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its just an ugly NPN
with two pins on the emitter

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and wtf
you better put protect diodes on the 317
you need at least two for a 317

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anyway just boost and then do adjustable single buck or just do two bucks
you have like 5 million pwm chips to choose from that can do it
timecop: i dont think you can do it reconfigurable easily
because the way the coils and diodes connect to the switch and rails
if you use all mosfets instead of diodes its possible most likely
well i know its possible
but design and debug sounds awful
after the boost?
oh 22v in
thats easy dude
then you just use transistors to switch feedback diodes
resistors duh
ignore me when approriate
use almost any transistors or logic fets really
just do it the way they did its prob sane
use a boost vreg to get the Vin for the 317 if you need to
but its not like a 24VDC brick is hard to find or anything

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what do you mean 11/15V
anyway, put some diodes after the 12v brick to make it 11v if its regulated
what do you mean 11 or 15
it has to be both
boost to 20v and use a buck reg with something to change the feedback circuit to change voltage
its just a buck converter
not at all
you can get LDO with vdropout way lower
so get a 3a LDO

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my china seagates are running fine
i think my old ones are from taiwan
one is like 8 years old

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fool just go buy the bit
and use a bit driver
wtf ca tire dont you guys have lowes or home depot or osh or some shit
go there and buy the right torx bit or get a set
ha yeah

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just send it to flyback
damn no weed, no medical papers until the weekend
i wonder if my shop keeps track of exp dates

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tho i guess if its just a little broke system can hand off to hdd OS
at which point hdd gives up
haha the only time i seen a SMART error on boot that kept from booting, it was a pc that was in someones back yard for years
timecop: sad
ask flyback for help
no you dont
you had it
and if it were that important itd be backed up
you fucked up
damn moon spending the big bucks on usb chassis
they do
well mostly
depends on the host system if you want to do stuff like boot from usb cdrom
but it almost always works

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its prob your psu
whole system could be fucked
what you think they dont fail?
everything fails
if its not psu its prob mem
or mobo
it shouldnt lock up during post
it should just say the hdd is fucked and it cant boot
might not be the issue tho, issue might have killed the hdd
i thought you removed everything
wtf cables on the outside
weird i always get funky messages
depending on bios

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tz`: have a usb flash in?
it prob wouldnt
you reset the bios yet?
dont think thats supposed to work but that should def wipe the bios data
its prob mem
swap in other dimms
a screen?

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seems kinda long
yeah some apps will
oh this is a little drive?
no physically i dont care about its capacity
oooh ha

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