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he hides on peenode now
there would be the same troll in here for months
and hed been banning a reg every couple weeks
yeah inittab and timecop
and that eggsalad guy
wtfneon wat
remember i was working and sleeping all week
i didnt know about that

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im not trying to be educated by someone i have to explain dB units too
because youre a bighead and not very helpful and you talk a lot of shit

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they dont fry
they sound fried
you buy it for headroom
because power ratings are thermal ratings
and your peak power prob has 12db over your average power
at least
give up at what people pay me to know about this shit how are you educating me with your mangled marketing derived knowledge?
kevtris: ST has some nice class-D stuff
dev kits arent so much
well theyre neat for the price
if you just want a quick amp
yeah its pretty much same thing
the audio ones will have audio frontends usually
and some sort of high side driver

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and thermal spec thermal, it takes a long time at that power level to burn them
wont happen in seconds
because theyre saleman
and it costs more
also there is a valid argument for headroom
but primarily they are salesman
if your reference is 'the store'
then youre no kind of expert
you can make yourself look more audiophoolish go ahead

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its not dangerous fool
it just makes them sound bad
if the amp sucks and dies and that blows out your speaker, that sucks
but that shouldnt happen on any decent amp
whats related to clip
clip isnt going to kill any speakers thats what crossovers are for
because its the truth
you shouldnt be clipping your amp
if youre actively using limiters/compressors your shit is to loud
if you clip the amp enough that you increase average power through the speakers past their limit
yeah but you put the speakers past spec
theyre allowed to die
but you would do as bad probably driving them that loud with an unclipped amp
when it distorts its too high
thats why you turn it down
and no it isnt
youre a dork
clipping amps does not kill speakers
unless the clipping delivers enough power to go past the speakers thermal spec

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some programs will take nearfield lowend data
and 1m mid and high end data
and then a third plot to figure out baffle stuff and then itll give a composite 1m plot
and stuff like this is how loudspeaker manufacturers make specs

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you cant take enough of that data without getting reflected trash
if you look they will always say DATA BELOW 100HZ or 200HZ DOES NOT REFLECT ACTUAL RESPONSE
go look it up, speaker manufacturers dont lie they post raw plots not marketing stuff from the graphics department
yikes what
thats just reality
so you map low end response by nearfield measurements
in a speaker system you do port summing
you calc the area of the speaker and the port and mix them so that you get total output
and you can get actual response data thats usable
its not for spl specification its for defining the systems low end
no im not
averaged 1m time domain plots with splined lowend is shit you give to marketing people
because they would cry if you gave them real world data

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and you wandered off into low end response
talking about theres a region where all speakers are flat
and im like what hahahahahaha
because people would have murdered mfkrs to see this speaker at exjob
you can get pretty flat response with nearfiel measurements
at like 1cm
but those dont mean much aside from mapping lowend rolloff
how do you think people develop subwoofers?
and get those -3db frequencies?
you think everyone has a $1M anechoic chamber?
shit $1M would prob be a shitty chamber anyway
its all scaled
its how you get a clear response of the low end of the system
you cant do low frequency measurement at 1m
and outdoors is too loud
you get reflections
lol what
yeah for sensitivity testing
go get a datasheet
for a speaker
they get the spl measurements in the functional region
not the -3db rolloff point obviously
so yeah
they use gates measurements
time domain stuff
it doesnt do lowend
it just doesnt
you can shoot a speaker 10 times and get 10 diff rolloffs
because its splined fromlike 3 or 4 points

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thats to characterize low end roloff
0 is wherever you put it
1w sensitivity point is a good place to put it
no its not at all
dB doesnt mean anything, it doesnt have a value
its just another way to express ratios, its not diff than % its just scaled funny
roloff might have a bump you typiucally characterize the sensitivity and your 0dB ref for flat response in the speakers functional region by that point
do you mean a raw driver or a speaker system
in either case i want to know what you mean by 'flat'
er by the point after the bump
sure we started talking about flat speakers

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thats just the characteristic roloff
from the suspension and mass of the driver
like i said, your notion of flat is based on simplified electronic equivalents
its very valid for design but it has nothing to do with the speakers flatness within its normal operating region
like basically have usable response on the low end above resonance and on the high end its either high frequency mechanical freakouts
or the inductance of the voicecoil is too high to drive it with any significant power
so it bandpasses
all powersubwoofers do this
*powerful subwoofers
no fuck simple graphics
there are no flat speakers
there are good ones that are really close
but none are flat
and definitely not installed in a system
in any non lab type room
flat to their flat region
the flattest portion is usually right above the low end roloff
so for most stuff you can call this 0db
however i would just split the max deviations if they were evenly split
get the best numbers like that, still the truth
its never 0dB
get lost man
0dB is whatever you want it to be

