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but its not dirty so you just take it apart and repaint it
fuck that
if its got no rust and its not bent and the paint is okay its finished
you http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/cto/1647195080.html
we had one of those when i was in high school for a week or so
dude its practically a delorean
the turbo made a difference
but everything was slow in the mid 80s

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but i prob only consider a tacoma or a blazer or similar
if i get a Z itll be for like $4k
and itll be finished
with new floors
basically ripoff some old mans for $15k worth of work and parts
yeah you dunno if its really a fuel pump
if you get a z you get some shit like that

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it says engine v4
ya rly
stfu hes an idiot dont be an idiot too
wtf they both say v4
so GLE has overdrive
no lowballers my nuts
i bet that shit is still there in two weeks
not on the 101 everyday
and death
backup means everyday for weeks
truck is okay

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inittab: halp me pick backup car
$2k max
something with less than hopeless resale
no i gave you money and good resale which means non shitty
wtf no way
yeah i fucked that up huh
start here
aw shit

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i dunno man she has like 34 dogs
oh what like broken is 48 dogs or something?

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youre fonts just made a mess
*you are fonts
im still hungry
its definitely sleepytime
stop fantasizing incubus_
but whatever both of you
your character set is broken

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well, turn non logic waves into logic
comparator with hysteresis to keep it from bugging out at spiky waves
they dont go under the bottom line tho
when the output changes state it gets mixxed back into the reference voltage divider
and it changes the reference voltage
no thats just some random fucking input
but you can pretend its a clock signal with a lot of EMI
it should

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depends on the oscillator and yes i think so
well it depends how tight you want to define a /
because technically a sine never really does /
if it looks like a / youre just not zoomed in close enough
clock circuits turn the oscillator output into logic
prob a schmitt trigger after the oscillator
like, you probe that shiot and it usually looks a lot like a sine
but when you prob it youre maybe fucking up the circuit
because it was maybe really high impedance and you basically shorted it a little bit with your probe

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hahaha, old, <3

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tv just sucks
its like watching you discuss herpes vs gonorhea

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but yeah the sci/techy chans and the programming/hardware chans dont really need a ton of hardcore authoritarian regulation
people arent dumb and usually arent there to troll, and people actually exchange useful information so theirs like a defined purpose
very easy to pick out problems because they stick out

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typically regs are pretty smart
it was
im in a stoner chan
and half the regs are hardcore troll chan regs
i obviously dont act the same in there as i do in here
you know...
i figured you were already in there your ident is
well, your bot
i dont think you wanna fuck around with the stoner/troll types, tekrad
this is a sure way to overheat your linksys

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he used to be a #cars op
but i guess he got all bigheaded because he did some website for them
then i dunno bot drama and ops on ops and yeah stu dont go there no more and most regs there will talk mad shit if hes brought up
whatever stu was a bitch
people would troll in front of him for weeks he wouldnt do shit
reg would disagree with him (prob because he was wrong) and hed ban them
ban a reg for talking about his new furniture and mini dishwasher
move out of his mom and dads place, proceed to spend months posting pics of his new furniture
like hed try and be civil with you, then hed forget and two days later hed just be acting like a troll bitch
he didnt contribute, he trolled regs, and his reasoning was this is irc, it doesnt matter, get over it
thats almost word for word as i remember it
its just fucking irc, get over it
like, this a sci/tech chan, this aint a stoner/troll chan

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lucked out that i was in school, magically paying half my moms rent, and wanting to route PCB
i didnt care
he wanted to do house controllers i think
prob wanted to ebay them
prob did try to ebay them
maybe just snapped them all with a grrrr look on his face
seems like hed be the type
no not stu this guy makes stu look like a stable and pleasant guy to be around
some old guy, out of prison, living in N cali with some old chick, some computer skills
but socialized like a fucking AOL script kiddy
so greycz is like this 60 year old dude with a good deal of technical experience
who comes at you AlL TaLkInG L1K3 T#15
he changed his nick if he is
23:03 [freenode] -!- causality [~stu@unaffiliated/causality]
23:03 [freenode] -!- ircname : User Stu
like half of freenode/##electronics is there because of stu's bullshit
pretty sure its someone else

