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cotton dipped in mercury with that awful speaker cable insulation
mercury is kinda expensive
cotton dipped in lead in bad speaker cable insulation
with a single 32awg gold plated strand
or they can just use untinned o2 free copper
that always turns green at the ends after a couple years
single strand prob just disintegrate

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its heavy
in terms of speaker
aluminum is used for weight, it expands more, so it can fuckup with a lot of power
yeah solder doesnt stick to it

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zeeshan: why are you welding that close to a car
youre going to fuck up the car
shit happens

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domino fail
chocolate milk is win
new nesquick has translucent top!
so you can be away of your nesquick supply at all times
my last one was a nesquick jug
stop using vintage shit
its prob a collective of fuckers
dont use vintage parts
its prob not awesome enough

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future home of zm-eng.com

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it turns maybe 15 degrees before it moves sideways
we need a carpet sensor
mine is pretty straight
i dont have enough open space to haul ass
and this isnt the kind of place im going to let it go outside
bad people broke my visor to steal the keychain gate clicker clipped to it
through a 1/2" crack in my window =(
i wonder how it knows its going to flip
are you sure?
it just magically gives up every time its about to flip itself?

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fuck man i have this milk just sitting here
i need some nestle quixk
naw fuck oreos
i have to turn that shit or it freaks out in my apartment
i doubt giving it more input is going to help haha
*turn it off
it sucks at strafing

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zeeshan: use gimp
its good enough to do just about anything and its free and takes a few minutes to doanload and install

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macegr: what have you done with your rovio?
needs better light
the guy who added leds to the head didnt take enough pics of the stuff inside
think so
Marvell "PXA270M"

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of course not i just picked a random number
macegr: wat
longpic is long

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shishkabob, yo
why did she take it out

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does hers work yet?
i know
urmom is that formula

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teknique: my brother had his for years never changed the oil, just added more
got way past 200k miles before the apex seals went
yeah i think thats what saved him
but still prob some nasty shit in the bottom of the pan

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because i thought Rotary gENESIS was funny

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yeah whats that for

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yeah like, 8R in series parallel
tie inputs and connect across all for 2R
and then use half for 4R 2KW

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but if if that doesnt work, maybe a solenoid or something to drop the antenna
just mine?
it kinda works because its like a turtle but it can turn way faster
yeah 1/4w doesnt count
i made a 4kw 4R load at exjob
out of 4 dogturd resistors
power testing audio amps
big monster class-g and class-h stuff
yeah i put a switch on them later
well kinda
switch was to use half
and you just had to know how to hook it up to get 2 ohms
i guess it was 8

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dude he didnt blow up some
he blew up like dozens and put it to an album
like music album not like photo album
tiem fur werk
1/4w doesnt count?
something with like coils along the body would be neat

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probably its kinda like a turntle
wtf turntle

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because the antenna
thats why rovio could only get half way under the bed
well, like halfway across under the bed his antenna got stuck on the angle iron center rail
okay so rovio needs:
1) hardpoints for weapons and lights and shit
i guess sensors too he can be a science robot
2) better lower profile antenna
haha, grapling hook
litt co2 charged jump jacks
needs a going up stairs solution

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