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like fine, you wanna climb sandstone mountains in chatsworth and slide around on flat bolders and trip out on oak trees in moonlight
whatever its not smart but its not necessarily dangerous
wtf hiking through cactus on steep trails in the dark by yourself?
kid got his
hopefully made him less stupid, sure made a ton of other kids less stupid

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kinda passed out but not really
but then i guess he realized he had stopped cry
and would start screaming again
and while hes screaming you could hear his voice all changing like it was making him move around on the spikes
cactus = fucked, stay on trails, dont fall to the sides!
naw it sucked
i def think its funny looking back
but yeah the screams scared the shit out of me
and i always kinda thought it was fucked up my dad brought my into the room where they were picking thorns out the kid to wait for him
but yeah shit made the point
but yeah
fuck that stupid kid
you dont hike up a trail at night be yourself when the hillside is covered in cactus
you just dont

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oh sorry
so yeah, kid tries to hike up by himself after dark
obviously fails
falls through a ton of cactus like this:
so like i dunno they got this kid on a table in a room and some medic or dr is like picking hundreds of barbs out of him
haha my dad dragged me with him when he went to help out
so the medic guy gave up and the choppered him to avalon
oh yeah but he would cry, loud
until he was exhausted

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when i was maybe 8 we were camping in catalina
and theres is trails to this one peak, whole hillside is cactus

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fuck ya
looks local
its like a porcupine
but big and slower
dont go off the trails!

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its like #2 today
the 2nd vid is awesome
i <3 andy
he fell into a cactus patch
thats what happens
thats how little cactii get far from home!

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mmm hotdog+ketchup and chilicheese fries ftmfw
haha the reddit bear is on digg
russian dude chasing bear with club

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camaros weigh under 4k?
jeep is all air man
no thats normal
for a camaro, 100%
anything this era that size
no for anything modern and sports car
thats not like, ultra light and small engines
yeah everything gets heavier
thats weird
thats too little

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and yeah like a really nore more than 120hp in a car that small
cutest v6 ever
split fkr
man im stoned

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inittab: wait how many cars do you have
like two badcars and two goodcars
or what
jeep and camaro run?
civic is fucked?
oh i thought it was bad to drive
oh thats fucked
should prob get rid of it i remember its bent
yeah because the winshield frame is warped =\
my crx was a bit like that it would crack windshields for no reason, same way
i want a d16zc
i should get an integra with that and eventually i could buy the g1 crx and install the integra
dude all of that car like bolts into the crx
1700 lbs
that car with 60hp 90lbft was awesome
it bolts direct into a g1 crx
man thats drama
yeah because a vtec is going to be as reliable run hard as normal twin cam

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its time for some mfkn tommy dogs
maybe even with some chili cheese fries
techsmurf: a machine you could survive on for 4 years okay
fuck yeah man
i dont care enough ftw
cant you buy pre SLI'd shit
okay im going to get some badfood

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that shit hurts
pimp i want that house
thats a 4 year machine!
im hungry

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wait what youve seen it

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wtf i cast 5 magic at your eye
wait what jeep did you get
inittab: WAT JEEP SIR
oh cool
i thought you got some open wrangler thing
yeah i know thats pretty awesome
so whats broken
those make awful noises when the engine and transmissions mounts fuckup
i know
what do you mean mouse
like squeekmouse
put your cats in there

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pen and paper is like, 3 days weve gone 20 yards and battled one thing
i dont like mmo so much
i liked vendetta alpha and beta testing
but i was more into the 3d space battle things
than i was like, socializing
tho like, me and 4 swedes could fuck shit up
morrowind and fallout
fuck lab partners
actually yeah fuck i played a lot of non linear isometric rpg
whatever i enjoy 3 dimensional dogfighting with 6 direction strafe on top of normal pilot axis movements

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those shops were way better tho
comic shop is like record store
those d&d shops were just fucking weird
lots of cool shit tho
not here so much
there are (were?) game shops and comic shops
comic shops would sell cards
but i dont usually ever remember seeing like shelves of games books
and never open gaming tables
theres maybe 5 comic shops around here
omg la area prob 50 to 100
i think there is still like 3 or 4 just on this side of the valley
game shops might be mostly dead
haha d&d dorks (i just liked the books heh)
that shit took too much time
dude like video game rpg is a slow paced game

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is tragic convo over?
im also jealous of all the people with pogs
and who were heavy into things pokemon
yeah i just got in and out man
comic book dudes were usually pretty weird
most of them are a lot lamer than thaty

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wow really

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damn thats a lot of effort
could at least put some sticks in the towels so the kinda move around like real legs
like fucking a chick who fell out of an airplace
well dud if youre gonna take like 2 hours fabricating the girl
at least do a good job you can have some pride in

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working on cars with no space with no time is fucked

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roughly in that order
if you want kits, hong kong via ebay
same answer

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dx^: sweeeet

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just put them everywhere
prob so awesome youll get jacked for half
ha yeah
its bad to use for water
you get algae

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holy shit
how much of their shit is clear pvc?
tell them you want moar
full them with plastic beads or something
clear beads and shine light down them
haha with like 3mm optics on a power RGB
really like this stuff
i should redo my whip in that
but yeah you have to do cap sense tictactoe
like 8", make a bunch

