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like shake him a bunch and gtfo before he realized i was there
theres always steam coming off them
theres steam coming off my jacuzzi right now
in fact every night
i always laugh itll be raining and theres still like, steam on the jacuzzi
yeah we only phosphor bombed the whole city
we all cared about that for like 3 weeks
then i dunno shit got orange or something
funny commercial before vid
so distasteful
well, trying to be funny

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you mean youre autistic?
you mean youre autistic?
you mean youre autistic?
you mean youre autistic?
blackmoon: but also slightly less functional
its not like avrfreak has some savant quality
yeah you know
thats what i mean, that avrfreak is slightly less functional, even tho hes slightly less functional
did he really finish?
fuck man i wanna just knock him out
do it for him in 5 minutes

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fuck i should shave now

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some fucker left his clothes in all the laundry machines
that sucks
timecop: too much effort
m in public what

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they said my hair is prob fine because they has musicians
pro mfkn audio ftw
im going to wear knit hats alot and try and sneak my dreads back in like 6mo
yeah thats not a bad idea
$50K but negotiable
they might have me interview with another guy so i kinda make decision based on that if it happens
theyre going to make me take a test!
last job soooo needed a test
shit i need to do laundry

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hes going to be the guy they go to when they dont want to pay for some insured structural failure
alternatively, he might be the guy they go to when they want to figure out if something it too risky to insure
dx^: i didnt mean right away but youll prob be working in related departments
but thats what insurance companies do with engineers
like, assessing risk and explaining/unexplaining shit
yeah, assessing risk
thats neat you get to fix shit tho
yeah i bet, half of fortune 1000
gl tho
aw tc is lonely tonight
neat 5-10K more than me!
how the fuck did that work out?!
they prob give me ~$45K, last job was bit over $40K
but im pretty sure they want to hire me as salary
i mentioned $20/hr min and shes like I DONT KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!
'its like $42K a year'
'well thats more, yay!'

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fuck a mill youre going to need a huge grinder too to do anything with that thing
me too
tomorrow at pro audioplace
wheres yours?
naw this place doing okay i think
last place was profail
last places was like, showing up and relizing the place i wanted to work hasnt really existed in like 10 years
like i knew it was gonna be fucked up but damn
are you trying to troll me because youre prob just looking retarded to the majority of people here
i never smoked at work
whats that?
its an ME position tho?
haha thats probably gonna be some fucked work
yeah totally, youll prob have to unexplain shit for them

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oh god
that title at that place sounds awful

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and i mean about the diode this time not the schmitt trigger
well, silicon/schottky diode
damn now im like assuming shit
man fuck laundry
i have this shirt its like, tumble dry low
like what BY YOURSELF?

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triacs and SCR
triacs are bipolar devices
yeah but what macegr said was the right answer =(
i just assumed a control gate out of nowhere
The Vf would go down slightly during operation
naw you were right the first time
i think the first
seriously you were right the first time!
windopain: theyre usually used in high power switching applications
amd dimmer circuits
well, high power AC switching

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then there is the ford falcon, which although heavy and slidy, has more hp than anything else
by power/weight, too
so basically you could pick out what tracks it was going to win at
might as wsell not even show up
my mini 1310 is kinda like, top of the class, if you cancel those cars
but if they drop those cars im prob going to be the alfa romeo GTA
its underpowered, but its soooooo fun to drive
and its rear drive so if youre good you can keeps its power up through the turns while youre ass out and go faster overall
thats the car i did that lap at mosport in for the youtube

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haha blew up my fakerace engine
yeah they do historic GT every sunday
i think theyre doing other stuff mon and wed
they change that up, they done vintage F1, porsche cups i think, lots of cool stuff
but when im working i cant ever make it
lots of guys on the east coast so we start around 6p, qual around 6:30, then race at 7
we do two races
second race the starting grid is the inverse of the results from the first race
we run two classes, so its the results within your class that are inverted
when im practice i get podiums in the slow class pretty regular
but i dont practice at all this season
right now were doing the two faster classes
we might go back to the two slower classes, but drop a few of the cars from the slow class
the coppa mille is like, magnetic, but it turns out its tire grip profiles are just set to all max
so its not that fair, it feels fake as fuck when you drive it too also its rear engine so you basically have to comitt yourself to its goofiness to excell with it

