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i got my craftsman shit for that much

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this convo is getting way too complicated
i dunno =(
thats perfect cnc box tho
with just the two usb up front
HF is the jegs rejects?!

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im getting it
so like, im being #emc guinnea pig and trying new atom
the last gen dual core stuff has fastest latency on the wiki table
no im not going to get motors right away
just the drivers
the motors are okay i think
it was originally a NIST project i guess
something like that
but yeah mom needs a new pc
she has a barton 2500+
and it wont do office 2007 without lagging
so maybe the sempron thing im using for my cnc will do better
its micro atx with normal atx psu
im not getting it because its the cheapest shit
im getting it because i like my lian li
anything that isnt a black aluminum box is homosex
nothing wrong with it im just not into it

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what did you do for the circuit

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i remembered to give bossguy my discount product request
so i maybe have my stuff in couple of weeks
tekrad: is not loading
er wtf
my ff is still locked up from like an hour ago
i wasnt even born
timecop_: status of ripple hack

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rab: hi
blackmoon: hi
tekrad: also hi
kevtris: also also hi
fysx: u hi
i managed to clean up my cube lab
and get the little powered speaker and sub that was there set up
its neat i got a desk and a bench and a DSP guitar amplifier
omg i dont think anyone sweepeed the lab cube for years
tekrad: im either going to korea or san franscisco or both
for this project
i made same joke a few times
i dunno
i think its the CM who does guitar assembly
omfg some of the paint on the samples im working on is fucking amazing

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macegr: yeah that sounds about right

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macegr: proof that their user base is retarded
now indisputable, 100%

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and a titanium bathtub
hehe they always have the maintenance door open for the gun so you can see its ammo tube thing
jezus fuck thats some big ammo
that shit doesnt even have usb how excited should i be
usb = music on flash cards = no
macegr: did you have to explain electrical conductivity or what

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no he means they splashed two mfkr apaches
no hes east european
(fries are done)
i almost got habit burgers with the vegan friend girl but we ended up getting indian instead
do you know indians do potato pancakes in a tamarind sauce
no enough trees?
danielson: ha we have an air show in the valley
a10 are scary
thank voodoos a10 is on my side
warthog is nickname
real name is either lightning or thunderbolt
there you go

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wtf raining

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