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The Eee PC Prime 1018P is the thinnest Eee PC ASUS has ever produced and features USB 3.0, a fingerprint reader and an aluminium case with a choice of four colours.
ASUS refuses to support a manufacturing defect, basically insisting that the only option is mailing it back to them, leaving the business traveler strandard without a machine.
wtf he wants a loaner pc?
who the fuck is this guy

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aw PPG sent a mail like they dont want me
thats a relief
5 axis cnc job, they can afford someone with more experience and they wanted to drug test
i dont really want to work in a huge place like that anyway
theres tons of little shops with CNC around here

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you need need big can headphones or really good direct injection type canal buds for it
theyre prob not bad just too small
logitech speakers = poontang factory
their subs for awhile at least

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like how can you not smile at that shit
then he wines about the girl hes still in love with
inittab: it makes more than i should eat
def enough for two people by itself, enough for like 4 if you do stir fry or fried rice or whatever with it
iunno i would make one load and eat stire fry over rice at work for days
but yeah bigger ones maybe not so much either
i got my 4 cup mr coffee for $20 too heh
so get big one
i need a crockpot
meaty pasta sauce simmered for days until its like mud
srs were is my rice cooker top =(

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its red irl
with a hole in the handle to put special spoon through
its neat its makes enough for two people or if you want to pig out or do leftovers or whatever
need to organize my shit a bit more
this shit is so emo/numetal
but it does this...
damn youtube is sucking
iunno $20
er i mean that
but it comes in with the breaks and the synth organ

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rice cooker lid is gone
maybe i can drill a hole in one of my little plates
i found the special spoon
special spoon supposed to go thru the lid handle
i have a little guy
hey is only 3" long but its the width of a tuna can
chicks dig width

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.wz 91304

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well they didnt, and the solution was way worse

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my friends ME wife said when she was unemployed, they let her keep her unemployment fo like 18 months
and go to school
fuck that gov owes me
get them to stop spending money on abusing kids, that shit is so expensive
also i didnt take advantage of a ton of services i could have when i was younger
alot of my friends lived in apartments for free
got clothes allowances
got anything they needed to get a job, got rides
the state is my mom and dad, i just didnt wanting anything to do with them
id prob cost more living in a prison or a hospital tho, so you should be glad i blow it all on school and techy shit

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because like all the leaves store all the nutrients so they like kinda eat them up to support flowering
like, the seeds are bad because the buds stop growing so not so potent
so you have to smoke more and when you smoke one accidentally they taste really bad and can make your head hurt
but if theres no male plants theres no seeds
sensi bud, they get huge and sticky, the stuff that has the THC is for catching pollen
so like if they never get any they just get sticker
its kinda like smelly wet plant pussy
theres no guy plants so they get all horny
and eventually just kinda give up
not like its that original
and lordpils blog quotes everything
for posterity and the like
anyway i have to see about gettng a case worker at unemployment office

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i can go buy clones theyre like already big sometimes
clones will be like, from 3" with maybe 2 or 3 pairs of leaves
in a little rockwool or sponge dirt cube
well, people just kinda doing it for fun or people breeding
or people cant get clones and just starting out
its illegal for me to have clones
its 12 immature plants OR 6 adult plants
and no one knows what immature is
so everyone assumes mature means rooted
so a baby clone is mature
you can bud it almost immediately (prob wont turn out very good but itll work)
like, if you make a clone from a budding plant itll bud instantly
but you can get like 12" clones
like, hacked for multiple stalks (random trimming technique)
that prob came from a plant was almost budding
they can live for years but its easier to pull them up and dry them out
theyre usually few ft tall so you just cut them at the bottom and flip them
yeah but usually people will have mommy plants
that they make clones from
so all your genetic is the same aside from the odd mutation
ever put ivy leaf in water?
oh and hydro stuff you have to flush for a couple weeks
or people can sometimes taste certain nutrients
so once theyre ready for harvest theyre not doing so good

