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dx^: sec

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You're full of shit about the Romex fracturing, in this kind of installation anyway, but anyone who goes back to correct their typos is okay in my book.
heh, forum people

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dx^: i got a piece of plywood for under my couch cusions
works awesome unfortunately my back is already fucked
sucks i cant stand still very long, then move
but yeah least i can sit down on my couch now

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but yeah pic border is good

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cuz you has a gf who buys you cool stuff, yes
dx^: looks fine?
oh hmm
okay i write that down
k what else
prob should center her email and make it bigger
oh hmm
no i dont like how it jumps with diff size pics
those stay on top

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she lived right next to santa susana research facility
no one knows about the reactor meltdown, most people know about rocketdyne washing down test platforms with bad chems and fucking up the ground

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okay check website

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omg couch + 3/4" plywood = fixed

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if you can afford a tiny circular saw, get that
itll be like $40 more probably
sucks but itll work way better
taper is neat
just taper the long sides
keep the short sides vertical, should be pretty easy
do vertical sides
that come up with handles in them
and then put the long side into them, and scre them in through the short sides
so wat, two people makes the handles useful
then you can walk normal now all bent funny and walking wideways

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well im going to get a piece of wood
then itll be like 3" of cusion and wood
kevtris: i think silverlight will pic depending on your net speed or something
thats pretty much what couch is going to become
if you dont abuse them theyre fine
if you try and treat it like some industrial shit itll fail miserably
i dunno then
dx^: prob fine
dont expect the cuts to be straight or square
get a miter box and a hand saw
if you want it to look right
itll look shit
jigsaw through thick wood
oh right

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fuck i need to ditch this couch
hmm or just redo it
i need to like flip it and put 4x4 to hold up a piece of plywood under the cusions

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we done our time, we have the experience
also i wouldnt really consider myself an elite potheads
truth be told im just a little soldier pothead
yes reach for the typos because thats all you got now
why, you prob wont do it again soon, ill be able to tell myself other things

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wtf you guys are idiots
you think just because a pothead sees a random cheap bong he goes OMG I NEED THIS ONE?
fuck most fools paying least $50 up to like $500 for bongs
yeah and it was a stupid joke and now i get to rant about you making a stupid joke
thats what happens when you make stupid jokes, people make fun of it
i dont even understand the algebra in that one
youre saying my comments are unstupid, what

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doesnt work says max you can get from suns gravity is like 70km/s
so yeah this would take some engineering

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Projectile Diameter: 804670.00 m = 2639317.60 ft = 499.70 miles
i dunno, texas sized?
so not the smallest black hole i guess
haha yeah i meant the profile
fuck wouldnt it suck if texas went all the way down
going really fast
yeah but no wormy shit, like going that fast for real
probably have to get a star to go supernova into a funnel to launch it
wed have to piss off someone really bad...

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The Earth is strongly disturbed by the impact, but loses little mass.
88.29 percent of the Earth is melted
Transient Crater Diameter: 14500 km = 8990 miles
Transient Crater Depth: 5120 km = 3180 miles
Final Crater Diameter: 50600 km = 31400 miles
Final Crater Depth: 7.71 km = 4.79 miles
this calculator is bullshit
those numbers say the earth got fucked
and for a little bit all of it was dust
but the remaining half pulled it all back
Projectile Density: 20000 kg/m3
Impact Velocity: 2000.00 km/s = 1242.00 miles/s (Your chosen velocity is higher than the maximum for an object orbiting the sun)
Target Density: 1500 kg/m3
Target Type: Crystalline Rock
The Earth is completely disrupted by the impact and its debris forms a new asteroid belt orbiting the sun between Venus and Mars.
heh @ 20Mg per meter cube
so basically all you have to do is launch a little black hole at the earth
at 1200 miles a second
and its fucked

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i think you made that up
if he has me on ignore and starts talking random misunderstandings im banning him
The Earth is not strongly disturbed by the impact and loses negligible mass.
4.58 percent of the Earth is melted
yeah thats not significant...
thats with iron
iron is pussy
and fuck that impact velocity
this aint about the suns gravity someone launched this shit there is no limit

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why what if its a tungsten projectile
you done this before?
i would think it depends on speed
and crust is what 10 miles deep?
that aint much splash
he didnt do it here duh
but thats why i doubt the validity of his experience
im running YOU as a simulation running a simulation
yeah now what
no the matrix is just a movie in both our simulations
not if its harder

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= corroded wires, switch contacts, terminals, broke wire
oh its new, you prob just forgot to screw down the terminals because youre you
because its colder its an ambient issue
think its DT switches for two switch light
damn thats it
i guess maybe he meant the switch on the wall and the switch on the fan

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well if youre not making like 5000, it starts to make sense to at least to final assembly and inspection in house
pcb and pcba, youre not going to be competitive getting it done in america
unless you got pcb house buddies
but yeah, ill never forget FADAL sales guy giving us the factory tour giving us the line about china machine bed castings
and how it didnt matter because it was the same for way cheaper even if they send it back
but my friends wife who was an engineer theres says the china castings expanded more than they should have when they got hot, so it would throw the machines off
3 years later, FADAL = gone
certain shit its just dumb to save on
looked in the mirror?