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questions why
*question is
he didnt say how big his pulse was going to be
tho id laugh if you started flipping out cycle based clocks/timers
itll be diff depending on the situation
but yeah getting the signal on and off the mains is prob not so hard, maybe just a coupling cap, prob better to optoisolate
really noise and its affect on certain devices monitoring mains would be my concern
like if you have something that uses a ZC detect circuit, chances are pretty high youre going to flip this thing out
yeah possibly some sort of validation procedure, but youre losing overhead on al ready losing battle

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because of unstated drawbacks obviously

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even i know how to do that!

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i didnt really question why she would think i didnt have any money if i was still working full time...
could just clip one end and lift, measure
solder back
or just desolder that end and pull it up if you got nothing better to do
hmm or possibly the problem is you dont know the corect values in the first place nm
dmm with zener tester would be neat
pussy ass ohm meter current source

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tonsofpcs: because i have no money
tho in about a month im going to get my tax return, be free of gov deb, and collect prob like $2400 in back unemployment
its maybe just done by two diff people
ir same dude diff day diff library or mind, who knows
every one of the schematics at exjob labeled no fill and component jumpers differently
but yeah savings used up
friends have been offering me money to borrow that im trying not to take, so im ok
and i went to my moms and she gave me like $40 to get lunch and a shirt (i told her i has an interview for better job tomorrow but she still thinks i have old job, heh)

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buying gas sucks
i got a neat dress shirt tho

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grandpa is kicking it theyll prob have foods \o/
hmm yeah i guess in that case the internal impedance would make voltage rise with current
would seem like a lot of current tho =(

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zeeshan`s: o
the water
if the hole is big enough, air will bubble in and mix with the vapor
if it isnt the water will come out until the pressure of the vapor becomes to low and just kinda holds the water in
it depends on the pressure of the vapor
and the size of the hole
but if anything comes out is going to be the water
sounds smrt
should go to moms and do that computer thing for her

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i dont think its impossible i just cant think of how to do it off the top of my head without latency from filters and really filters is a bad idea anyway
oh you want to do this isolated through magnetics?
man you gotta make everything hard and shit
but filtering means latency
yeah but if you filters, youre going to get error if they dont tx the same packets at the same rate
or if they just have way different packets
well that makes shit easier i guess heh
wtf at ridid steel, say aluminum

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jezus fuck are you trying to characterize properties of douching rods?
youre fuckin bored arent you
and the shift wont be consistent unless you filter the fuck out of it
then youll have mad latency but i dunno if that matters
wire bread?
you need something that can tell when tx is low so you can compare to when rx is low
like, doing this with analog shit sounds tought because you have to deal with the variable signals on each channel and id think it would be more difficult to isolate low states for comparison

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because you could prob do it in 3 days
neither do politicians who makes these decisions
and no im pretty sure you have nuke and sub and bomber bases and resources
shit why else do you think alaska is part of america
no ive seen pics i dont like bigger native girls or beer sry
fool palin invented it
no i like big white girls mrtube
because when you bend them over they have the biggest asses and perfect hourglass shape
but honestly curvy white girl like 20lbs 'overweight' is usually pretty awesome
timecop: alsaka is like americas bumper
sometimes limited nuclear war happers and you dent the bumper and pop the paint off
rest of the car fine

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were not done bubble crashing yet
and our shit was happening way before the rest of the country start flipping houses
yes exactly
but better to own physical prop[erty thats not in a wasteland thats going to be annexed by russia in the next 20 years
did you know the missiles go over the poles?
and that our strategic bombers are in alaska?
they get blown up
so you have a ton of nuclear bombers
so alaska is def a multiple strike area
and its basically the intersection for all russia to us strikes
you think they fly these things over hawaii?
same diff comes from the same continent
and you really thing russia and china down team up to kill america before they fight each other?
cmon now be a bit more creative TC
alaska is a wasteland, it has resources so people want it
it has tons of strategic bombers
prob missile silos and sub bases
dude you know how ww3 gets started?
when someone decides fuckit and invades alaska