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and the obama said he doesnt care hes not trying to waste time busting stoners
hes not supportive but hes basically like, fuckit cali youre on your own figure it out
fed and state will still bust if youre over limit
not like a huge grow im going to get my apartment building stoned
its definitely within reason considering how much i smoke
well i never supported cartels
all my shit was probably grown indoor in the valley
even the stuff we thought came from BC was prob really from the valley
everybody lies, no one wants anybody to know it came from their friend
if it didnt come from LA it was from N cali
i dont know anyone fucks with seeds =)
we dont have that kind of money and balls to be breeding
you need hundreds of plants
and a male plant can fuckup your life
so everything is clones

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inittab: the cam makes everything else darker so you can actually see them
sec ill show you old pic...
oh damn i never put the pcb i etched with the samus art
you guys are like up opposite now
anyway in that pic, irl everything is lit up
heh at caption
Raw ghostbusters proton pack emitter device.
i has a piece of paper and laws and shit says its okay, DA and attorney general are agreed on the 6 per medical card rule
so yeah, old, already happening

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damn guys im taking my led arrays and psu to my friends house
if i get pulled over, theyre gonna think im a terrorist
RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN as they shoot me 56 times while backpedaling
no i am an upstanding law abiding citizen of california
except like at 3am on the freeway =\
(i dont count during the day because everyone is doing it, its like daily voter majority decision)
inittab: seen array pics?
thru 7
only 8!
if more than 50% of people are speeding in a zone no one gets tickets

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the pilot was into it!
well, one at least

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i want a little box truck so bad
thats not bad i guess
timecop: http://images02.olx.com/ui/1/14/33/2131133_1.jpg
i would have to make some cover for the box tho so the kids could graffiti that =\

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zzzz: look how big his tires are
in the rear
he still cant even use half the power before they just burn out
fuck that redneck shit
you wanna bounce your nose around all day you can just get some hydraulics or air suspension and switches and ride like a g all day
prob use way less gas
and dude sitting in a car, staring at the sky and the world moves by slow in your peripherals for extended periods is actually a pretty awesome experience
you dont realize how big the sky is just driving around all flat!
light car, strong frame for some non cracked out suspension, engine that enough but not so much that its heavy and you dont use it
and 5 gears minumum
so when you drive it, you can drive the fuck out of it if you want
like wtf why do you need 700hp to go places, even long flat straight places, ever
what truck
did you get a box truck?

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apple ip can lick my nuts

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inittab: halp me do gallery2 in drupal
pls i pay you one day!
its supported again but theyre working off a cvs release
how hard is it to make gallery2 look like a normal website?
she can work gallery2 im pretty sure she figured out drupal in a few minutesd
of gallery2
i tried it with latest stable it didnt work
yeah posts that say it works say they love it
they all say it was some degree of drama or another tho

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walmarts version of costco
negative change
funk that

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techsmurf: ty
direct exhaust injection rail
i dont build like 5% of what i think of and i really dont find any of my shit particularly creative =(
a lot of it is proto stuff, it doesnt last long before it gets cannabalized for parts
i have a box of perfboard and homebrew pcb shit that i learned to do electronics with
theyre not done
it wouldnt be for less than $300 each
agricultural lighting research
also rhettlights but i been lagging on those
also i need to do digikey order for digi-pcb and my pH meter stuff
ohshi i have to finish my friends website soonish

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zeeshan: the fuse/resistor plate was hand drilled
w/ sharpie references
zee as long as you just feed in one direction
ow i just stepped on a lamp base and hit myself in the face with a rice paper lamp shade

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yeah, desperation
sometimes cant blame people, some situations
two setups, 24" bars, 12" X
you can see where i was like fuckit and eyeballed the fixture for the non mating parts
leds are like .075" off square in the middle
zeeshan: tapping 4-40 is a bitch
if thats your suggestion
its too easy to break the tap
#6 is pretty okay, #8 i dont even trip
zzzz: yeah maybe
those places got high res vid, who knows
yeah it was like maybe $5 for a box of 100
those are locknuts
the washers are attached

