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its not xy coord based?
that would be nice
its confirmed they and not just some former soviet dude
the motor?
or some coupler thing
thats not good yo
need to get ready make coffee
i think i used the esd gun like 4000 times yesterday

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if they made a better subfile handler for the libs and they made custom shaped pads less of a hack, eagle is pretty damn perfect
i dont consider graphics performance something to make CAD app decisions over
blackmoon: get a thicker belt!
more sfm, joke
prob have to be thick like your arm

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yeah i think i ran into that
eagle has always had options for renaming disconnected/connected nets
theyre a lot better
it was pretty easy to fuck your design and not realize until too late before
teknique: naw dude let him keep bitching and bug posting
it only has a few issues and its basically competitive
i finished those boards for tc pretty quick, and that was like fighting weird autoplace algorithms that wasted tons of fucking time
eagle is actually the same way
but it def gets better too

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timecop: i thought that was per host chip
maybe you can do it in the driver dialog for the device then

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there is not so much energy in coke

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sounds preetty well balanced to me
cocaine is kinda like a grain
i dont know
but its all processed and stuff
i dont think you can bake bread with it
hahaha you coke would burn itself to the inside of your oven that would be awesome

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you would have felt diff about mercury?
well, did
i guess you found out eventually
im put on an iron shirt
and chase satan from the earth
send him to outer space
to find another race
rastas got practical solutions
i dunno, between mercury and clapton
bowie could kick both their asses

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when he was a coked out bighead sure
the old shit is pretty and everything but iunno sounds tired
neat clapton ^

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people like that dont last long in jungle areas
it gets around, i guess you are not totally hopeless
meh, thick metal
if its not about vikings im not so into it
too chunky, abuse of pick hand muting
you are not even listening to the violent femmes
no hope for you
i listened to them i dont like them more than the first one

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back it up to 1:45
are you knew?
try that maybe you youtube parser is fail
yes we know
so the solo is whatever
wait until 2:15
that shit is hard fucking rock music
no its just how you timestamp tube links wtf danielson
its called the interweb superhighway
best song ever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KTsXHXMkJA

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im a creed fan?
creed would fit in nice with your list of Real Rock Bands
like you got nothing, you had to go to making shit up
well ill excuse you because i obviously cant expect everyone to read all of my spam over the years
yeah punks got sick of sounding like the other punks

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like, i found the local jungle acts at a tent in coachella right around when the shrooms happened
so i leave after being there for an hour and wander to the depeche mode
like, i couldnt figure out why they kept stopping
like, wat the soundsystem broken whats the problem guys
claypool is bassgod
i plotted it, heat and relative spl vs time
also county music sucks at bass more than average
drums is as unexeptional
it was supposed to be text
of your link failing
but now my ff is crashed
all your music sucks
and fuck depeche mode
the cure is better
what spinal tap shit

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axle said bye with a dolphin
like i cant stand the grateful dead
thats country hippy shit
its jam music it just doesnt work for that
its more like me going to hear fast beats and ridiculous bass for 8 hours than going to see a rock band play 6 min songs over and over all night

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sabbath is the father of metal and punk
gnr is just silly music, heh
dirty hollywood muppets
that album sucked
they did good music
i liked lies
this is as close to country as i can get
this and lynard skynard
i dont like most of that country hippy shit
dunno i heard those like 1000 times when i was 9
no like literally
i dont like country/western/folk late 60s hippy shit
i wasnt trolling

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heart warming: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_TNzJtVQ8I
youll understand one day
rock is a cheap ripoff of blues and country
they used to play it for tony hawk documentaries
because if you just play the chorus it sounds like his name

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like an addict
trust me both sides are not the same and one is just way more effective at being slimy in politician slime sort of ways
theyre just retarded
for maybe 6 or 8 years who knows
i watched congress
i couldnt deal with little 20 sec soundbites, so i went to school and fucked with electronics and cnc shit and watched congress when i was stoned
trust me, dems arent even capable of being as slimey as repubs
its like simultaneously refreshing and frustrating

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just enough of them to not pay so much attension to any of them
i dunno man i bet you $5 that these artists are republicans
not really
watch it live for a few years and say that
they sold out to corps for money and christians for votes
no dude
first of all, they have some pretty non flexible platform points i cant be cool with
but honestly, dems just arent capable of being anywhere near as dirty as republicans
kind of a problem politically
dude of course i get it
obviously its a stupid system
is it going to change much in the next 20 years?
even if you try really hard?!
no prob not
and you are not trying so hard as far as i know
anyway i watched congress for years

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and bowie starts singing and dancing
embarassing like that
thats what this music is like
overproduced smooth jazz bullshit
session artists for a movie score
okay ill try and think of something heartwarming
so does christianity
if you ignore all the bullshit
or just never heard that shit from anyone else
or hadnt figured it out your damn self
music is like 85% how it sounds to me the meaning of the words usually come as a surprise at some point after i decide i like that song
doesnt mean all republicans are evil

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thats some bullshit
im not clicking on anything you paste
you didnt listen to mine
so now im butt hurt
i listened to a bunch of yours they all suck
tthis shit is right up there with soft jazz
so im going to go forwaes a minute
its at :45 now
so 2:00 in is him rockin out?
well honestly i dont find this heartwarming
i find it like, awkward and kinda embarassing
like when youre watching labyrinth

