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oh my dig is broken

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if someone touched me on a job im either walking out or dudes on the floor

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oooh, job where macegr plays ME
damn they prob needed the fuck out of you guys
timecop: so when are you leaving or will you just continue to hate your life
guy who does stuff
hanging out with salesman in their natural state

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they all get together and like scream for like, therapy and comradery
yeah that makes sense
probably scientologists too
hahaha chant
i dont even want to know why you know that
were going to end up talking about walfart for 30min
what equipment?

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mmmmm food coloring

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`nico: yeah wtf he said three bullet points
it just keeps going i stopped caring
omg techshops are shutting down?

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`nico: this guy is a spaz but hes funny
If the bar isn't 60 feet underground (they usually are), someone whips out that phone, looks up "alcohol allergy," and says "Oh, all that'll happen is you'll break out in some hives."
"It's just hives, man."

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i was expecting timecops old crybaby in japan img
this is all like, words words words
i dunno ancient i think he had it on his web server

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hmm irfanview randomly rotated a bunch of images
thats noit cool

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I saw the led light once when I disconnected the usb cable from computer the led glowed and got hot and I disconnect it from cable.
^ heh
that was last night at 11

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get vid?

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if you have to ask...
looks rewarding

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i did that then forgot to make something wth it
so i have chicken in my fridge im afraid of
looks tasty, tho...

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mmmm chili
sounds yummy
theres this sportsbar pizza place with real pizza ovens
i ave to see if its open until 2a
theres 3 places pretty close but they ave pizza conveyors, crappy crust

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but if i did its because i read in a doc to do it
oh also the hd44780 stuff on gear at exjob did it
its like its normal
you get a full range of contrast when it inverts too
oh hmm
i think it maybe goes
dark text
light text, blank
like, faded inverse full contrast inverse
like dead center is no contrast, blank
dunno maybe the dont all do it or its negative vref stuff

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fluke has a parent company?
but yeah fluke did, like 10 years ago i think
if its even still made in the usa, i think its based in WA now
if your shit says Pomona, California on it, its ooooold
theyll usually invert if they have contrast adjust
i always thought that was pretty neat
maybe it depends but ive bought them where they go from like, totally white, blank
to normal dark text then the bg starts fading then at some point it kinda transistions
then goes full mask
ive had two that do it i guess
i may have done it negative

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ha, not so bad
6 or 7 wires and a floating diode maybe
sounds like mass production stuff at exjob!

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ha sucks
new cam charges from usb so that almost never happens to me
old cam was like two AA
was supposed to work with NiMH but after using them for like 2min the cam thinks its batt is dying and starts freaking out
and the flash was xenon strobe and ate the batteries hard
hehe whatever i just want to see what it turned into
not i really want to reverse your rework, if i get job on monday i prob end up doing that all the time =\
you have an older cam?
or its just the lights or wobbly cam hand or wat

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like, neat pic in thumbnail, up close not so good, check file size, 300K

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no way you must mean 80 million
prob the fastest way to do it
yeah its probably way better than trying to nest a bunch of logic
logic=conditional statements
what are you using for temp sensor?
this is still your rework masterpiece?
ha do you have pics yet?
no big deal
they need to make the 3d art students take photoshop or just some like image basics class or something

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hahah @ two, awesome

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guys lets start an argument about 8b programming
i think if you need c to do it, you prob should have got the arm7
okay someone else go now
teknique: hahah @ heatgun for under $50
its $20 here =\
actually $15, if you but the $20 one the ceramic insulator always breakd

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and yeah im pretty sure its the output decoupling caps
the caps after the mains rectifier would need to be like 250V

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sounds good to me
its morning =\

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