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you need 1GHz+ machine for emc
itll work with less but its drama
i wouldnt even try it for microstepping
anywhere theres two entries on the linuxcnc wiki for that mobo, theyre basically the fastest thing there
besides this amd 64 3200+
and its basically same score, ~5ms max jitter
which is 1/4 what my sempron thing does, and 20ms is considered pretty good for stepper NC
oddly running a lighter set of daemon and a nothing wm doesnt help much
the realtime works really well i can be like oppening pdf browsing web while cnc is cycling the cnc process never lags down
no i have a 4ch xylotex

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instead of two intel, then try and see if theres any latency differences
the intel has a parport, think the foxxcon did too
one of them is going to be a step driver
and the other one i maybe dont get because i dont think i want a tv until i get a big one later this year
well i prob scrap that idea because it looks like there is/will be better stuff for htpc than what im buying for the cnc controller
yeah but i prob ended up waiting till way late in the year so maybe everything different
*end up

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when connector companies do mobos, feer
isnt that like every non defence job now?
i guess its harder now because there is so little unstolen US tech left
okay so youre saying i should dislike them completely
i might buy a foxxcon atom board

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yeah rfactor didnt work until i installed dx9

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when did you stop using windows 2000
anyway win7 feels like xp before sp1

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prob the current where nothing happens
i should go to sleep
i didnt sleep last night
started cleaning late and didnt want to stop till everything done
so now living room is reorganized and all carpet area are clean and also bathroom and kitchen
now i just have thos concentrated mess in front of the CNC
but i spilled some water last night and had to clean under the showbox bins and moved a bunch of stuff around, theres not as much in that junk pile as i thought
yeah i have work area again
but i dont wanna do anything until everything is put away
else itll never get clean

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meh, tired

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