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fabric dome tweeters, 3 way design, last minute changes and freakouts lead to the xover actually having polypropylene caps
i truly regret not stealing a pair of xls-28
hopefully he still reads lordpil thats all im going to say about that shit
well today at least

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stu@di.cx to [me]
Dear [me],
Please advise on the listening performance differences between the
Cerwin Vega XLS and VE series speakers.
Thanks in advance.
wow stu wants to be nice again, thats never happened like three times before...
i officially have no opinion about the tweeter on the VE
chromed plastic dome or something
XLS is a CLS update is a CLSC update, is like bigass home speakers with pro audio influenced tweeter horn

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like, <3 when CNN does a special on hackers, there will always be the vid of a monitor with mirc on an XDCC channel
rab: !
did you see mr stu emailed me?
using my irl name and thanking in advance and everything
tired, newjob
and friend gave me half of a 10x strength edible
i believe so

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glass tube things are still to cheap
why are you telling me this
no i only want to know when they are being useful
like i dunno if 4ch wants to start trolling teabaggers irl lemme know
other than that fuck off
well, epic troll of scientology and saving the cat is proof 4ch can be useful
just not often
well the people getting charged are not mob
they failed
they are not 4ch/annonymous/er337
dude they get all the press
irc gets the rest

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but yeah project doesnt want to work the easy way
so i maybe get to hack together something with a bunch of micros for flash programming at factory place
haha that way they dont need like 40 computers and one guy running around running them all
they prob drive a guy nuts every 2 or 3 days like that
i would have to be the first one
rab: i bet in like 15 years those have the market

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no like, initial line support =\
no but im going to go day after tomorrow or tomorrow
he says company will pay for it and hell give me the hours while i get it
yay driving around gettin paid
i prob get the rush too
which is $200
maybe korean i guess
maybe nico can give me tips from his girl person

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so like at 1000W its understandable the cloth is developing leaks and tearing apart
but at 1000W, power testing anything is like, roll dice pick a failure
pretty much any samples we had multiples of, china contract manufacturer or american speaker manufacturers, test 4 speakers get 4 diff modes of failure
but one of them was always flapping cone
well yeah totally but it doesnt matter
if the thing is rated at 1000W rms you have to test at 1000W full spectrum with audio crest peaks
so pink noise, bandpassed, then peaks clipped at 6dB crest
yeah same
but yeah the abuse we put stuff through had nothing to do with sound
tho drum n bass got closer to pink noise abuse than anything else

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not for home use
its not so much about sound
thermal logistics
and system power handling
also 2x quantity buy on the woofer
so maybe it ends up cheaper than a 12" or 15"
18" cant do much more than kick drums
suspension tuned for low resonance on an 18 just doesnt slew fast enough
heheh @ slow motion strobed subwoofers trying to do 200Hz+
its like there are moles burrowing around under the cone
but the loose suspensions have all sorts of local physical distortion and standing wave issues

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theyre both 36" deep
hence the name
that one is 7ft
they did the path line in solidworks
its more actually its 7 and a few inches
and thats a 21"
and i officially have no opinions
stroker, 3 spiders
one above the cone under the dustcap
total fucking bitch to recone
prob not these
maybe the 70s ones or the 90s mobile audio ones
but i doubt you seen these
i officially have no opinions
i want to do a dual 10" horn
like maybe 24" tall

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it prob is
the ts42 is like 7ft
thing barely fit through doors
theres two earthquakes
theres junior earthquake and normal earthquake, portable earthwuake
its hard to see but the panel goes down so the path has to wrap around it
thats norma'
i hate those new heatsink doorsa
thats my fav
champi0n: the path has to go from the middle of the top, down the back and out the front
so like 1ft back 1.5ft down 3ft forward
i know
the outer edge its prob like 7ft on that one
its the same size

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so there was a few other woofers from other manufacturers i tested kinda came close to that
all the stuff that performed vs excursion was rubber surround
well, light rubber surrounds
not quite fragile, but close
the horn surround was some sort of rubbery foam
the 18"
and these are supposedly the best selling horns at guitar center for a long long time
and like iunno 6' unwrapped
these arent the short horns

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that guy almost tests like this guy...
and that woofer tests like i faked it
thats a klippel plot
Bl and Cms look the same
thats how almost every normal speaker tests
that particular one is exceptionally symmetrical
but the curve is typical
ideal would be a straight line out to maximum mechanical excursion
and then sharp drops at the same positive and negative X
KRK 8" woofers test as ideal with rounded edges
almost square
krk has vxt and roxkit 8

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foam is for vented home junk
rubber ftmfw
also, secret: CVs best selling horns are foam/rubber surround
it depends on the foam but most of the time its cheap, degrades
wont be the same speaker in 5 years even with easy use
they are
city air really fucked those guys up
they turn pink
champi0n: it is
rubber #1, but its expensive
all the exceptional speakers i tested were rubber surround