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haha thats kinda cool
thats prob why
rhettss: k uploading
i have them pointing at my ceiling theyre lighting up my whole living room and dining/kitchen area
tuxedo cat?
or just black w/ white spots
hehe i like tuxedo cats and cow cats

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k scaling and brighting (because i take teh pictors with aperture speed way fast)

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bkinman: make drills and holes layer active
towards the bottom of the list
picking pics

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other one is a bit lower power, but its not warmed up so Vf prob drops a bit
k i take pics

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guys i found my wirenut
but you wont believe this i losts it again
no actually i bet you guys believe it
yay found it
k brb

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and most speakers are unfused
bkinman: like if you copy topsilk i think it copies bottom silk
well, one attached to lib parts, prob not freehand stuff
its prob open, infiniti ohms
voice coil
like where the leads meet the voice coil under the spider
you cant check without destroying the woofer tho
ya =(
touch your probes makes sure the dmm isnt being weird
vc is prob cooked tho
bkinman: itll work, just make the layers you want to copy active
hide everything else
other woofer is good?
can maybe try and get parameters from that one to find replacements

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half my leds is non op because i cant find my wirenuts
group, cut, paste
cut wont remove any parts
cut is basically 'load clipboard'
copy doesnt
no one knows why
hell no are you fuckin new or what
i dont think ive seen two laptops with the same battery pad patterns
itll only copy and paste active/linked layers
like i think if you copy a part it takes its silk, but maybe only if its unsmashed, but dimension layer and hole layer is independent
if you want to copy a whole design you have to make sure to make all layers active
i need the little grey ones tho
want naow =(
i just have to look harder there is one thats floating around not in the baggie

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(6 volts) / (5 ohms) = 1.2 amperes
google is aware
so neat the red + whites work perfect with 5R
>[ >[ >[

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missing wirenuts

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normally i would say practive more but that could takes years at that rate

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k ballast resistors and fuses mounted \o/

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some systems just loop you on 0

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yeah i think thats right
he lost his math bot
dont talk about friends thats just rubbing it in
enter into the 'price spread' philosophy
depends if youre saying bits or bytes

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dont think so
do 1/27MHz first, but thats about right
its 37nSthe period for 27MHz
which is 37000ps
see why the number is huge now
the closer they are the bigger the ppm
when theyre the same its 1Mppm
its just a way to express a ratio timecop
1ppm is like, .0001%

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and yeah all my cups are glass
yeah =\
totally, gets new water like 4 times a day
he wont drink if its beenout
he used to be an outdoor cat he doesnt fuck with stagnent water
i have to change his water or he doesnt drink it and bitches

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i have a water filter on my tap for coffee and cat water and cooking
then i have a britta supertanker in my fridge

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trippy i only drink filtered water now and i can smell the chlorine in tap

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see this is why i bought the mit dial calipers mics

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and little solder terminals sticking out
the 10W ones are like 1" long
pretty cheap too, and good to 250C
they make them up to like 250W i think, great for audio shit
do like a quad 8R on a big aluminum plate and do a switch to change load config
but seriously wtf
see the fuse holders have #4 clearance holes
fuse holder manufacturer = not assholes

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hahaha fucking dork
and yeah xp powertoy calc doesnt work on win7 =(
so im always looking for my ti graphing calc (i like calc history)
(and plots)
yeah it gave an error
i didnt try very hard tho
yeah i guess its a known issue
i dunno anything about this stuff maybe its easy for you to get it to work i tried it like day i put win7 so i just said fuckit and did something else
i think all i did was try in win xp compatibility mode
fucking dale
their little 10W heatsink resistors are drilled with #2 machine screw clearance holes
wtf #2, have to drill them all out for #4
yeah its like dB it doesnt mean anything
its not really a unit
yeah im like, fuck im drilling them with .125" and thats oversize for #4, and i dont fuckup the tabs
no the little aluminum extrusions with wire wounds potted inside

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yeah was deep, poor kid
timecop: you figure out the ratio of 350ps to the 27MHz period time
.000001 is 1ppm
get it?
cmon really, if the ratio is .001 it means its 1000ppm, if its .000022 its 22ppm
so do 350ps/(1/27e6)
and multiply by 1M
k now?

