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i wonder if they sell big jars of this granny smith apple sauce
this little snack cups are not enough
even two kinda isnt

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yeah think thats how it is on an avr
ive only read the diff adc stuff a couple times
yeah its offset
i dont think you provide a reference tho
i think its just 128 = 0 or something
oh like connected internally?
dunno but sounds like an atmel thing to do

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sounds likely
but i mean it wouldnt be hard to have both adc values and the difference available
i dunno if atmegas do that

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it was 2005
pretty useless tho
okay im still like fuck america
but darpa is pretty cool

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onlooker: it left TX today
they didnt have enough or what?
it didnt get picked up until yesterday
i didnt get anything from woot in 08
Pacific Image MPEG4 Recorder PV-801 10/12/05
first woot

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i forgot my green curry chicken at work

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i was kinda using it
now its not even spawning special HOLD UP SON cursor
oooooh lame
i almost did
but then i notice this little server busy window in the list
win7 has BRING TO FRONT right click in the task manager so i do and its that little bitch RETRY SWITCH TO dialog i still dont understand
you hit retry and it *never* works
but you hit switch to, and stuff starts working
wtf is switch to
my bad, Switch To...
but even tho it says dot dot dot it doesnt pop up a new dialog it just makes things unstuck
wtf kind of a server busy dialog is this why is there even a dialog wtf happened to just going 'hi, 404 , sucks' in a normal browser window

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its probably timecops fileserver
i put 1n914 its not doing anything
Documents 1-10 of 103 displayed.
server busy error
some sort of retarded pdf viewer is happening
this site has er33ted itself into the dirt
you win this time
this thing locked up my firefox

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for the PC, the step drivers, some relays and the controller pc
with enable/override switches on the front

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fuck zotac and fuck 330 i want an intel with dual core atom and a parport
wtf zzz that shit is expensive
oh 330 is the dual core?
you realize im just going to turn it all off in the bios right
this is for a realtime system
im prob going to build a stripped out kernel for it
dunno tho its been a couple years since i built a smallkernel
its for a cnc machine zzzz
i dont even have a TV
tho i still want to get a massive LED backlit lcd by end of the year
no i wont buy boxes
those things are usually thermal nightmares
i just buy another boring lianli box
for the CNC thing i want to build a custom case

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she has to use office 2007 for a class shes taking and its going way slow after its up awhile
this a sempron 2400 on a faster mobo, she prob get a year or three out of it
runs way cooler too, the barton fansink prob drives her nuts when its going full speed
zeeshan: im prob getting three nema24 steppers and gecko drives with 1st paycheck
naw im getting an intel
and isnt the 330 the single core?
more relibaility
its time ive had the thing 4 years
i still have the little steppers and the xylotex it came with

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people try to run this on real low resources machines
its dumb id never use less that a GHz machine again, not even worth the effort
but i use axis gui, which is GTK
so like its annoying
but i never modified my default livecd disc install
so im running my CNC on gnome with all the default background daemon running
but my latency is competitive anyway
im getting an atom board soon as the back unemployment checks clear
the top benchmark on linuxcnc.org is an atom board neck and neck with some AMD64 quad monster
like 1/4 my max jitter
im going to give my mom the CNC machine core
she has a barton 2500+ i built her like 5 years ago
it did good but its over

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alphacam is popular for routers
took me about a week to get around it but its pretty quick once you get okay with the crackish CAM interface
yeah gcode interpreter
but its more its got middleware app stuff and simple CAM stuff
like im pretty sure it has some basic toolpath generation shit way beyond standard MDI stuff
and it has toolpath simulators
i didnt like it because it had too much in one app
bohemoth UI and shit
EMC is typical lunix
so the program is really like 30 diff programs
so you have the kernel HAL interface stuff runnong, then emc is basically the realtime loop that reads the gcode and generates and reads machine signals
then you have some interface for emc
theres a few based on ancient toolkits

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you have to define multiple chained toolpaths
or less, depending on the type of high speed toolpath
theres 5 ot 6 modes itll work in
one of them is for milling out stuff that bigger tools leave behind
so i havent used it, but the way its supposed to work is you machine with a roughing tool
and then use smaller tools to clean it up
it is
its not unconventional its just hard to code manually unless your a ninja
like, helical entry onto and exit from the cutting plane
instead of plunges
contour following paths with really logical blending
like, you can define islands
and itll machine pockets around it
that rest milling i told you about
i think thats the modes name, rest mill
like, machine the rest
why is it a scam
does it have to do with price because thats not an issue for me
and its def not an issue for the mastercam people that shit is pretty much undstry standard
like shops will list the cam toold they use
and its usually a bunch of stuff + mastercam

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timecop: status of ripple hack design
well obviously it depends on the machine, the part, your tool, and the quantity and tolerances of the job
in mastercam?
have you done high speed 2d toolpaths?
dude you prob got basics down better than me if youre taking a class
i just fuck with it until i get it to do something useful
oh ok same boat

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so i got pocket pod pack and dl15 bass amp
little 1x8 15W combo amp, dsp out the ass because it comes from where i work
i have a 100W 15" carvin combo amp, that shit is too loud for an apartment
like, i have to keep it way down so its hard to drive the compressor and noise gate with usable levels/win 44
not enough enter

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i was at exjob for almost a year before i got a 936!
also a TDS1000 scope
er, s/937/936
never used a 937
its a 1001 i think, maybe $1400 new? not a lot
think theyre the monochrome ones, i havent used it for anything yet
havent even turned it on
looks like 50-75% off, and theyll let you pay over 4 paychecks

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like wtf was i supposed to do sit at my desk and masturbate
rab: i know!
it is
i spent the last few days discharging an ESD gun at a DSP guitar
heheh @ 10mm sparks and the guitar is like, hmm?
also i already have my own hakko 937 at my bench

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anyone get their rovios?
i should check with UPS or fedex or whoeever it was
they did i been busy this week
first week of newjob
(newjob rawks)
i havent even thought about the rovio since maybe tuesday
whats an oxymoron?
yeah started monday
project has already landed on my lap
and they seem amazed i know how to do shit

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yeah the numbers on those 12V automotive fuses are big...
like 20A is the small one

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