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you cant turn them 1x?
anyway im going to crash out night
oh it knows
it doesnt have a switch?
thats jacked up
if they were bitchen theyd do it with FETs controlled by the software
or tiny relays i guess would be more pimp

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like when you look at the design math for ripple in a smps, ripple is basically how big are you caps and how long is your discharge time
scope both outputs
the LDO and the boost
if you see the bottom of the boost trace on the LDO trace, you need more caps
you need to load it
pull like 100mA from it at least
pot with shorted wiper and a resistor in series
resistor sets the max current
should look diff

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i meant on the ldo
but yeah same deal
no i want see better put the pic
*want o
dickhead i cant click on that
fuck man where is your other probe
i bet you have like three 4ch scopes and only one probe
100mV ripple isnt so bad
from what tho
a brick?
whats beforeboost
its the switcher in your brick
its directly related

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even then it prob doesnt die or hurt anything
oh huh
no the ripple from the boost converter
it directly relates to the output caps
its exactly like a unregulated psu
well you can scope it, if its too much you just add more caps
its not a big deal just be away of it
like your headroom for a 317 is basically 3V + full load input ripple
the input of the vreg
to check the ripple from the source
then you scope the output
and youll know exactly when it drops out
the dips will start to show up on the output
its the caps
whats your duty cycle like?
what V to what V

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look if you cant piut the rail to 11.3V you prob cant put .6Vpp offset by 11V on it
oh i see
like you literally cant
get a better LDO
boost and do a 317 then
or boost a couple V and do an LDO
yeah but your vreg is gonna have ripple remember
depending on how much capacitance and your load
if you have 3v headroom and .5v ripple youre going to have .5v ripple on the 317 output
it wont kill it unless youre really unlucky and it freaks out, oscillates

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yeah so overall, the whole getting laid off experience was pretty neat

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its saw because of the 47K
change it to 4.7K
yeah look fool
it drops a schottky drop
like .2V
just put a normal diode
1n4001 or something
the china circuit doesnt do AC 40KHz on 11V
it drops it
if the thing can deal with it just set the rail to 11.3V and use a silicon diode
fuck man i have to be up for work in like 3 hours
but my bank acct just increased by like $2400 and i sent away for like $750 more

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also load up the output after the fet
you dont want the diode to stop conducting
just use a silicon diode
0.6V diode, thats why your shit works
schottky is like down to 0.1V, you casically defeated your good idea
anyway 47K should be closer to 1K, 10K will def work better
the bigger that resistor is the longer it takes to drain the gate capacitance
yeah you want .6V ripple right
so use a .6V diode
well youre not getting Vpp centered around your rail
youre getting .6V dropouts

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i dunno i didnt read it very hard
so you want to bypass a diode with a logic fet
it might not be fast enough
theres only one fet
and the way you are driving it
its only 40khz so who knows
but that 47K might be a problem
depends on the gate capacitance
its sane, kinda goofy
but you just need to get the right fet
needs to be low Ron enough
not like hero stat Ron but not like 1ohm or something $.05 like that
and it need to have low enough gate capacitance that your pullup will turn it off on time to make a decent wave
i have doubts about it happening without drama but that circuit works
wtf fool dont use a schottky

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wtf im sure they make HV LDO
not cheap tho
yes im pretty sure
not enough maybe
but i think past 12v, up to 18v
i used to love their site
easily the best semicorp site
its like almost unsable now
i did but i had to wake up to feed girls and then i went and mailed my unemployment thing and cashed the unemployment checks and got gas and setup coffee machine
er deposited whatevers
also somehow i ended up helping timecop with a chinathing

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and you need to test the LDO and boost reg before you get this shit all assembled
and you need to design the boost reg to work with acceptable ripple at both voltages
im pretty sure its possible but its not going to be trivial
no inittab
is low power a requirement
thats not my name in here only in #cars
no its not get a heatsink

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boost to like 20V and vreg to 15 and just use their feedback hack
15 whatever figure out the voltages do it how you want
you need an amp to do this
LDO works
what do you mean what
so you want 11V
and 15V
with the option to put 40KHz on them
adjust everything
whats input
well china is smart wtf are you trying to save power for
so boost to 13v and LDO to 11V
then adjust boost to 17V when you adjust the LDO to 15V
use the same feedback hack for *everything*
use the feedback hack on the boost switcher

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are you trying to break something
where does the 15V come from
and how much is it loaded
you need a real amp or you need a buffer resistor
how does china do it
how does china put the 40khz onto the wave
its not going to work at all
if you try and put this onto a regulated rail
this thing is clocked from its power rail?
youre just trying to put something into protection?
use their LDO hack

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urmom is:
its called a capacitor dumbass
this is like audio 101
we use them for more than just decoupling caps on power supply rails, you know
and what do you mean into dc
you just want it like offset like .3V?
or you want this 0.6VAC to dance around on 2VDC or something
or i guess 0.6Vpp whatever
you cant say no you have to pick

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wtf why do you need ripple
and ripple is almosy always sawtooth
anyway you just need to make a 40khz oscillator and use a coupling cap to put it on the dc

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wtf @ adding ripple
why are you adding ripple
wtf have you gone and misunderstood now
timecop: you teflon taped the connection hardware?