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now components?
they prob have every varient of every chip ever listed on the site

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wow wireless kb fail
i need to get a real one this is fucking retarded i keep this for an htpc or something
champi0n: ask on diy audio
yeah havent heard about that one

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just look really good for something else burnt
so you dont maybe just burn another chip
its probably available it might ot be cheap
this is prob one of the chips that diy people like to mess with
whats ps?
it would depend on the reference
if youre referencing one second, i guess its like .00035
but its maybe referencing some clock freq, i would gues thats more likely
miheatpipe impretty sure

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or like that
hey thats a nice pcb
placement at least
yeah thats like, stk style chipamp
just get the part number and look for a new chip, if nothing else looks burnt
then natsemi started doing smaller ones
and then st started making cheaper ones that still rawk
yeah chipamps are simple but all the devices are in one places
ideal in terms of temp comensation circuits bit you need serious thermal management
my technics stereo amp is the same type of chip
like, 1/3 of the system footprint is preamp pcb and chipamp, middle third is the heatsink, last is the psu

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theres these old chips theyre pretty wide, used in a ton of stuff
my friends says back in the day theyd love it when a burnt one would come in
easy money, just swap the chip and send it home
at exjob we had one that someone had bust open
transistor dies all huge, exposed, and wires reworked onto some of the internal traces
if its like almost 4x2" big its prob that chip, if its like 1" wide its maybe natsemi dual chip
like that?

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i dunno enough about this for that number to mean anything heh
yeah i kinda guessed that
i use to have to rip stuff apart that was like, foam and glue to chassis to be airtight
with smt stuff along the edge under the foam so youd usually fuck up the pcb getting it off the foam edges
how many pins is it?
if its 5 or more could be a chipamp
alot of RF stuff has extra pins tho, to keep parasitics down and for more current handling
oh wait not rf, speaker channel, sorry confusing with someone elses amp problem
if its 5 pins, it could be a mosfet, probably class-d
its a chipamp
are they thin?
or thick like a to-220

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even at 2" range?
what do yoou mean by 1 piece thing bolted to a heat pipe instead of transistors
its prob blown
on one side of the half bridge
you can try and find the stage that drives it
and if its like latched to the opposite dc rail, its the output
thats the feedback trying to compensate
if the input is driving them into the DC state something else is wrong
well if you have the money having a whole unit worth of spares isnt a bad thing
haha you couldnt find a trace before the relay?

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i bet it really wouldnt be hard
heard that on the radio, pilot was into it
wonder how often it happened in the past

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i just send them 4" of every wire in every color
along with however long wire they requested
they prob have super auto stripper cutters
blackmoon: thats how alot of companies sample shit
like, little boxes with all their junk
lots of old stuff at work like that, fun to pick through them
like we could even test ppm drift to any useful degree
sad, resistor companies cant even use the proper form of their
hahah @ colored smoke parts
so you can tell which part blew without even opening the chassis
doing 1% smells prob takes like decade of experience

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prob less
they probably give you a pack of like 6" sections or something
theyre more likely to give you a sampler with almost everything they stock
like in that category of product
heh thats kinda goofy
i would just call and ask for every insulator in every color
i bet most dont even trip
they prob have a guy thats his whole job
yeah cables i bet its not so easy
that stuff can be $$$
high temp wire feels so nice
wire company
thats true with any samples tho
always just kinda trusting them, hoping theyre not cherry picking too hard
if youre a big company theyll send you whole dev boards for free
i think 4" is enough
if im a wire company and someone asks for any sample

