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is maple like matlab or what

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no this is diff they def lose money on this
it doesnt have history or plotting its totally fail
no i need like TI graphing calc level capabilities
xp powertoy calc was basically that
fuck this clicking buttons shit wtf? srs?

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damn digikey pot inventory is crappy
guys why cant they put # of pot channels in the search

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dioxide: safety probably

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time mfkn warner
dense residential
and its a hard cap, they can prob push way more
thats 2x what i pay for, heh
and theyve always been that
when i started it was like 80KB/s down and like 40KB/s up
and like it kinda doubled every year
now the shit is like, mp3 every other second
anyway it doesnt matter ill probably be homeless next month =D

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if youre just doing rom dumps into a vid encoder with no processing, not like 4MHz is that slow
at that resolution and depth at least

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blackmoon: ha @ go white and die
and yeah thats why that plot is bullshit
ive heard fron ton of places about green lights during dark cycle

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blackmoon: also these people were at hempcon passing out flyers with little chlorphyll absorption charts
and the low points in the chart around green were at 50%
every other plot ive ever seen, its like between 5-10%

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GrowGoddess offers a 60 day satisfaction guarantee, which gives the grower enough time to see real results in the crop.
they must have special weed
damn you might as well say YEAH THIS SHIT DOESNT ALWAYS WORK EITHER!
no one talks about driver efficiency or led output

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gasoline smell ftw

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no wasnt there more
there wss another more fucked part to the story
needs the chip
damn expoensive chip

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i was going to say i should hook up that genesis i have in a box
but i dont have a tv
i was going to send it to a friend but i forgot about it because it was all buried under other boxes
because rly how often are you thinking about sega genesis
didnt it have like a single RCA coax?
it says linear
fuck im all out of apple sauce
more stuff
more orders

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do they have a 1.5A boost ireg
because if they do i prob still wouldnt use it

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hehehe the first rule of samsclub
guys i dont have my rice cooker lid its fucked up

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i dont even want to think how much money id have if i didnt blow it on electronics
i use them to tune circuits
make sure i dont have overlapping poles causing weird peaks
but yeah if you dont put sane shit into them youl waste tons of time while it breaks
and sometimes it will take a long long long time thinking about it
then break
hell even if you do a real world circuit right you have to add shit to the sim like not irl to make it act like your real life shit
oh hahaha yeah no way
if anything it just helps you do that shit faster
thus increasing your level of debt
like, if youre doing audio or slow control shit, sims are neat
but anything past audio and parasitics start to mean something
er i mean #lawyers
blackmoon: its how people trick each other into giving each other money
and lawyers is invite only since forever

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why does gmail suck so hard at line breaks
i thought i was inserting linebreaks like a lame but i stretch it a bit and it all goes normal
but i mean it would put one word on a line with like 10 words of blank and next word was same size
okay tomorrow i storm their building

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yeah its not that you didnt read it
you just didnt do anything with the info
like it sits in ram
i paid for mine it was like $2200
ultramega empire edition or i dunno i made that up but thats close
like they couldnt have made this wm for xp?
because xp worked
it only sucked until sp1 compared to win2k

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okay fuckit i sent it
the defection has begun
well i mean like reading stuff i wrote
but yeah ill do it with familiar reference material
like ill go back to check but i just unconciously fly by the thing i wanted to check
oh, yeah thats something diff tho
like youre reading the words but youre thinking about something else, paragraphs or pages later you are like wat

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fuck i hate when youre writing something and you cant really read it because youre really just remember it while youre eyes make sideways movements
no you are
oh the last well
well fu then
damn too much look ahead and i clobbered one with a redunant well
hey i actually did that sentence right
things lookin up
you sound like such an asshole when you use caps like that

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it does hdd and bus noises at my brain when i wear my headphones
so drop $300 on an external soundcard with balanced io
buy me one too

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like its not going to be dropped down to dac ref levels until a divider right at the input if its done right
er adc
dac is way more fun to say tho dacdacdac
also im pretty sure you can get audio dacs will accept bigger refs
oh weird
no idea does it have a datasheet with lots of plots or wat
you are probably better at remembering tho
fuck man cant i just pay some indian to stalk me for a week and digg up my dox and write my cover letters for me
damn wrong for of dig
he probably doesnt mean conciously

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yeah but who says you wont be using all 24b 2min from now
could be using 6bit for days on some ambient channel then all of a sudden its full scale
well it depends how close you are
but yeah basically
so at lower res it matters less
use moar
and yeah full scale audio is like 30V in alot of situations
so like, you can get decent resolution if your layout is sane and you can keep digital noise out of it
prob way more than 12b

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and after about 2sec the sound undistorted, sounded way better than i was hoping it would
wai i have to do stuff i cant waste my life on the irc forever
which is what most audio dsp stuff is i guess, now
slow ass c coders wasting ALL the gigamegs!

