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thats prob why the rear suspension bottoms with rated loads

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timecop: http://jalopnik.com/5497042/how-a-500-craigslist-car-beat-400k-rally-racers
was it aimed at you?
i was obviously feeding the troll for some sort of 'fuck that needs more deloreans' statement
that wouldnt have been exceptional at all
tekrad: see, fun!
he fucking came in 3rd in an FIA rally with a $500 car and no crew or sponsors

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whatever installing from usb is a hack
installing from cdrom is win
installing from usb cdrom is same win

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why would he do that?
just to find out?

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the point of synthetic is its just better
usually sticks to metals better, better for cold starts
besides not breaking down as fast

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my set screws got here, left the box at my door
no rovio
i kinda want to do ham
but this shit seems like a full time addiction
to do properly
what do you mean no ones
01:20 <@renesis> to do properly
damn mispaste
Obama's NEW Government Takeover Scheme Creates Socialized Health Care
Select Here to STOP Socialized ObamaCare:
Please make checks payable to AmeriPAC:
American Political Action Committee (AmeriPAC)
fuckin ron paul gave these fuckers my email
i know it
whatever go rimjob glen beck
this is your fearless leader, politicians take talking points from him now

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ha @ the big quake
no one even talks about it here anymore since 94
was fine
orientation then ESD fucking a guitar
built in signal gen
13 bit guitar?
13 pin guitar

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i exploded so many felt pens my first semester
fucking bridgeport controller, stupid 80s UI

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just set your speeds sane so you dont run too hot, measure the tooling to make sure its not worn a few mills under
.006 isnt hard
likelt not at all on the size of a machine youre going to be using
the software wont fuckup if you entered all the tooling and toolpath data correctly
like i guess theres a chance but with that app that would be the absolute least of my worries

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but its something you should be concious of
because who knows what kind of tiny feature you use it for at some point
you maybe just dont notice
thats and tooling length/diamater tables in the controller
prob the easiest stuff to mess up
just replace the tool with an empty holder
you can but if you brainfart and edit the wrong way you maybe crash
it shouldnt crash if you set the zero correct with the tool
well, set the zero high if youre going to dry run

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like, define pocket dimensions, depths, cutter overlap, number and depth of finish passes
all in one line
pretty sure the hass would do non regular pockets defined by a tool path
but for editing 3d it doesnt even touch solidworks
solidworks > mastercam > post
was pretty happy with how that worked
some thing the cam app just thinks way too hard
easier to just draw a line and tell it to do that
its industry standard software
it wont make those kind of mistakes it will be dead on if you selected the tool right and the right side to radius comp too

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but yeah you can do the path in relative coordinates
then you switch to absolute, do your Z, then switch to relative/incrimental and do you path
so you can reuse the code
you can do the Z incrimental too and just loop through that
but its kinda risky if youre doing it by hand
like you cant see the Z location in code
its good to know
some stuff its still faster for my to just MDI it
drills especially
but yeah pockets, anything with lots of passes, it sucks
its like, professional copy and paste
dude on my controller i type g81 x y z r f
x y
x y
x y
trust me its waaaaay faster
big machines will have canned cycles for pockets and other complex stuff
so if its your machine, and you know it, some stuff you accomplish just as fast

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you just wanna see it run or something
or that prob fits
anyway im not turning that shit on until i clean that mess
see i took all the mess and puts it in one spot
$250 for both, on sale
those go in the bedroom
well maybe itll be useful by the weekend
id be kinda miffed if it wasnt but i wouldnt be surprised
its not like im thrilled about doing it right now
its really shitt for the first couple hours
it has kinda clumbsy selection
yeah lots of cut and paste
standard rs274 is supposed to have subroutines but it works different on a lot of diff hardware

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thats at least a couple days of work to sort through
fuck i have to ask them about my storage locker
someone else is using the one in my parking space
some jack stands too
old now
and the shield is half assed
yeah i want to redo it
i6 = win
perfectly balanced
its missing the lower right corner
just acrylic
dunno i dont use those
srsly the only 555 ive wired up is the final WOW! project in in my first semester DC class
yeah that errors out on my cnc
thats the only code i edit
at some point i have to edit the machine def
i dont know
i didnt click on your link
im not joking i have like no real experience with 555 timers
turbozee: how small is the part?
and why?

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`nico: you decided on jewjob?
er newjob
that looks way small
wow srs?
i thought the cubes would be like 2x that
im not doing shit with my cnc

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yay newjob
i got to esd fuck a guitar w/ dsp modeling preamp all day
well half day
`nico: jes
start of newjew is like start of oldjob
heh shit was upside down on arrival?

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10:18 < `Nerobro> .5pf... that's like two wires just a little to parallel to each other
haha yeah
some wires in an epoxy drop
its parasitics
the chinese didnt get it so they included it
so timecop is now like that companies second 0.5pf customer

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