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the two MEs would just do it themselves in a couple minutes, very cool for small businesses
i wonder if real systems use some way to focus the laser or they use intersecting lasers
haha already?
because hes from bc
everything would include encoders
but most of the shit prob belonged to contractors
not bc
i need wire
i have a spool of awesome grey teflon like 18awg
but then some red pvc shit that just fails hard

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stereo lithography something
A is for apperatus i guess
theyre usually not so awesome structurally
resolution is usually around .01
theyre just cnc glue guns, the cheaper (~$20k) 3d printers
sla is strong when its thick but then youre prob paying $$$
we had horns with .125" bracing on the inside, really tough
but its way brittle
but we prob made the money back vs SLA in like 3 months, the amount of prototype spins we made
and the shit is hella easy, doesnt need an operator, its not rs274 based its like proprietary shit running on the lunix
i never even toughed the machine other than to turn the light on to watch it work

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i do metal stuff too often
the 3d printer we had at exjob was awesome for prototyping injection mold pieces
but i can cut plastic, shrug
if you need to do plastic part prototyping, payback on the machine is under a year
you can get an abs machine for like $20k
getting SLA done or machining test molds is $$$$, heard stuff from like $1K to $10k depending on size

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thats kinda the plan
certain types would get off on a high efficiency battery grow that you could charge at random intervals
fucking cant find my fuse holders, literally drove me nuts last night because i totally made everything messier looking for them
fucking mess from when i had to take down those shelves to fit me CNC, makes me feel all frustrated/guilty/pissed
*my CNC

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not with the regulation i want
i want to do 12V input with boost iregs
i want high reliability, these should last years how i want to sell them
except they cant be green because they wouldnt work
=\ =\

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almost done \o/
cant find my fuse holders
haha also if you look close you can see where i was totally like FUCKIT, eyeballing the non mating setups
because i had to do one side at a time and flip, and i dunno didnt wanbt to break out the edge finder to locate the fixture or something
about .075 off square at 12"
right now just resistors and a 24V psu
this proto, im maybe going to buy some 1A buck pucks
next one i want to do thin pcb mounted emitters with the drivers integrated
unless i decide to increase density it should be cake

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macegr, pestbot beta tester
how did they crash they just fell off or stopped output or what

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the kind on the floor you cant sit down on
no they just export those

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you can even do it in velocity mode
paint is a joke
its like notepad for serious text editing
im not trying to have that job
the one you translated
better tell the interwebs that
well just autokick people who join with redundant first two letters
man fuck i gotta kick two for my nick
sry reza =(
macegr: but how do we do that while looking at the keyboard so we dont miss tab
you expect too much from us

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rab: tried kicad?
and yeah fuck geda that shit is all uphill
how long ago?
i think i did 3 years ago
and i was like f this and went back to eagle quick
hmm maybe i kick it again
how much is a dicktrace license?
oh fuck that then
what do you mean deal with them
because of thermal dissipation confusedcop
also pcb real estate
took a few weeks but i really like eagle5
i did a pcb in autocad once
paint is retarded gimp is basically as capable as ps for most stuff

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we laugh about it too
i watched terminator 2 the other day
netflix version has extra scenes
heh, our governor riding riding motorcycles around the local flood canals and LA river
hey but our gov is at least proud of who he is
he doesnt deny smoking weed
stallone tried to defend him when the press asked about it
like, if he ever smoked with tommy chong
and arnold was like, haha whatever yeah i smoked with that guy

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kinda sucks, want to just get some tents
the ballast is and its industry standard, so is the bulb
shit is working just fine and i know applications where ones that are almost 3x output are stacked side by side and run 24/7 with no issues
theyre heavy as fuck
the whole entire chassis is heatsink
to have it produced in america would prob make it cost 3x more for way less profit
i want to do made in the usa shit, ive accepted that any business i do in this way will have to have almost zero overhead costs and i would have to accept making a lot less money that i could be making for much less work
but i have pride
because i am an idealist fool
and i will get mine