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and in the middle ther were even more ridiculous
no sir
that is not reality
sure but not in mass production
not in the real world
speaker designers know as much
when you test samples you test alot and make a cloud of data and go by that
you test in diff conditions to characterize measurement errors and you work with clouds
yeah in a theoretical sense
based on simplified math for electronic equivs of the mechanical bits
look the flat thing is relative to the roloff thing
which is very consistent
and the high end freak out
but most of those plots you see in speaker datasheets are averaged
i used the software i know the dropdown the used to make them look like that
not with real life spl/excursion
and what do you mean by flat
and do you mean a single speaker
or a loudspeaker or monitor system
dude real life is speakers are never flat
and without a $10M facility, your measurements will only be close
theres a reason why they dont publish raw unaveraged speaker plots and THD data
because its sad
but thats all we got
thats not flat

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some monitors keep it within about 3dB all the way across
so +/-2 or so
most are more like 6dB
rated response
for little guys usually around 80hz
the 8" guys like maybe 50hz
yeh, seen it
it wont happen in any studio but in a big room with gated measurements, which is the only way you get irl data about speakers
no it isnt vulgar
im not talking about marketing
unless youve put these systems side by side and tested them yourself with the same type of hardware and software they are using the make specs for them, you wouldnt know
its not like you can go to a studio and listen to something and call it 'flat'
it wont be nothing is in a room
yeah i wasnt talking about -3db
i was talking about where theyre kind of flat
if you ignore some of the spikes
theres no such thing as a flat speaker response, sorry
those just arent real life plots
theyre averaged
neat ive fixed amps so they were .005 full spectrum

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maybe at xover
because of wtf blending
okay well theyre not exactly normal
and i bet those particular genelecs arent even normal for genelecs
you dont know where i worked for a year and a half do you, heh
okay *everyone* does active monitors
for like 10 years now
so thats normal
genelecs are considered top of the line
for mass production stuff
but krk, maudio, mackie own the market
those are normal monitors
and theyre not doing 1w 1m 100db
maybe the 8s but i doubt it
well you test that by driving them with a watt
sure they do
its almost their responsibility
they have to make signal output from a speaker proportion to your signal input
ideally flat
with equalization for the baffle reflections and low end
with active systems you can make it flat in a reference condition

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and THD for speakers is rarely advetised and it would confuse consumers too much if they knew the truth
14:45 < Muffin> the THD still inside the claimed value
claimed value is done on resistive loads
even on monitor speaker amps
theyre tested to various indsutry standards through resistive loads
well 100db 1w 1m speakers are pretty exceptional
not impossible but not cheap and my guess is something is compromised for the dB drag spec
14:49 < Muffin> 100db 1w@1m normally are active monitors
pfft show me

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that doesnt make sense if youre driving it in its range and its actually getting that THD
then its transparent
it is the source material
duh but its usually consistent
which is why you go overkill on amps
and turn the knob on the front down
and drive your signals at high levels
for reduced EMI issues
wtf sweet point
you should drive your levels as high as your source allows without distortion
and below the amps sensitivity at that attenuation level
thats like avg power numbers tho
claimed value is in a lab sir
at very specific conditions
with dummy loads

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what if you have two 4 ohm amps and a single 8 ohm load
and a switch that says BRIDGE
how is bridging bad
the speakers dont know the diff
100W is 100W to it
well duh
thats why you buy amps with credible ratings
so what
have you been to live shows?
you cant even heard distortion until its worse than 0.1% THD
bu you still cant really hear it
speakers are going to distort waaaay more than .1%
1% speaker is pretty awesome
thats the reality of speakers
independent of amp technology
no not really at all
it only makes a diff if youre comparing it to lossy encoded shit

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hahaha what
hahaha @ calling a single opamp buffer and a pot a 'preamp'
a lot of times that will drive the output and the feedback will lead back to its negative input
you mean like pro audio power amps?
alesis is shit =)
well thats not exactly a PA amp
thats some goofy hybrid stuff
he is
most power amps have buffers and stereo/bridge/parallel operation
a lot of times the front panel attenuator is the input impedance
and the input section of the amp is the opamp buffer
wtf @ bridging is not actually good
you tell that to all of pro audio and see how well it flys
having options is good
versatility is good

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muffin: the amps have a knob on the front for a reason

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fysx: or you could just learn to calm down and breathe
instead of letting a dr prescribe you xanax
i bet avrfreak is on xanax
and wtf you were sleeping
you had a nightmare