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what you need is arduino

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half the time its package varients
which is why i hate it for sim
no the pcb footprints
because multisim is capture for ultiboard
the circuit is an oscillator
its basically a cat chasing its own tail

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put megohm
dont use m
use meg
its highly possible
read what i said again
dont use m or M use meg
it might be the reason
in any case
if those are generic ideal gates it wont work
it depends on latency and parasitic capacitance and other voodoo to work
and prob isnt freq stable
if those are generic ideal gates with infiniti impedance it wont sim
if those are non ideal gates with real life parametersw
it still likely wont sim
logiclrd: can you get it to adjust?
yeah because of bias currents on the gates

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oh huh you you made two descriptions fail
because you fucked up at grounds
i dont even remember on prev schema but im looking and guessing and am pretty sure
oh nm
wtf is going on there
that circuit seems fail
those are high impedance inputs
those resistors arent doing shit
get a transformer or get two
why dont you use 220
why not
so run it to your garage

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rab: yes
you can map pots and switches to keys
its a neat app it just sucks for doing work
your 1K resistor is wrong
in the lower right
i dont know how or what its for but im 100% its wrong
hahaha fucker
youre tollin
you just blewout all those leds or something
no it really isnt
you fucked it up
i think it can
it shows little resistors on fire
power rated parts
that would be sweeeeet
uh huh
not according to his prev schema
and in any case that resistor is shorted out
it doesnt exist

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see if lots of the other part numbers on the site have similar -O suffixces maybe its just part of their inventory number
0 pins

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theyre not the same color what does it matter if its the right color
or brightness
i mean like 540nm vs 560nm or something
im pretty sure you can ask them what color it is
no i figured the part number was for the right color LED
i dunno whoeever has the -O one in stock
then yeah the worst that happens is it burns out over time because a little too much current
its 12 pins right?
not common A or K
so you dont have to worry about that
anode or cathode
so basically you just have to worry if the Vf is way diff if the supply voltage is low or if the current handling is way lower

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just do it to all 3
why does it have so many pins
its multiple emitter?

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just buy a fucking led and put it in
does it have to match or something?
well thats stupid you just match parameters
but the package thing sucks
they look like old power lights

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but im laughing because hes actually living in that smoke
hes like a cat covering shit in a litter box

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esd only makes more troubles
16KV and thousands of hits but it finally broked
thats not esd
its unrelated
its a welder
they got nico
you better take his ass to good hamburgers
yeah see how unexcited this guy sounds macegr?
im way less excited

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in and out sucks =(
fresh veggies, well paid happy employees
but the burgers are just good fast food grade and the fries are useless
taste like homefries
wow bay still has no fatburgers no wonder you think in and out is good
maybe you guys have the habit
damn have to go to sac for the habit
well youre coming to cali all excited to eat in and out i think you should prob have a good hamburger too
not some mass marketed fast food
so what if john goodman says its good
have you seen that man he prob eat anything prob eat his mom

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like double fatburger well done with bacon cheese and onions with an extra mfkn bun
is the only way i can think of to make fatburger more awesome
i should just ask them to put an extra bottom in there
test it out

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fuck vegas
in 20 years that place is gonna be 10x the shithole it is now
you know what is awesome about the big mac concept?
the midbun
i wish more credible burger establishments would impliment midbuns

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radio said about godaddy
heh @ verisign
im sure china is super bummed about that
girl from godaddy says that chinagov wont help them stop spam, just makes excuses for spam as valid business model and keeps asking them for domain owners personal info
so shes like fuck china
why would godaddy have that =\
like for chinapeople from now on

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get an stk500
durable as fuck
fuck openocd
no but it doesnt seem so hard, two ways i can think of doing that
fuck that thing
stk600 prob does, and no
and will that work with any jtag or what?
anyway my dragon is toast
i dont even know if i still have it
was awesome for a month
`nico: by dragon they mean fragile pussy bitch dragon
yeah the box is nice
buy a ZIF

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wait youre zeeshaan
tz turbozee
hahahaha you lost the hdd with all your solidworks stuff for your school project?
that sucks
is it docs for anything youve built that you need as ref docs?
everything fails
i dont have important data
so everything all works out
yeah i want to build a raid1 or raid5 thing
why do they have to be bigger arm boards
iar still spams me

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why are you even powering it up
SMART sector?
i always thought that shit was on some flash or something
why the fuck would you put hdd reliability info on the platter
this is like putting a CNC machines emergency stop inside behind the spindle
timecop: you need an answer?
i think my other system is both
you need to just throw the hdd really far and get on with yourt life
i dont even know wtf youre talking about

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they need LEDs
like the status flashers on CNC machines

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