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yeah well the buffy ass places youre looking thats prob reasonable
$1100 is cheap here
timecop stop trolling its SF
expensive rent is old news get out of jalaska
dude 1.2K gets you you 2 bed two bath in an average area
and like easilly a single in a pimp area
and rent is fucked here most of the country pays half this much
alaska is wastelands
might as well move to like, oklahoma
or texas panhandle
me in tx gas station: guys how much do you pay for rent?
'i dunno, $300 for 2 bedrooms'
DC is fucked
and you wonder why poor people want to kill people
like people genuinely wonder
heh forclosures are down here
but defaults on mortgage payments are like double what they were last here
nothing is better the banks just wont put more homes on the market
because theyre trying to sell homes and dont needs the values fucked even mopre

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everything here is first and last + deposit or sign an agreement that some agency tries to fuck you for even more but maybe cant
here rent can go up a certain % every year so it does
then yeah i think theyre limited on how much they can charge the next one
theyre already ahead and these limits are above current market rates which are ridiculous anyway
so even tho i pay $1k a month
officially im paying like $1550 or something with a discount
so when my lease is up, they can bump it up if they want too
they never do
not at once, because the person would just be like hey fuck you and move
but yeah that means if they wanted too they can prob charge the next person close to $1700
for a 1bed apartment
on the edge of a shady part of town (i dont care but real estate values do)

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oh, read it, waiting furiously

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`nico: so you picked a job?
or mostly decided and doing research or what
eagle autoroutes by ratwires im sure
it maybe takes net classes into cinsideration
`nico: awesome
i have some phone interview with unemployment on the 15th
im like, rly the 15th, cmon
im have a job for a week by then
mrtube: they wanted ID verification
so they sent me paperwork saying i had 0 benefits because i made 0 money
so i didnt send in the sign in sheet that came with that because i thought it was like, agreeing to that
so when i got my real benefits notification, i was confused because they didnt send anything to sign
so i sent in the original, because i found out its not related to the other thing i got sent, so its two weeks later
so now they sent a letter like, we want to know why you didnt send it or didnt send it on time
and im like, i wanna know how the fuck you guys didnt know who i was
fuckin california citizen all my life, been involved with the state from so many different angencies i know i got folders like 3" in some warehouse
jezus fuck according to the state, the state is my mom and dad
they send my friend his shit almost immediately they send me letter like HI WHO ARE YOU
i saw the window turn indicator pink

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only the front falls back sometimes, like if im moving alot, but i can just put tiny bit of gell and tie it up again before i walk in
its pretty okay tho id thought id have to do samurai knot shit
but i can tie it back normal
so i just need a grey shirt thing
then in the morning i roll dice on awesome black/green paisley tie
that sounds weird unless its duplexed
which i guess is really common up their
and yeah if youre buying not renting i dont get it at all
youre looking for rentals?
if its a house im guessing its duplexed and theyre just to lazy to figure out who used how much water every month

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13 here =(
i have to go to my moms and make a menu item pop up in word 2007 shes freaking out because the menus arent like in her book
line6 interview
im really not worried at all
maybe 2 years ago id have issues with audio specific shit, but not now
and if its just electronics, yeah no big deal
if its office etiquette im prob fucked
`nico: i asked the girl who called if i should get a hair cut, it was kinda long
so thats neat, just keep it pulled back, try and wear a hat alot, maybe in 3 or 6 months i sneak my dreads back in

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sculptor: either make a pad in the lib editor or make a poly pour on the copper and mask layers
hit ratsnest
if theres nothing wrong with it itll fill it
i wonder how eagle calculates pours for display
i has to go buy a short today, sigh

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