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then redoing his initial fail attempt at layout
no that shit was okay
because you could use it as an io breakout for a 80MHz uC at full speed
no issues
thats kinda why i was into it
i have yet to power that shit up
like 6 years ago now
5 maybe?
theres a date on the pcbs
yeah like 5 years ago im pretty sure gimm minute ill find it
early 2006
was 4 years ago
he was gone by mid 2006
like, neat you got all the #electronics regs with a clue together
hahaha you really thought wed all work for you for free w/ deadlines?
thats pretty much what he spazzed out about
like no one was willing to bust their ass for him because he didnt really contribute much of anything
#projects is better its ghetto
and people in there do #projects
dioxide: yeah pretty much

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like he was getting free work on projects because he had some okay ideas and the work was neat
but like, his expectations were silly
and when we agreed on like a 6 months schedule for something
at some point he turned that into two weeks
then about 3 days after that hes like IS IT GOING TO BE DONE BY TOMORROW
and he said i said i could do that
and i laughed and pasted what we had said in msg
and he emoquit and i would ban him on site and then he posted some OMG REN IS GAY THIS IS THE STREET HE LIVES ON troll shit on pet electrons
just an io breakout, latches and buffers
decoder for changing ports
also on his site there was some paranoid shit about me and inittab
like real schizo shit
like i asked for unpopulated boards
because i wasnted to do custom chassis with stacked acrylic sheets
and he wouldnt send them, said i was paranoid and thought i wouldnt get my pay
like wtf i finished your layout (80% of the work, i still hate orcad)
i just want some boards i can populate with my own parts and turn into my own custom breakout
i was just routing his schema

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it was like they were trying to impress tc with their minor trolling
which is why i never had much of a problem with him being around or in otherchan
he learns, he does projects, he finishes projects, he pays on time
if you cant take offensive language, gtfo efnet
i was pretty much done with the chan when they deopped moon
i got about two weeks of talking shit in before i got permbant
#projects came from greycz more than anything
fucking unstable loon
and it was you and him
and he invited the next 10 people probably
we were like his back room troll technicians, he was all panty bunched over some dude on some CNC forum
danielson: he was prob in trouble with the law and twingy thought it may have been because of twingys fed status
but he basically wigged out

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i fucking ran out of quarters
i have to loads to dry
anyway charles was a wannabe something
not sure what tho
but yeah surprisingly, between stu/charles/technique/timecop, timecop seemed the least trollish

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i bet dog girl is on tweek
i guess i should pay my rent and shit

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hahaha earflaps
oh wtf moon
do the doggy girl shes cute
98 lbs 5'4
k shes weird
because i wouldnt give a fuck
id be fucking id have things related to fucking on my mind
dogs yapping in the background might as well be the electric bill 3 months from now
id be more weirded out if the dogs kicked it there patiently
like she has them fuck trained
like, it prob happens alot
my cat will get all jealous like HEY YO IM RIGHT HERE PLAY WITH ME
then hell sit on the edge of the bed like OH YA FU

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I do ask that you have a car as I do not. Who can afford to buy one in this economy?
me in like 6mo i hope

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romanians = hardcore
because they either survived vampires, or were vampires

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yay newjob sent me offer letter \o/

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ugh, weird
UPS Ground
mcmaster never does that

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internets IS a mfkr

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wtf bacons
yeah because its long
bacons is fine
yes wtf go away

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i changed my mind i want that from work
!findbacon 74
!findbacon [74]

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!bacon 74
!randquote #electronics 74
!baconsearch 74
bullshit sculptor they all have a search
wtf i thought he was hacking the electronics since the 70s
the avrfreak
you think he would have gotten around to LEDs sooner

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luck stat always calculated in
so its neat i have to practice at bass guitar to fit in at work
i been meaning to do that for about 7 years now...
yeah hes still a bitch
when does he reset
so it doesnt drop them in order and timing it gets them

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`nico: OMG GL

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onlooker: is just a #6-32 stud with oval point and hex key socket

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oh haha i did
okay i wonder if i get my mcmaster
i ordered right now
it says ships today
im getting those
to replace the height set screws on that

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