should just go away and die
i like art

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tecan arent you like 26
in any case, i loved using linux
because i really didnt have much else to do except learn whatever i wanted
if i just did electronics shit, maybe i could get away with just eagle and virtualized ltspice or something
but i need my cad shit
and cad in linux is a total joke
qcad is better and its like using autocads retarded little sister
ya srs
if you work is fucking with net daemon all day
then maybe lunix is awesome
some people get paid to run servers
you know that, right?

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theres no way i paid more than $160
no california dollars
wtf yes usd
it was the same price in store as online
well you got fucked sir
shit no way id pay $300 for a <22" monitor
anyway i like it except for the reflective edges on the bezel
i really <3 the look
the 70s look flowers in black with SAMSUNG on the back is awesome
the grey SAMSUNG logo looks all mil or something
like, i saw it i thought of their little tracking automated machine guns
the base is kinda crappy tho
okay back to drivers

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it looks like my $150 costco samsung
tecan: what res?
its the 1080 one?
yeah just the inside bezel edges reflecting is annoting
i havent noticed really since the first day
mine says 50000:1
and i dont care because ya what moon said
you have syncmaster 2233?
razzi: i like the high DPI alot
like i cant see individual pixels and a couple ft, its neat
dx^: =(
wait so what is the diff between your monitor and mine
razzi: which samsung do you have
no what model
and i dont think costco had a 22" they had a 21.5" and a 24"
for months now
yeah we have the same one
mine says 50000 in the corner
how comes yours just says 8000
i bought mine like 3 months ago

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who couldnt?
seriously wtf did that mean
yeah when did it come up tho
and i could prob eat for a month on $100 if i cared
i could spend it in one meal too with a friend
i dont get what it has to do with anything tho
oh daily pay we are back to that
like i said most people dont make 250K a year
yeah i was already onto the next topic
and tecan you are on fucking nuts if you think average electrician makes 250k A YEAR
gross doesnt count
taking $1000 back to your office doesnt mean you just made $1000
tecan: the samsung or what?
those kinda suck they reflect light off the inner edge of the bezel
its prob 21.5" =)

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it doesnt mean it doesnt happen
but its an exception
most electricians work hella hard and get paid fair
make your own symbols
dont ever use unverified symbols and footprints
tecan: making a grand a day in a business is not making a grand a day personal
not even close
pcb libs and sim libs should have no relation
fuck multisim
im using 57%
usually hovers between like 30 and 60

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yeah that would help
i gotta do laundry tonight
im going to walk into nextjob like HIRE ME like i did at exjob
except before i didnt have any pro audio experience
electronics/cnc stuff, i guess i can do a decent amount of acoustic stuff to now
tekrad: the only persons left at exjob are personal friends of a guy that left nextjob
apparently, they thanked exjob for taking him
and rumor is *everyone* talked shit because he wasnt a technical person
cerwin-vega/krk systems/stanton magnetics
they stripped down their engineering department, it was already skeleton crew status
aint shit going to get better either until they get rid of the vp of engineering
nice guy but technically hes an idiot
san fernando valley
no its northern los angeles
im not an electrician
i dont want to be an electrician
and no
not really
maybe on a contract that comes once in awhile
and they do make really good money
but no 250K a year isnt normal
tecan: its not normal

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whatever what i just said is straight retarded
billion dollar company cant make driver downloads work with the most popular browser among technical people
why the fuck should i have to delete cookies to be able to download a file
who is deall

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whatever i give people reinstalled pc i go over years later shit is pretty much fine
i dont waste much time trying to fix shit
drum n bass miserlou on the radio
oh cookie delation works
it gives you the option to Download Now! or to Download Now!
you have to pick the second Download Now!

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tecan: seriously die
why the fuck would i use a dell restore cd on my friends pc
do i look like some kind of malicious asshole?
wtf are you talking about
they fucked up their driver download manager
not autoupdates
you cant even download drivers if you choose the manager option
but maybe i delete all the cookies and it works...