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my lower back has a pain
but mozzeralla sticks makes it all better
not at all
chinese products are good if you design for manufacturing and you babysit them with end of line quality assurance
good guess that most china contract manufacturing is done on credit
if you dont pay them for stuff that tests bad, stuff will stop testing bad
for complicated systems, yes
yeah its not competitive at all
even running a company with zero overhead, youd be struggling
and your product would have to be hyperpimp
but you get into the few hundred dollar range, on something with a lot of sub systems...

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they talk about wallwart in the streets, they saying wallwart runnin all the ghetto
anyway its for a laptop its more likely a brick than a wart
unless its a netbook and even then its likely a small brick
dont be a dick

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leather futon thing

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ha if i take the other cusion and put it on top of this one its pretty ok
its the springs
its just old
so like when you sit on the edge, youre basically just sitting on a 2x4 bench
then you scoot back and you fall in
fucking me up

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my leather one is awesome but i have pc stuff setup on coffee table
in front of badcouch
my friend thinks if i put a piece of wood under the cusions itll be way better

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k i guess today is pizza and php ans css and strife
pretty lame
oh and a belt i guess
tho if they have me come in again im going to just if its cool if i come in dressed for working instead of an interview
maybe 4 or 5 related questions like that
so yeah they maybe wouldnt mind
ow fuck
this couch is worse than old desk chair

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okay i put all my references should i hit send?
when i hit send i can go get pizza
wha happen to tell
and then
and then
they just threw them away
or wat
i hope everyone is okay!
like .25
yeah dont buy them like that heh

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its funny its either talking shit or not depending how you want to look at it
macegr: avrstudio ftw
i figured it was...

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art people are supposed to call someone like me and go DO THIS THIS
seriously an art person wasting their time trying to figure out details of a microcontroller system is silly
they never have enough time anyway
there will always be technical people but on average, they just dont have the brain for it
sculptor: already done
multiple times
im not trying to defeat and established market with limited resources
easier to take advantage of it
so its prob fine for human speed control shit
simple sensor shit
but prob sucks at going fast
no apple is worse
macegr: i guess the thing with that comic is i really have trouble figuring out what statement its trying to make

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dude you say microcontroller anywhere now
and people go ARDUINO?
macegr: that shit is a lie i built an avr environment for $50
i jumpstarted one i fused wrong with random RC i made from shit lying on my desk
i want to make shields for the questionable masses
sculptor: fuck that, waste of time
whatever dude art people can barelty figure this shit out anyway

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sooner is better, the details are goofy and totally non intuitive but are what make eagle quick to use
hes gonna keep that pic of the girl on the RF gear up forever
that girl was there before i started going there
wow i never even noticed that
obviously shes checking RF emissions of her tits

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hehe blue9 is spinning
random ballpark sounding organ jazz intro
into the dnb...
if it fails itll prob still look pretty cool
^ feed to your music streaming devices
its a meat playlist
i think if planes overlap with diff signals too
you can prob fix that by ranking them tho

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so i dont have loops, i just draw traces on the restricts
you can overlap poly pours
in fact to accomplish a pour that does thermals depending on pad, you have too
they really need to do per pad thermal options
that shit cvan be a bitch to maintain
if you have to change isolate or something, you have to like find every bit of pour you drew to catch the odd pads
yeah learn what ctrl and shift plus left click do when youre drawing things with traces and pours
prob save you hours in a few months of use
er right click
yes but youre an advanced user
it takes like a few years before you can start warping dimensions and time with eagle
timecop_: please to make that feature request for the eventual release of soictrace
so my 3rd ref confirmed at 2am last night \o/

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whats ad78
sounds like an expensive opamp
ha cool image name
looks pretty okay
that makes everything better so im not even gonna look them up
good parts = 100+ at digikey
really good parts = 2000+ at the digikey
its eagle with paintmod
well then it was a good part then
but maybe not now
in any case if you can make it work with generic commodity shit, thats like 1000% win
yeah he was figuring it out
yeah but his is def sexier
soic ftw
macegr: gets weird with traces
but thats how i cut up my ground planes

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its a bad wire
phreaks house is going to burn down
but seriously it prob a bad wire
if both are doing the same thing and its intermittent
it its the light fixture
really im just assuming its a dual switch light because i dont wanna read all of avrfreaks problems for 3 days now
also, dual switched lights are run through each other, i think it might always run current through both switches
so it could be an intermittent/thermal issue with one of them
jezus fuck hes got like a 140 iq he cant think of this shit?
i wonder if hes even taken the switches out to look or hes spent two days just flipping the switches and waiting for the wall to catch fire

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