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i got burrito

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macegr: neat

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blackmoon: sweeeet
oh its just a weird barrel jack
well any place is better than where youre living now
youve been dealing with retard roommates too long

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mrtube: hihi
mrtube: how are the ST amps working?
haha yeah mech work ends up taking way more time
blackmoon: moving?
what are those
tip jack?
too small if its something like that im guessing tip jacks but it looks coaxial

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theyre cheap?

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dan3: hah yeah at work we slide them inside the little charger units
but yeah pretty sure its just current source until it hits a fill voltage
fast chargers i think you have to monitor temp
well if you want them to last
yeah they shut shit down
they wont let the batteries drain dead
well if you unload the battery
it might manage a few volts, enough to kick the battery gage on fot a split second
but then itll just die again

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heh sometimes queens of the stone age sounds like megaman
bypasses battery circuit
just tricking power on circuits or something
heheheh lopehakd

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not always
sometimes its temp sensor output
heh info
epoxy dot?

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hmm im buying two i think
those chips i has an idea shhh secrcet
i need coffee

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hall sensor for the win
why naw
theres prob 300 chips that can do that
is it more than 4 hall sensors?
your part number googles as trash, link to datasheet
so why not use 4 hal sensors
haha what
you only really need like 360 degree precesion for a bike
wow $17

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