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but yeah 'audio' can mean a lot of different things, you could do this at shit res on a cheap 8b microcontroller ot use 24b pro audio grade codec chips and high end analog stuff and a uC just to organize it, both meet your description
because yeah in a lot of cases, unless your signal is totally controlled, you cant really scale to full 5V range
because you have no idea what peak and average signal levels will be
and its pretty safe to assume there will be real significant differences depending on situation, and the system still has to work
(thats why 24b dacs and adc in audio isnt really a waste, most of the time youre using a very small portion of full range so to get decent resolution at low levels you need ridiculous word sizes)
you can use automatic gain control, but itll sound like you used automatic gain control, which isnt okay in some situations
tho my cam did it at a show i was cool with taking my earplugs out at
*wasnt cool with

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i will have to get one of those stomp down adapters for my stk600 to play
why is it wacky
freshmeat: clr tape_counter
i havent even read a datasheet that hard yet
i wouldnt use discreet for this
or building any core system ever really
well the you definitely want to do a microcontroller
and if you dont know what that means really dont expect much to happen for maybe 6mo
i mean the details, tho
like actually blocking out the system then designing the circuit then writing the code

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you might be able to do that with a microcontroller
but it would be a hack theyre not really setup for consistent speed and timing
or maybe im getting that backwards
i hoped he was doing the recorder some other way
like an awesome way
no like a real fucking adc i dont think avr can do 40KHz 10b

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i cant
thats like, if i could have faked being not smart id prob not have owed the gov $3300
but they stuck a bunch of puzzle shit in front of my i was done before i realize i prob fucked myself over
damn my cnc cover letter doesnt work for audio at all

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i prob got laid off because i was making one of these guys smuggled from that company look bad
because you baswically couldnt be capable without making these people look bad
like maybe if i did a bunch of failed prototype spins for one project over the course of a year id still have a job

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Manufacturing Engineer/Electromechanical Technician
i think its funny thats all one job title
lets just i know a lot about the environment at this company, met that type of person, i know exactly what it means

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also theres line6
basically the other local pro audio
actually fuck i needed to do laundry so i could walk in for that
but yeah line6 killed a ton of their engineer staff recently too
so maybe sucks the same

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`nico: nope, only reply was PPG like SORRY! which was actually kinda cool
i got my tax refund sorted tho
it wont show up until early next month probably but the problem was what i thought it was
theyre ganking half of it and killing the gov debt, so only debt on my credit is subsidized student loan
which is what i should have done with the money anyway
fucked up tho, i was paying it off they just stopped sending the payment requests to my new adress even after i told them
and i have a USPS change of addy setup and all my other mail gets forwarded
so its kinda wtf but whatever
then also i find out about unemployment next week
some shit happened at exjob were pretty sure
theyre posting ads thru temp agencies on monster for engineering managers
theres only one thing pro audio in chatsworth with 80-100k to drop on a manager w/ china CM experience
so its pretty obvious
anyway if they canned the vp of engineer, we know who theyre going to give his job too
we can prob get our jobs back

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you cant have all my money
okay not really
i would have $3 left
`nico: i kinda thought she sucked at it, maybe you just have to rawk at summertime to earn heroin OD

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$5 says that vocalist is dead, heroin OD
guys where is my whipe

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did you see a clockwork orange?
most of the classical stuff i liked turned out to be not that classical

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kevtris: seen clockwork orange?

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macegr: neat
wtf @ the music wtf is that xmas techno

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haha the outsiders

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hey chan isnt being a fucking retard for cheap laughs
heh @ fly swatter
pat morita might be dead
Noriyuki "Pat" Morita (June 28, 1932 . November 24, 2005) was an American actor who was well-known for playing the role of Arnold on Happy Days and known as Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid movie series,
ralph maccio
kid from reseda
dude he cant be karate kid anymore hes prob in his 50s
he was in his 20s when i was 5
thats was like 26 years ago dude
no hes just like broderick he just looks like a kid

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oh neat i <3 this vid

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