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maybe i clean up enough today i can drive rovio around
macegr: status of rovio hardware docs

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macegr: one one guitar or what
*on one
nevermind i dont think im awake enough to read
habit burger didnt really help the situation

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thats where it leads
and really if thats what i end up doing with commercial space declare me a failure
720 doesnt count anymore
its probably korean but not samsung
dude im pretty sure you can totally fuck up the lcd panel without breaking the glass
yeah i do that at work
except its shiny geetarz
macegr: hey were those 6 pickup guitars you played with magnetic or piezo or what

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hey so electric comes from latin for amber?
because of static charge?
or was that some shit i read in a dream
google says yes
i want to get my lower back edge of my eares pierced and get amber plugs =\
i stopped doing stuff like that
dude broken stuff = more junk in my living area = me less productive
which leads to unhappiness and that leads to all sorts of fucking retardation
dude i fix shit all day
i doubt i make as much doing it on my own
fuck repair
rework prototypes and quick circuit builds is fun
repair for the sake of profit is like, jezus fuck where did my life go
i am in a little shop surrounded by 500 broken tv

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im pretty sure you need 3 for raid 5 and you get 2/3 storage
get 3 1tb and put the ram in it, ill put $100 on it
eck0 is rich tho make him throw in too
fuck cheech
chong is #1
unlucky, tho

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got maybe 3 hours sleep
ew @ creamer
man im dumb i got all carried away and start trimming things
now things are laid out on plastic all over my bed
and i have nop motivation to be there for hours and then i realized i dont even have the right shears
no you got it?
macegr: hey i have raw material for that
no i mean you bought that rackthing
that you showed me last night
no this is way better
you going to put more ram?
what for drives?
what raid
that works with 2 drives?
i thought you needed 3

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need to go to sleep
macegr: yesterday my alt belt fell off volvo at work
and i got my raw coffee beans
and almost all the parts for my 24" bmx
so yeah up pretty late
air popper light roast ftw
then i had to wake up at 7a so mechanic buddy could pick me up so we could get part and he could fixcar

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