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the one i linked has a lot of protection circuitry
well if i got those steppers i want itd prob be up against the limits of the 4 in 1 driver
because the current on the steppers is series, so in parallel is 4x that =\
okay it says 500uH or greater
so all those motors are okay

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i drive a $1000 volvo tho
i dont have coverage on the car but i have a fuckton of liability and medical
like 10x necessary liability
wtf is $10k gonna cover
prob not even a street light
like $100 more for the 3
than what i thought
well whatever maybe i get the 4 in one gecko

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damn i think gecko prices went up
step motor drivers
mine went up like $10 or $20
but i got stop sign ticket
i meant per month
still not nearly as bad tho

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with a consumable brass coupling nut
dude $80
and its 10% now =(
well whatever if it goes overbudget
those are monster nema-23 mountable steppers

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but did you see the prices on the main page?
430 oz/in for $80
so if it ends up being $200 im going to be bummed
because i dont want this to be a $100 upgrade
er $1000
$600 is fine (i want to get three $100 geckos)
theyre local tho
thats why i want theirs i can drive there be like HALP I BROKE IT
for X Y and Z leadscrews
i want to do a servo spindle eventually but right now its just a big dumb 1/4 hp 120vac motor
yeah they drive the table and move the cutting head up and down
dude this a taig
its like, 1/2-20

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you should play vendetta
according to that for like $250 i get 3 steppers w/ 2x the holding torque of my current setup
i want double ended shafts tho
so maybe im screwed they like OH WE DONT HAS THAT $200/ea TO BUILD
waiting for paycheck
okay so i get quote
i kinda dont want to because its going to be $$$ then im going to be sad

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but yeah i guess they got military service now and regular battles
get a bunch of people to fight in the same zone
yeah vendetta you get generators
and they have a capacity and charge up rate
so like, you have energy weapons that will suck power
and a aux thruster to get to your max accel/speed
the thrust rate of energy use is determined by the shit
yeah this you just upgrade the gens
but they have ship varients
so if you like a shit, you can get the MkII, the MkIV, then some stations have limited varients
there is an exp and skill level system now

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yeah theres two gatling blasters in vendetta
one is a bit faster but doesnt track
the other tracks, bit more power (and $)
thats neat
but yeah tracking shit you get get their target box to turn from red to yellow and just hold down trigger
and if you can keep it yellow sometimes like half the rounds will hit
gatling cannon is a bit shotgun
heh missiles
theres decent number of bots, and a 3 nation system in vendetta
so yeah wander into the wrong place, all of a sudden you trying to outun or turn into missiles
they run out of fuel

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with all associated inertia issues
awesome for dogfights
yeah well this has more people!
i think
for alpha and beta testing they had like 13 zones or something
on release they went to like 20 galaxies with 10x10 zones in a grid each
it was like WAT
and it became hard to find people
blackmoon: thats neat
that would add a lot to dogfighting, you have to give away you actions before they happen
thats neat

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that would be cool
people would be impressed
scroll lock is silly
because i didnt have a pc until like 2002
blackmoon: want to get cheap logitech flight stick
for vendetta online
have you played that yet?
its like a week or a month free demo on new accts
but the 3d flight is pretty awesome, decent weapons, tracking and dumb
in flight you can choose assist or free
assist will like, use opposite thrusters to center you
after you thrust in a certain direction, itll maintain a forward speed like a car
then you hit ' and you go into free and its basically direct control of thrusters

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naw this is text gen
options is better
check for single character
if not expected single chars just do wat?
eventually they will figure it out
they only have to try a few times
you give them the ability to write questions you better be prepared to write turing AI level code
print screen
should map that to some IO that lights something on fire
[wall behind pc catches fire]

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just write an app that drops formatted data into a text file and then import into spreadsheet app or write an app that displays contents of that file
this is how you learn
fuck that bullshit
hardware guys make money helping software guys, they have to be able to communicate technically which means their skills must overlap
software guy can tech his own pc is a joke
hardware guy who cant run software to test hardware also not significant
*guy cant
i rab'd
see you already know how
youve already done this before
you dont have to do the 30 hours again
you write an app the person types an id and then it logs time and id to file
congrats you just made payroll timeclock software
i gaurantee you its available for dos

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depends what business youre talking about
tho historically, people are will to put more wealth into war devices than anything else
like, 4 trillion to upgrade urban infrastructure and services, providing jobs for millions at the same time
4 trillion for optional war where we alternately build then blow up infrastructure
excellent idea, we need to do it twice

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