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jackslate: yeah but thats like at almost 4W
so thats like 60lm/w
HID is higher output for full spectrum lighting
is it white light?
plasma arc stuff, sodium, halide, xenon, etc
HID is generic
* Mercury vapor lamps
* Metal halide (MH) lamps
* Ceramic MH lamps
* Sodium vapor lamps
* Xenon short-arc lamps.
* Ultra-High Performance (UHP)
not for years i think
i have one in my closet

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but we still have to feed all of ou becaus oure incaable of growing more than a coule things at a time
jackslate: california ays way more to fed thn it gets back, this isnt in disute
california would be more competitive by itself
yeah we pay the bills so we make the rules
and off course not
that wouldnt work
since we make all the media
also we do all the real tech R&D
we make 90% of the porn too
within like 5mi of me \o/
the majority of that within 2mi of me
i got some cree lights from costco, $20 two pack
hid is more efficient
yeah but its fragile and shittier to drive

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our 'manufacturers' are just marketing departments for china factories
chinese brand
japan is fucked the same as us btw
jackslate: american R&D now consists of going to china
icking a rodut from a factory showroom
having it sent home, doing some evaluation
ossibly suggesting rework
and then shiping it
thats what average american 'R&D' is
we droped the ball because our heads were too big
we thought we were gods gift, really we didnt blow u all our infrastructure
in the middle of a worldwide industrial revolution
we had an edge and we lost it
i hoe you are ready for decades of suck
fuck america
you guys suck us dry because you cant suport yourself
and now were broke

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ive been running my PORTRANS china su at 80% caacity for coule months
shorted it once
didnt care
my p key is fucked
jackslate: again one example doesnt mean shit when *everything* comes from china
no one can be cometitive with american mass production
they dont exist
your point
youre an idiot =)
most companies buy china turney
and while some of the designs are definitely a hack, they do work, and they are ridiculous chea
and we still buy it
and they still profit
it prob works
dude your two examples dont ean anything
because everything non secific youve said has been dumb
japnese st5uff used to be as bad as hina
and now, lie us, their shit is so good, theyre so roud
they cant afford to make it *and* make profit
anway, theres almost no such thing as a 'japanese brand' as you suggest, relative to contract factories who just use our branding

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there is no reason for someone to put extra effort if you pay them not to, because you dont expect anything else
so what
like i said, everyone knows china makes shit
welcome to business
how are they cheaters, they won at capitalism by rules we set up
because we wanted cheaper shit at walmart at all costs
that was #1 priority, higher standard of living for everyone via more stuff
because he a dishonest person
i dont understand what that has to do with anything
you think there isnt dishonest business people in america
like i said, no one i saying china doesnt make shit
but youre foolish if you think that everything chinese is shit

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also china makes brand name laptops
also china fabs chips
jbl is chinese
i dunno about bose, but bose sucks
excellent marketing tho
jbl is an american company
so i qsc
so is cerwin vega and krk
theyre all made in china
jbl is chinese woofers in china built cabs
sorry to burst your bubble
how do you know
JBL shut down engineering in my city
all of audio is cutting engineering budgets
because over time, its easier to let the chinese contract manufacturer handle more and more of the design
letting you drop expensive engineers
and just keep quality assurance people and techs to design rework
like i said, its all chinese
and good shit still exists
all you have to do is end of the line QA and babysit them
if they dont make it to spec, you dont pay them
and best believe they will make it to your spec if they want to get paid
quality sucks if it says made in the USA too now
because if its made here, MAJOR corners have to be cut in order to stay competitive
we lost our edge
dude no one is saying there isnt shitty chinese products
so nothing you can paste is going to change anyones mind
but youre a fool if you think theyre just not capable

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two guys in a machine shop
one guys always cuts his parts within tolerance
other guy takes same time to cut the part dead on
you fire the guy who cuts the part dead on
china isnt dumb, theyre not gonna work harder for no reason just to impress people
we give them money anyway
oldyoure a fool
china makes everything and good products still exist
damn not enough enter key
anyway, do the math
theyre industry standard pro audio amps
if youre serious, you buy qsc

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