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will it blend
whats high temp

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dude you called a gt40 ugly
this disqualifies you from having an opinion as a human being
on anything
i just thought that was the light

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he kinda makes sense now
i bet its just ccfl_man faking it

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dioxide: eheheh heh
its hot without ac
eggsalad: mfkr
eggsalad: spin
see that
i taught him that
life sucks
wow man weve turned him wicked

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those things are monster power supplies
with some amps that operate in permanent spaz out mode
i bet at least 1/4 of the area of the heatsink shell is capacitors
because its sony theyre prob like screw people we like money less caps for the people

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like, fans with stamped frames and covers just looks ghetto
so that can be alot of money because thats like 80% of your styling
so they paid a ton for tooling and metal is cheap there but its still more than everything else
so theyre pissed, they charge you $$$
also everyone bitches about debugging big 12V switcher psu and amps
like ive never heard anyone go CLASS D HIGH CURRENT AW YEAH
its always like, 'oh fucks thats gonna take a few revs...'
in a world where you can make almost anything happen with a few random parts in a lab in 20 minutes
no done care
dont sell stuff here put it on ebay
well i dont want to talk about the amps unless youre going to rip them apart and take pics
while youre doing it
so we can see how it goes back together, and the damage you do discharging caps with your screwdriver and the chassis

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what kind of dc amps
oh you meanlike for cars
because thats a vanilla class-AB amp
so money is a thermal solution, in this case a heatsink procured by a china contract manufacturer
its in the back
as long as it doesnt like, cut you hand when you move it, you wont ever think about it again
car amps, you need an SMPS and several chipamp for small stuff and class-d amps for big stuff
yeah aluminum extrusion
and aluminum backplate
and big transistors
in a reliable configuration
like class-d thermal solution is usually going to be the heatsink extrusion chassis
anything else looks second class

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just break them in for like 8 hours, really low music, dont fuck with volume much or plug shit in or switch sources you might makes thumps or spikes
put a dmm on them they should be between 4 and 8 ohms
okay so sell them, google for more helps
i dont want to buy them, im only interested because its personal and i ate a motavational brownie
if you cant hold it in the palm of your hand toss it
the only awesome shit sony ever did was portables
and psx/ps2
tho nintendo will burie them for that
i would pay someone to get rid of it
what do you mean

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dual 8 + small sub ftmfw
i told you, make sure the drivers arent fucked and ebay them
or put them on euro forum classifieds
if the drivers are fucked and youre desperate for cash or something sell them same way hardcore audio people will find recone kits
whatever if they werent dropped theyre probably fine
theyre prob fine if they were put in storage fine

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ive heard all of that series in a room next to each other, those are impressive
i think its $300 each
those are little
those are 8"
xls-15 and xls-215
the double 8 are the winner
get this
is features rework by ren

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yes paper cones paper is cheap its paper with cast aluminum frames
those are a few generations old
theres CLSC, CLS, and Excel Spreadsheet (XLS)
no thats horrible inittab thats no good at all
see how the mids and tweeters are like that
youre going to get massive comb filtering throughout the room
pockets of screaming filled in with like, nothing
and 215 is a ton for a cabinet like that
here i would get these...

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what2do: after 2000 most production is asia, however some drivers are from american OEM speaker companies
or their asian factories
no pms thanks
haha i seriously do not want to have a long convo about this
only thing i regret not taking from the warehouse was made in europe
is for paypal contact infos
have a stream from several image blogs
what2do: they make a dual 15 right now
for years now

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if they say hollywood california made in china i have no opinion
driving over shit with trucks sounds neat tho
if you cant hold the sony thing in the palm of your hand there is prob more value in its creative destruction vs the time it takes to sell them
merge hey are they gonna do giant oled overlays on my windshield or wat
when is this now
aptamer: k your welcome
theyre prob made in a factory in southern california
it doesnt matter if theyre that old
no it doesnt matter about the labels and the QA
it matter if the surrounds are dust and is the coils are okay

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and wait for cops?
fuck this us shit
no you cant do that you cant make chp mad theyre helper cops, theyre not fucker cops!
damn PA highways must be nuts
what2do: what does the back of the cerwin vegas say
fool read the labels
no the location
does it say simi valley
or does it say hollywood florida
and made in china
if it says simi valley, california, keep them
if you dont want to keep them ebay them with pics of the label

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keep avrdragon in the box
drops it on the carpet couple times, gone
you know why gainwards gf3 ti200 was awesome
hardcore design
lives on carpet for years
spare from my friends pc
like, knocked off eye level shelves
pretty sure i stepped on it so maybe board flex
i plug it into a pc works fine
omg no one wants that
dont even leave it in the alley
it will be there for weeks
yeah really
after awhile more random shit will be broken
thats where my white family comes from

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one pin goes on your arduino power supply
5V i guess
and the sensor output goes to arduino adc
but you will be able to check that with a DMM
so it should be easy to check make sure its working
these are sot23 or to92
maybe sot23
well you can do thermocouple and a $5 chip
and its almost as easy
yeah i bought parts and an avr programmer and learned in a week
and $7 of that was blue 7segs
avrstudio is mostly awesome
yeah dragon is good but its a bitch
stk500 can live in a pile of junk
like, all over the carpet, bong water spilled on it, layers of dust
works fine

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if the address says easy street, simi valley
keep them
3 pin analod sensor
macegr: wat
aptamer: http://www.national.com/mpf/LM/LM61.html#Overview
whats wrong with cone speakers
those are cone speakers
damn this is confusing
aptamer: see that 3 pin thing? you can put a DMM on it and it will tell you the temp in C
you just gotta move a decimal point in your brains
then you can put it on your arduino adc
but really you should get an opamp
macegr: =O
aptamer: yes i am saying hook it up to the adc pin

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i dont think thats it
nevermind its gone forever
it said on the box 90 hours plus
it really went like 100 hours on two AA
oh fuck that
i dont want your previous gen switch mode stuff
its a 3 pin job
well yeah 3 pins a 9v battery and a DMM
well and a 1K resistor to isolate cable capacitance from the sensor
thats the secret
blackmoon: in series with the output before the cable
what2do: get the vegas and read the back
theres a label by the speaker posts

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for what temps
like, lm61 or whatever
one of them is 10mV/C
so you can just hook it up to some batteries and a dmm and get really accurate temp
just use some thermal goop and some good clamping
well what exactly do you mean 0.1C
did i miss something is this guy a troll
cant argue with that policy
damn im so faded i almost asked you about a specific thing
like what sonys

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2n4401 = srs business
read the whole book
up to where it talks about fets
you need to learn about thermal math too

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kevtris: we just use transistors and really thing traces?
10A makes IC plastic smelly
yeah theyll be cheaper and happier
yay team
should i spend $600 on 24" bmx cruiser parts
i guess so it doesnt get bouncy
heh 2n2222/3904 = almost any transistor is okay!

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they got so nuts they all started teabagging each other
macegr: neat
mine gets here tomorrow

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for tekrad of course

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reza: its personal
fucker decided to hate me because i proved i knew my shit about AVR and he was a total n00b reading marketing PDF
so fuck him
i tried to be nice on several occasions, much like stu he forgets we are getting along and becomes a bighead asshole again
whats g43/44?
ha yeah whatevers

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heh neat

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emc2 is for gcode interpreting and step/dir signal generation
no spindle control
i have pulleys and a switch
no feedback, no limit switches
im amazed ive had it for this long it hasnt eaten itself
we need detailed files

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