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also for anything around .1 or .2 watt, ill usually just stick like 4 in series parallel
so you put 4 of one resistors, it ends up being same value, or you can go nuts doing series/parallel combinations of two to four

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from pl2303 and usb1.1 specs
so i guess maybe its just a buffer
it says revd
they have two diff pl2303 pages
Programmable baud rate from 75 bps to 6,000,000 bps
they didnt know how to say Mbps back then
so looks like even the first chips would do 6MHz
timecop: use e24 values
you want 5%?
use 22K
jezus fuck timecop how have you gotten this far without hanving to google e96 e24 resistors
did you already print it out and stick it on your wall?
im kinda pissed i left that at exjob
thats pretty smart actually
you can make almost any value out of two 5% resistors
(its still 5% tho)

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ive used those dongles on a few laptops, netbooks, big pc, avrstudio and terminals, never had problems with it (always something else or me being retarded)
blackmoon: # Supports RS-232 serial interface with Programmable baud rate from 75 bps to 12 Mbps (Rev D)
The USB full-speed signaling bit rate is 12Mb/s.

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tell it to the dialog
are you using a laptop?
hes prob using some wtf 3v serial port
so if it can send data fine with one app why do you assume the hardware is fucked
so maybe youre rx on the pc side isnt working
ot the latency is fucking shit up
then i think its setup in the TI app

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theres some standard usb->serial chip that works fine
yeah i dunno shit programmed avr at highest speeds fine
then iunno man
and avrisp
yeah well wtf else are you trying to use it for?
you mean like just using serial to bitbang?
wtf retarded use parport
so i dunno ive never had any blue screens in xp (like since before sp1, so damn maybe 20 years ago?)
and that shit pushes high speed avr programming fine
which is what like 1MHz?
so yah impretty sure with a 20mhz avr i did that

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ir is however fast you wanna go?
daaamn mofo
what freq you gonna use?

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does he have one
does it do stuff yet
yay dx
fat chance
dx^: you can get far in life with a phillips screwdriver
like, real far
make plots and diagrams
ya basically
yeah make some shit be advances
you can plot polar sensitivity

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you are srsly lame

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ask when i has mor emoneys
i need a 24v psu like naow
i can use two of those little pulse transformers dx got for me
series the secondaries
hmmm no not enough power

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shit i need another 24v psu
why you dont have a pussy or a nice ass or round tits

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i need some bus wire
or some fucking coat hangars
where do i get wire coat hangars at 10pm?
yes thats was a pretty sweet deal
inittab: wholesale definitely
dry cleaners still use them
macegr: mean!
i guess i can just use 4 zip ties in a long rectangle

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macegr: sweeet

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`nico: figure out newjob yet?
coincidence involving layout and your tiny tiny parts
your china shit was running hot
and thats also why its burnt out

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he put the wrong profile
planes or big inductors
why what
youre not supposed to know those
heh what

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sound barrier car will prob look like a knife dildo
30kV knify dildo, fuck being anywhere neat the finish line of that run
rebewt it

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timecop: it would make sense on some 600hp exotic
trying to break max speed records on a high speed oval
weight doesnt block you as much as air
yeah thats why its goofy
that thing would be huge to energize
a little sports car with mad engine and an overkill generator trying to go 236 instead of 233
that kinda makes sense
because youre already burning like a gallong of gas every 3 miles
so like, fuckit
its a good idea for high speed drag shit
or like, i took my $500K street legal race car to the high speed oval
and im driving on the thing like a freeway at 210mph and want to go faster
hit the lightning bolt button, watch speedo creep up maybe 10mph over 30 seconds
i dont think itll work for any sort of green app, eheheh

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yeah so you hold the charge
you dont pull any off so you dont need to put any in
yeah but you need to generate the voltage
yeah i dunno its voodoo
but anyway youre gonna have a ton of losses converting to HV
you dont get it back somehow?
but the majority dissipate
and thats your motive force, the air having a new charge going someplace else
so yeah itll draw current
you shit wont fly with an integrated energy source
b2 doesnt need to be efficient
in terms of weight you can put tons of batteries or more generators it wasnt using all its power anyway
yeah b2 is already carrying stupid payload, running engines with headroom
i wonder if they do it for extra range or higher cruising speeds or what

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create ionic airflow
or just make someone jump 10ft
im gonna dogfight
omfg fine go
yeah lose 5mpg pushing the alternator to gain 1mpg making your bricks drag co lower
randomly asplode nearby toll booth and parking electronics
the HV itself maybe doesnt lose so much
if you can manage to store it with almost no leakage
which isnt going to be cheap or trivial
but generating it gonna make heat
well i think thats how that stuff works
just the electric fields so you dont need to be producing work
just need to be holding the charge and having the field present
but you need like a no leakage cap to make that reality
and i dont know if you need to be make magnetic fields too (current happening)

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dunno try

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dx^: yes

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what idea
using the lifting surfaces as caps?
you still have power supply issues

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tekrad: it can, but its hardly a notable hack
this is like early 90s ricer tech

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cmon really?
my fluke buzzes funny sometimes
the beeper, i think its loose or their something rattling around inside

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k now i have to clean bathroom
and then the clean areas will meet

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there isnt even a girl coming over does that mean im growing up or something, because fuck that shit

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macegr: heh
okay guys so i called manager guy at newjob
so yeah, pretty good sign
even with a paisley tie and bright green shoes
damn i mopped last night

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