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ha 404

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omg again?
you make the surfaces the capacitors
metalized film layers
and you drop some weight like that
and itll still prob fail
yeah were confused

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dx^: hiwat
i guess
dirty steel doesnt work
just on the showroom floor but you run it 100 hours the shit gets all fucked
i was thinking relays

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his mom has flash dogs
26 of them
so my heresy chili is done
thats mean you get none
my toast is almost done

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zeeshan: its aluminum with steel inserts?
ha thats awesome
yeah but back button is still fucked
but the image overlap and the speeds is perfect
wow see
macegr: worm mech?
i guess you gotta start somewhere
yeah thats how i broke it i was like YA YA YA MORE GREENHOUSE WOOOOOOOOOO
then it got stuck
but the overlapping was sweet
and the transistion speed/accel stuff def looks better

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spaced maybe 4" to 8" apart, steel frames, 25lbs prob isnt going to do much to it
something like a router or plasma/waterjet, gantry is pretty sweet, you dont need all the structural rigidity
pretty neat they fly around like whatever
hahaha like half the stuff i did in that woodshop was MSF, with a 3/8" carbide tool, 10K spindle
like, you basically went as fast as you wanted the finish to come out, the machine could fly through the work it prob wouldnt hurt itself or the tool
macegr: haha
at least theyre not afraid of you guys
cops at music festivals = 6 guys ready to freak out

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buddy at work would whip it out and put it against the pcb and transistors just be fallin out
that would have been like 1min easy with a 936
in fact i usually used my 936 to do those transistors it sucked i was like wtf when he did that with the metcal
no we ended blackmoon
sorry, but you werent a big priority when we made the decision
i think they usually use like, copper plates?
the surface of the plates like parallel with the Z axis
ive seen grid, maybe made from steel, but i think copper slats like a oxy-torch cutting table is pretty common
what in cost?
oh stuff ive seen is like maybe 1/8" thick and 2 or 3" wide

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ha flux pens
yours is useful
neat keyboards
what you can get it at frys for cheaper
metcal tips are weird
metcal with the 1" wide chisel/shovel tip was awesome for removing .2" pitch transistors

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anyway you drew it kinda upside down but, you cant have Q2 and Q4 bases tied like that when theyre setup common emitter on seperate rails
im pretty sure you just blow out the BE part of the transistor
if B is full swing, youre fine i guess, but you need base resistors on both transistors
and anyway i would prob just drive it with 4 pins
so you could eliminate half bridge transistors overlapping during transitions complately
hey yeah fuck that circuit its weird
but i tests it it works
sims too
well the transistor is upside down, ok
neat at old led displays

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dx^: did you get the other hbridge thing?
macegr: dont pay attention to that site people just dont know sometimes
dx^: the schematic i modified
left side, added transistors to do 5v input and more base resistors so it doesnt blow up
oh i thought thats what you were controlling it with
one for level conversion and the other for inverting the signal to use your output

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but yeah, zombies, def come in handy
tho maybe a little bot with a gatling cannon too
macegr: find purchasers dox and murder their company head, what?
oh i thought you were unhappy about it
holy shitballs is kinda ambiguous
oh your extras
well thats awesome i thought you were getting fucked on a part again or something
hmm, okay ill need more sources to verify this shitballs thing

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i kinda want to get a little warehouse with like 16'+ cielings and make my own loft thing
`nico: yes is the joke
because he needed shoes to match his clothes
meanwhile, im systematically making sure i dont match
dx^: no build like lab/storage space
and then have office/room on top
with that corrogated smoked polycabonate for loftwalls
then you leave long open area for like, big CNC and car/truck things
yeah i was gonna say thats some retarded drama

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downtown LA is all hipster now
conversion of empty commercial buildings to lofts in the late 90s = success
i want the bums back tho
theyre not homeless
no theyre like rich college kids
no they squat
they converted all the empty shit into lofts and charged like 75% standard rent and filled them up all quick
so most of it is owned by students and artists
also more cops + cams
my friends a dork he gets his jeans dry cleaned so they never shrink or fade
this is the friend who took like 35 pairs of shoes with him to NYC
i want loft thing

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youre going to make net2chef iphone aware?
ME = pretty good at maps

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300 comment guy or newguy
dunno he said something like that on the weekend
you mispelled it wrong
i have to agree with that comment
maybe this guy is ok
he had it
he removed it
well, theres no link clicker

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man fuck rms
one letter away from my initials, shit gets on my nerves

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cool name, big packages

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carbide vs wood is awesome

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heh yeah dont bend your shit

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yeah they do
little things like a PCB on top of a male header
inverter is drama for a dc in mobo

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no theyre replaceable
you just have to go to a apple store
its retarded like ipods and iphones
it prob still neds more than an amp

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