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seriously, FUCK deall
so im trying to download a bunch of drivers
so i install this retarded download manager
and i try and use it it says i have to select files to download
but when i try that it doesnt open the download manager
it just asks me if i want to install the download manager again
and i cant find direct file links
jezus fuck im not even getting paid very much

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anyway it doesnt really sound much quieter just less distinct
the non beating noises seem louder but yeah its less noticable in general

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4dB less is more than half reduction in power
you would barely notice it tho
the difference, unless they radically changed the sound
3db might as well be 4db
its a big difference in absolute terms but whipser mode is pretty silly
i didnt listen
but to me it seems like if they removed the beating, average power prob went up
hmm that is kinda neat

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i think he means non detented scroll wheels
This week Eurocopter unveiled its most recent effort to reduce helicopter noise with the radical-looking Blue Edge rotor blade. The new blade has been tested on one of the company.s EC155 helicopters and was shown to reduce noise 3 to 4 decibels, according to the company.
Read More http://www.wired.com/autopia/2010/02/eurocopter-moves-one-step-closer-to-whisper-mode/#ixzz0gythkdwS
er sry
i tried to see if this mouse has side scroll
is the other wireless
also that article says the helicopter noise was reduced by 3db
i dunno i am not super impressed

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i think i had that fan like 6 years ago

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as far as scaling 4:3 to full screen
its usually a button on the remote, dont even need menus

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well, kinda low, but i dont think it would be much more than that into a 75R load
thats like 1V
he was running analog or what
pretty normal
i like how everyone watches 4:3 on 16:9 sets
all the girls rawking huge hips and asses
timecop: every tv ive used has every option you can think of

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prob around 1mW
find out the input impedance of the tv input and normal signal levels
oh hmm
what coax do you mean
like RCA coax
or RG-whatever coax for cable tv
oh i think thats 75 ohm terminated
i dont think the signal is very big tho
no way
and which, dbu or dbv
okay yeah, ~1mV sounds right

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man no cigs no weed little money
i think i fucked up it prob would have been more awesome to be homeless with $1000

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well i dunno why you are trying to use it for workstation shit
ubuntu is for cnc machines
any coffee maker will make tea

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i just squashed a window to like 100px wide
it always shows last dir
so at the very least its as good as the up button
ok i clicked it
when do i get goatse'd
no rly
whats not supposed to happen when i click it
it goes up a dir
well you broke yours then
no tc your backspace issue is dumb
the lack of up isnt
why are you j/k'ing its unit41
ubuntu push the cnc while i browse web and read pdf
its stable as fuck

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that lines means you give up and i win
you dont handle people agreeing with you very well do you
or maybe you are just sad explorer is devolving into gnomishness
because it has every folder up to that one to clicker
you turned that off?

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timecop your on crack and you know it
cell phones interfere with everything
of your crackishness?
not rly, no
you prob dont have to call it to fry it in a microwave
microwave prob does fine by itself
does it make a plasma ball?
because i do that with grapes
but see, i cant make phone calls with grapes
i dont think you have to cll it for that to happen
especially if you leave the battery inside it so it can recieve calls
mfkr why are you distracting me
i was just supposed to check on a backup before i wipe someones drive
fuck what up
bitch your just wasting my time
so, just another day i guess
yeah thats weird
gnome has that issue
yeah but i can run a cnc machine on it

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nice instant
instantly initiated

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no because something about it is cheap
i wish my card did that
it just steals not enough money from the wrong savings acct
overdrafts both
charges me for overdraft protection
two overdrafts
and a continuing overdraft fee
thats not a joke that happened once
like fuck
couldnt you have just declined my attempt to use it
ya rly
i bet that required 3 dimensional flowcharts and color coding to figure out
yeah i dont know why they did that
thats happened to me
i think they changed the UI and it got reset or iunno
it is
but it takes 4 days to put the money back

