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yeah fine
actually i should
get the list done by this weekend

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we have a big one at work
for compliance testing before we send to compliance lab
doing it naow
what did they say
do they have a .jp warehouse?
wat why would that be so weird
yeah i was gonna say, heh
because they prob have another version

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add them all
even if it overflows
its likely not awesome but its 8b compatible and itll work most of the time
yeah i would just add them
and how much time do you have
and how much shit are you doing
because you make a tiny effort and its 100x more reliable?
tekrad lives in a faraday chamber

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black, nice
lets me add no issue
buy me 10 ill bounce it to you
its prob some sort of weird export law bullshit =D

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get the assman ones
are they like $2?
timecop: beep, say
yeah get the digikey ones
$2 is like half retail of belkin type shit thats for sure superchinese

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need to buy PC parts tonight

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there might be a jumper i dont remember
damn i dont even have avrstudio installed

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urmom is:

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