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that works
haha ofuno
tictactoe or just find an othello algorithm
and just make more
so people can just sit down and play, you prob get some random people
laughing at wifi gear 50ft from tesla coil
that happens at festivals
my sprint shit never fails tho
multi fucking stage rocket

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people would be really pissed if you fucked up othello rules
there 4 person othello?
youre oing to invent new othello for make?
do you have to bank it to get shit on the other side
oh fuck this is fucked you cant call this othello
you should it 'just all fucked up'

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do some frame out of steel strips and rivets
still thing games is prob the thing that you can do a lot of and have polished on time
and youll get more attention vs just flashy stuff
so like, make a couple bigsimon and and foam/hammer meter
then i dunno like cap sensing tic tac toe
or othello is you think youre all badass
i wouldnt want to program that shit tho

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big rubber thing onto giant dense foam block would be pretty fun, wont mess anyone up
im pretty sure that enough
just tune it by depth of sensor in foam
and size of the hammer
or just put it deep enough it doesnt clip
and have a cheater knob on the back
for kids vs parents
well, not on the back kids aint that dumb
that would look sweet
especially with some sort of semi opaque sealent
between them
like, translucent rubber strips, like 1/4" thick at least, would prob look awesome but no idea how much that stuff costs
too much time to figure it out
macegr: if youre heating it right prob anything
yeah thats gonna shatter if you drop it on its edge funny
sharp edges, kids
1/16 will prob do 1' diamater
maybe not
when it gets thin enough it kinda snaps
no like glass or acylic

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but yeah 10' worth of acrylic to do two big ones is going to fuck you
and really its the same thing youve done, 3 times
no shit?
well im prob going to get that in a month
well is it pretty clear?
thats fine
so itll diffuse?
i need something to tune the clear speakers
but yeah i think games would be worth more effort
interactive stuff, because its not so hard for you to do and people really like it
big VU is prob going to end up being pretty decent amount of work to fab, and people already seen you do meters
haha do an accelerometer in a big foam block
give people a giant rubber hammer
and do one of those circus thing where you try and get the weight to hit the bell
you dont want to hurt anyone

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how do you multiplayer simon
like 4 people on normal simon?
colors in patterns or 32 colors
haha @ 32 colors that would be hard if it isnt in a grid
in a cirle it would be hell, big kid simon for sure
thats a good idea
but you can do that in two days you need more stuff
but the moles move
wtf get paid
no he produces this shit and gives it away free
that would be neat i guess
need a ton of leds tho
have you done peak and holds yet?
acylic comes up to like 6" at least but itll be $$$, sucks
but if youre smart you do the assembly so it doesnt destroy the tube
and you can reuse it
yeah but its not gonna break
and youll be able to use it for other stuff if you dont want to keep this

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maybe them drunk, follow certain colo lights, and then put a slow changing color light on their ass
i want to do something like that with like, little mic'd speakers with tank treads
like, find another speaker, determin who goes first, play bunch of music see who is loudest average or something, decide who wins, winner modem noises his audio clip data to the loser
then they drive off and try and find other speakers

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like something little/simple with dual motors to go, some sort of CCD, simple algorithm to control motors based on colors it sees
then i dunno you use the leds to indicate teams or mood or something
or one as status indicator pointing up and another to try and convert other bots to their team
but yeah i dunno if you have enough time
because youd have to make sure they do something kinda interesting, and make a bunch
like im pretty sure you could make a bunch on time but i dunno how long it takes to get them to do stuff worth watching
tho it might be one of those things as long as you make sure theyre moving and cant get away, like maybe a bump/180 instinct, maybe just work

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wtf binless = notcree
macegr: uh
iunno gimme couple minutes
you dont a lot of shit already!
(haha good work)
bandpass filters into ADC into individual leds, maybe 1/3 octave each
spectrum analyzer
would look funky, very tiedie
yeah i was thinking a little thing that was wide
but yeah its not progressive
do some little bots that try and comm with leds colors
then do shit based on the seed
catch that furby market

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wtf kind of a question is that
its been cold here, really wet
they havent been ablew to predict weather accurately for the last 2 months
ever since this big front hit and just strated lingering
with a continuity tester
theyre made to slide onto radioshit adapters
the adapter is keyed
you can do either polarity
test it
mark it with a sharpie
youll forget

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use a fuse or youll die
how big a fuse
you tell us
just dont run a battery that big unfused
you will die
5A is good
you just dont want like 100A happening ever
because itll do it
then youll just pop the fuse
if you do it wrong and you wont have to replace the diode
hopefully wont have to replace the diode
not really a sure thing, most fuses
that sucks
pop fizz

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wtf at akromill bins not being clear anymore
milky translucent white wtf?
dunno man bins is bins if i cant see through it
its a shitty bt usable bin
if i can its a good bin
that works when youre shit doesnt move around very much
damn i didnt mean to call you shit
fuck i have to go!

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hell fucking yes
shit is prob worth closer to $10K
also the convenience of having it all at once
thats the point you can use pretty much all of it
just the big stuff is $2k easy
all that really small shit adds up
also preorganized bins
hahaha @ gallon of flux
most bins sucked he labeled them so it just becomes generic bin

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uses RF energy to focus light

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