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they usually charge a fee
its never been more than $1 for me tho
sucks tho
they charge up to an extra dollar
to use debit or cc for small purchases
yeah thats normal
because the cc companies make money on both sides
yeah i try to use cash more now
just go to my bank and pick up the cash
your bill got demagnetized!
your bill got sucked up by the machine
cosco only accepts american express
its like, wat
same here
people with american express deny it but theyre full of shit
exjob company cards were american express
we couldnt buy shit
had to mail checks for everything
complete fucking fail

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almost all used car loans are pretty fucked up
i cant even get a secured credit card
like, my bank wouldnt give me $2000 credit with $2000 in cash to back it up
i had my credit on lockdown for like 8 years
ya i read alot of the terms on cc shit id get in the mail
shit was like, 6mo of reasonable followed by whatever the fuck they wanted to do
and some ridiculous penaltys
i dont get that

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macegr: haha
he hit his father when he was 15 and knocked that fucker out
you consider charles a 10?
hes not that scary
simmons, on the other hand...

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so maybe grapes are slightly explosive, heh
i wish i had grapes
those rich people and their grapes

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wtf wat
grape plasma?
if you ground plane it do a pad w/ thermals
i usually see them held down with tiny bus wire
theyre usually grounded
i doubt its detrimental unless your ground is really, really dirty
like, waaay isolated from system ground
dioxide: omg why do grapes do that
so i guess any fire in the EM field in a microwave goes into a plasma state
because the other way to do it is with a match and a bowl

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because of energy dispersal
its not very high power
and it gives them testicle cancer

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like what
thats weird
ha dork
scared me and shit

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what size poly traces are you using
thats why
i dont think thats a big a deal
it cant optomize the pour stuff very much if you actually needed the 6mil res for alot of stuff
dunno could mean drawing traces
apertures are like brush shapes
also when it says processing pours or polygons or whatever
i think it might be optomizing, it might actually be analyzing the 6mil traces
because that shit can take forever

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yeah i havent played with alot of the assembly features
haha cool
they would prob just have a guy look at it and then have him train every one else
i should clean up
there is project debris everywhere

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i finished drilling out the extrusions for my led arrays last night
haha i eyeballed fixture setup and reffed off the part for mating features
so it all fits but non mating stuff is all crooked because i had to machine half the u channel then flip and do the other 12"
so like, my led strings are off by maybe .075 where they get close in the middle of the main extrusion
we didnt have a license for that at exjob =(
looks like thats what i have

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its not super consistent
how i do my relations matters a ton too
most of my shit is 2.5D tho so its prob not a huge load graphically anyway
if you delete faces it just turns it into a ton of surfaces or what?
need to cut a bunch of wires and solder the led strings together

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i have 4gb, quad 2.4GHz, 9800gtx
solidworks isnt fast
then youre not doing stuff big enough
yeah i have maybe 20 parts in this assembly its pretty quick
its kinda like windows tho
if you leave it on too long or have a bunch of files open at once it gets really slow, sometimes crashy
the two ME at exjob were always complaining about it crashing

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itll always be that way
systems will get more resources they will just add more features
thats fine but thats the way it is so i have better things to do that to care
the shit gets done
its not a game
its a gerber generator, it does that fine
they added lots of features in every cad app i used in the past like 8 years
and most those apps been around like 2x that long
at least
it always has been
acad also has one of the best 2d cad UIs
solidworks is slow as fuck
but solidworks is the shit
its just how cad is
i remember using cad in the 90s, same exact shit

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21 years isnt
why are you using warez eagle
get new warez eagle
they dont update license?
thats sucks
yeah eagle4 is quick
eagle5 is annoying at first because they made the gui bit more windows standard
but the extra stuff is neat once you get over that
my just zooms slow i dont see any redraw
i just dont care
thats the way CAD/CAM/EDA is