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but omg the plots for suspension Cms and Bl over excursion were magic
looked fake
looked almost square
that 12" + 400W was pretty awesome even in the early cabs with poor tuning
pro drivers are cheap
usually reliable tho
but paper surrounds are like, tradition
well, yeah thats what i mean
but its kinda same shit ones its all doped
it depends on app
sealed apps, they can just rip apart
you prob werent abusing them with 6dB pink noise for extended periods
which develop over time if temps are high like in a sealed application
also this is like 500W-1000W
it totally depends on the speaker
when it works its awesome

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too much
because of all the driven area
i really dont care about efficiency
aside from matching drivers for a system
but in a complete system, its just important for what amp you use to drive them
but i mean, 100W is not a hard amp to build
and for home, 100W is enough for any channel
aside from a sub
for any other channel 100W is pretty good + headroom
thats neat
200W works
400W was really nice tho
i did a lot of work with a 400W sub amp my friend designed at exjob
with one of larrys ultramega KRK woofers
expensive, bitch to make manufacturable

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well it ends up in the mains
but if its phase fucking shit
it can sound really bad
almost everything is improperly crossed over
they are
thats how theyre always setup
this on their sides shit worked pretty well
normally they put the folded horns in arrays that flank the stage with the 215s on top
low E on a bass is like 40Hz
those meters arent bad

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well at some point i prob try and design my own
before they ask me too at work
the last dnb show i went to, they had these little folded horns
prob 12 or 15"
but they had them on their side stacked two high
and pointed towards center crowd
well not pointed
but how the horns are kinda meant to direct sound upwards a bit
they had them directed towards the center
naw sounded really good
drum n bass is harder than anything on a sound system
the system cut out mid way through
which is totally normal for a dnb show at a music club
like, people doing music at these venues all week
the jungle night the only time these systems crappin out
and yeah pointing them at walls prob going to make all sorts of mess
jungle bass is all over the place
like, theres melodic content and alot of tone bending and harmonic interaction
so systems and setup sound good with bass guitar and kick drum can sound awful with jungle bass
yeah but what if the bass has full spectrum harmonics
and what if its shifting tones

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split enclosure
like Qtc=0.85 or so
that will be my ghetto boomer sub
both if i like it
but for home first
im okay
mostly i dont have tools or experience

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i doubt any company i work for would let me designed sealed enclosures aside for folded horns
i mean Qtc over 1
agreeing with you, sentences got mixed up
rhettspeakers sound nice
i did nearfield on them
theyre flay before roloff
like, textbook 0.8 Qtc, was pretty awesome to see it on a measured plot
folded horns are odd
i want to do dual 10" sealed

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i dont
you can get any Qtc you want in a sealed box
its very simple
also you get a shallower rolloff
just 6dB/oct
tuning sealed boxes is a bitch, theres like common alignments for approximately Qtc=1, but most configurations aside from these just sound bad
the speaker i did for rhett i did Qtc=0.8
its boomy with a sharp rolloff
+ transient issues + port noise

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fairly high Q on the lowend rolloff
Qtc is prob around 1.2, and the midranges arent used so much relative to tweeters
so you get that midrange dip to accomodate for saturated rock n roll midrange
ttmustang: prob blown or something inside is shorted
but prob transistors are blown
champi0n: its what theyre known for
but yeah imagine theyre like 1.1-1.2 tuned
like, its not nuts, its within common commercial range
but yeah its on the 'boomy' end
i almost sure theyre vented
modern sealed commercial speakers almost dont exist
the folded horns and the center channel for the CLS/XLS series are the only sealed systems i know about
CVHD 5.1 main drivers might be sealed but you dont want those
well maybe
theyre little line arrays, theyre not exceptional from what ive heard
but yeah ive never actually heard themsetup proper
you lose like 3dB
compared to sealed
so while it may sound better, more consistent, its harder to market
so its pretty much dead as far as consumer products

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i worked there for a year and a half
recone kits are available for most stuff you can call and ask
well, recent stuff
if you recone them you only have to worry about your workmanship and the crossover
crossover is an easy fix if the PCB arent charred
AT is older
no i dont
anyway AT is prob simi valley shit, made in america
if you know how to recone a driver its maybe worth the effort
if youve heard cerwin vegas before and like the sound its a good buy
theyre 'rock EQ' voiced

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sculptor: theyre not!
theyre hard to find, because theres a lot of similar circular connectors
thats looks a lot like the connector on a hakko iron tho
yeah availability isnt really a problem its finding the right onw
hell availabilityt almost is the problem
because besides the connector dimensions theres also the threaded part
looks right
looks same
Please advise on the listening performance differences between the
Cerwin Vega XLS and VE series speakers.
Thanks in advance.
is that who i think it is?
does he expect a response?
do you think he still religiously checks lordpil?

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mrtube: just got home

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