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you need some devil guitars with pickups and cables and shit
and some _overdrive_
thats like saying not all republicans are bad
enough are bad, fight them all, the good people will change
are you listrening the the drum n bass or what
wtf is family values
thats nice theres a lot of really good songs about fucked up kids right now id prob rather listen to those
they tend to use more distortion and throw down heavier bass lines
yeah in general its like blues if you took everything awesome out of it

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thats fucking annoying
this music sucks
your tits and ass arent awesome enough to listent to bluegrass country bullshit
depeche mode is greater and depeche mode aint that great
so you like skinhead nazi punker music?
awesome track, noisa redid, never heard, gonna be good
stop listening to the words youre missing the point
that redneck shit is ass

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if you lie there and trip out you wont get any rest youll feel like shit
no when its time to sleep fkr
im saying when you cant sleep just relax dont freak out about it
friend girl made excellent point that the nights i dont give a shit and i just stay up all night i feel rested in the morning
its almost like i slept, definitely not like when i trip out im not going to get any sleep
so stop freaking out and buy some camomile tea
yeah if you stop dead turkey you never really sleep the first night
sometimes forget to eat

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100mA, 200mW
oh shit it has s parameters
if its just gen purpose, almost anything prob works
if its for RF, i dont even wanna go near it
shit matters when you go fast
thats why audio is awesome pretty much everything just works, and its not too much effort to get god status performance
just go to sleep
look man
inittab too
just fucking lie down and kickit and dont stress out because youre not sleeping
youll be fine

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you eat late?
or have too much soda or what
iunno do something physical
just get a dense 3" topper
but they have the best prices on foam
its mostly that sleep innovations crap tho
pretty much but i call tell from the pillows that dense stuff in my mattress isnt their best shit
*that the
fuckers holdin out and shit
hfe 75 to 100

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this would have been neat for $20 5 years ago
and i still wouldnt have bought it
why have you said that twice already
you need to go to sleep

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i missed the 'that' in that sentence
no that circuit is fucking useless
todays woot is weak

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almost all modern amplifiers are opamps

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says cannot display pic
because it contains errors
im using firefox
im not fucking with mastercam tonight
im finding foods
dunno looks fine, i dunno what its supposed to look like
fuck no

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er the inv input
so figure it out from there
or wait around till i get bored and do your homework for you and ruin the fuck out of the rest of your life
damn this thing better have some big rails
hard to figure out what your solid boundaries are
they look okay though, the right depth, i dunno how youre holding your work though

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i think so
man that circuit is fucked up wtf is the point of that
why you gotta put the input at 5V
anyway its gotta try and put the NI input at the same voltage

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meh i have to clean mess to get back to my cnc
maybe tomorrow
its not gonna happen
im like dead
i barely wake up before 10am for months
up at like 6:30 two days now
def not used to it
fuck that
more than half the reason i am there is to be there
and use their gear and work on their shit
if it was like just cad work or something
but it would have to pay a ton or id get bored
dude this is like millions in gear
tekrad: better than web design!
i feel sorry for those guys

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why is your 12v - connected to output
shouldnt that go to ground
youre trolling

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you cant see 1ms
not does your monitor refresh that fast
1sec and 1ms are two diff things
so make the cap 5x bigger
use 1M
the switching point is prob lower than the time constant point
fysx didnt pay shit for it

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oh yes
the fuckin site of it makes me want to like stab and laugh and stab and laugh
i try it again soon
dude thats fucked make them fix it
youre prob the only bug poster
if they fix that ill try it again
and i think you mentioned troll rotate is gone
you have to use the power rated parts
so yeah obviously multisim has some sort of script engine to make leds light up and parts blow up
and honestly i dont care
no you need to learn to read plot output
its a neat app but when you get over it, just a bloat toy

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LTspice, i would design rework by making models of all the related designs
so like, turn one amps response into another amp
i would build both circuits in LTspice, then build a 3rd circuit that included my changes
and id sim all 3 in parallel
so i could track changes and have my response goal on that same plot
and it was fine
danielson: sounds neat
if ltspice and pspice didnt exist i would say multisim is a good academic app
but for the price and practical functionality, it kinda sucks
wtf fhl
sounds like she has a perfectly healthy boyfriend
yeah totally im ganking that
great place for test point in a ground plane too

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i dont see why that should be an issue for decent programmers
ultiboard isnt bad implimentation for exactly what it is, its a really good app
i just personally thing its too much for one app and it compromises both functions
if it was two diff apps id prob dig both of them
like little parts that exploded and leds that light up and a little TDS scope and *all* the agilent test gear from school
and little virtual breadboards and who knows how much other crazy shit
if i didnt know KTspice and even pspice were better for sim experience and more like average workplace resources, id think it was good for academics
you can use power rated parts
multisim has tons of *really* cool shit
but it makes the app almost impossible to deal with on bigger designs
itll work but not always consistently and i got stuff to lock up pretty regular
like 10 stage opamp stuff

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blackmoon: yeah its like 200KHz / 13 adc clk cycles
for 10b res
fuck multisim use LTspice
well you fucked up sorry
its fun to goof off in
but once you get over the virtual bench gear and some of the cool visual sim stuff
well its just a bloaty app thats compromised and cluttered because its also ultiboard capture
and my simulations and my electronic schematics usually arent interchangable

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