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teknique: board houses usually done care about the mirrored bottom
ive had shit fabbed both ways they dont even mention it
i dunno my fab houses must all have eyeballs and a brain
at exjob we sent some boards out, like 1/4 of them had extra drills from reversing the drill setup
i kinda wondered if that was maybe a gerber thing, or them just being dumb
all cad/cam/eda sucked in 1989
well it obviously wasnt the same app in 1989
thats like saying, how did people run autocad on dos
blackmoon: yeah they sent the boards to us anyway, they werent usable
5 years is modern PC

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its your real name field
damn his ip were totally diff

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dont hire avrfreak
15:42 <+TekniQue> fuck it's annoying to generate gerbers from Eagle
i open my cam file i hit process jobs i zip the files i send to fab house
eagle is decidely easier than most other apps which have you edit rs274x parameters for scaling and bullshit, so if its not setup exactly how you need it you prob go through all sorts of drama trying to figure out how

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i think it latches anyway
okay i pay rent now
yeah thats what i think
and actually
this thing cant have input
steady state input is already fixed
youd just be dropping voltage across the sources output impedance
if it doesnt then i dunno you have two opamps testing each other short circuit protection
*doesnt have output impedance
or the first insnt
the way it is now it doesnt even fail in an interesting way
this is like predictably broken, pretty boring
practically too
you can immpliment this fail with high confidence
in its failure

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for hysterysis and active filters
besides that, no not usually =(
well, yeah but oscillators are usually not good things
its a comparator there isnt feedback
besides the whole first opamp
but calling that feedback is a bit of a strech

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ground the input
and work out idle state condition
that shit is really ugly btw
its an inverting amp with a comparator on a divider off the first amp
when the comparator is tripped it ground the input
blowing up the source
sorry, capslock
its not a hard circuit tho
anyway that circuit isnt sane, you cant hook an output to an input like that
in that case i think it would just latch up, not oscillate, tho

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that is neat
i needs foods
ha classic vid

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theres different ways to write it
that result in speed or size optimizations
and dont even bring up -Ox stuff because im not trying to have a compiler decide what to optimize for what if i give a shit
c/c++ ftw
and thats all i care about on most embedded shit
considering 90% of my code is realtime
and im pushing the edge of 8bit/20MHz envelope
audio while spitting at nyquist
heavy processing while handling updates
i didnt even know
blackmoon: haha

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the *only* advantage it has is doing math
blackmoon: asm is less setup
you guys are used to c
thats it
c is more generalized
but setting up a c toolchain
and setting up the code
so why are you guys saying im wrong if its all perspective
ive never had that experience
especially on arm7
not really
it was pretty much the same
doing the c
i had the same issues
like, honestly coding most the algorithms is almopst exactly the same
in c i usually have to type way more
unless its math
if you have code built up its not diff than having prexisting c libs
and prexisting c libs can really, really suck
i do conditional preprocessor shit
and to me branching with opcodes is the same as using if/then/else/switch statements
easier because youre not locked into a certain framework
if you know your shit on that platform, you can look at the c and know what kind of asm it will produce

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i used to rag on people who ragged on asm
or spent days trying to figure out problems that had zero to do with hardware
the *only* advantage C has over asm with a conditional preprocessor is the math shit
everything else is easy to impliment in asm
not after you have it setup
its easier than c
once i have macros and calls setup
c is tedious for me
how is: macroname varioable,variable,variable tedious?
and ive done c on embedded on arm7 and avr
seriously the only diff is the math
thats not an issue at all for me
all my code uses register and address aliases
my main file is always easier to read than a c file
its not even a comparison
because its just a list of tasks macros
c is way more of a bitch to setup

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oh damn i havent been living here 6mo yet
w/ no completed programs
c++ is kinda silly for embedded
who cares about anything else?
because its almost literal

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so trip out i maybe get 1mo free rent
because ive maybe lived here 6mo and i got laid off
yeah you can die the anodized layer

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urmom sucks
is avrphreaq offering advice as an expert machine builder again
machine tools: a sensual approach, by tj keller
same thing
since when does statistics or stereotypes have to do only with majoritiesd
usian, nice
mississippi = fat

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